Best Islands of Spain To Visit

By Swathi Ramaswamy on Dec 21, 2018
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Spain welcomes you with open arms and it is all about great architecture, tapas, people, and also the islands. Speaking of islands, you must be unaware of the most beautiful islands of Spain. We talk about Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia but we never talk about the wonderful islands which are ideal for a holiday. 

If Spain is on your mind this season, this post will help you choose the best island for a holiday. Why just limit your holiday to one island? You can visit as many as you want! 

‘’We’re going to Ibiza – back to the island. We’re going to have a party in the Mediterranean Sea!’’ Does this ring a bell in your mind? Yes, this is the popular 90’s track about the Ibiza Island in Spain. The song by Vengaboys was much popular back then and most of us never cared to look up the map as to where Ibiza is! 

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Here is a chance for you to explore Ibiza and other islands which are ideal for a party, meditation or even a romantic walk! 

List of Best Islands in Spain You Must Check Out: 


Ibiza is a well-known hangout place which is known for its clean beaches and the best nightlife. If you are looking for the best party island, Ibiza is the right destination to visit! 

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During day time, you can hire a boat and soak up the sun on the beach. At night, you will find the hottest clubs and the most fun people to party with. It is the best place to visit with your friends or anyone who loves to party. You can also have a sea party here! 

Ibiza is 150 km away from Valencia and there are many bars, shops and hotels on this island. Cala Comte and Cala D’Horte are the two beaches you must go to! 


Majorca is best-known for its beach resorts and Limestone Mountains! You will find a stone-built village which looks charming. You can be a part of the music festivals and visit the art galleries.

Anyone who loves art, music, food and good company, they must head to Spain and these islands are meant for meeting new people and witnessing art and culture. 

You must visit the Bellver Castle, Palma Cathedral and Cala Millor while you are in Majorca. 


Tenerife is the most populated and also the largest islands of Spain. It is one of the seven Canary Islands. The most important feature of this island is the Teide volcano which is also Spain’s largest peak. 

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Tenerife is best known for a festival called Carnaval de Santa Cruz. There is a lot of dancing, singing and people wear colourful costumes. We love how Spain is such a colourful place where people are always keen to meet new individuals and they enjoy life to the fullest. 

There is a Thai-themed adventure park in Tenerife. It is called Siam Park and it is a must visit! This island has many beaches and you will never have a boring time here. 

La Gomera

La Gomera is one of the seven Canary Islands of Spain. When you are here, you will find many volcanoes surrounding the island. This island is great for hikers because there are hiking trails for all the adventure and fun. Visit the Garajonay National Park and get lost amidst the lush green vegetation. 

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Roque de Agando is another volcano that you must witness! La Gomera is beautiful as you can be close to nature. 


Fuerteventura is the second largest island of the Canary Islands. The beaches are peaceful and sparkling clean. The weather stays pleasant all year round! It is warm but you will always feel the coastal wind. 

This island is known for its white sandy beaches and water sports. If you are an adventure enthusiast, you must try the water sports here. The water sports include wind surfing, surfing and water skiing. You will thoroughly enjoy it! 

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A visit to the Fuerteventura is a must! The intriguing part is that you will find the beaches and water in its purest form. 

Gran Canaria 

Gran Canaria is one of the seven Canary Islands and this one is known for its white sandy beaches and black lava. The best part is that you can enjoy duty free shopping in Gran Canaria. Additionally, most of the cruises stop here. 

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You must visit the Las Canteras Beach which is known for snorkelling and surfing. Arguineguin is the best place for fishing and the beach is fun for some sun and beach games. Playa del Ingles is a must visit as you can find the lighthouse and the best nightlife. 

La Palma

La Palma is an island in Spain which is known for its forested terrain. There are small volcanoes here which you must witness. It is a rare sight to find volcanoes and you must witness it for sure. 

Los Cancajos is a beach in La Palma which should be on your list of things to see. Teneguia is the place where you would find a volcano. Also, you can enjoy some wine and check out the winery as well. 

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La Palma is a great beach for fun and nature lovers will enjoy being here. This rugged island is sure to enthral you! 


Lanzarote is an island in Spain and it is best known for its brilliant weather all year round. It stays warm all throughout and you would get captivated by the scenic views. The volcanic landscapes and beaches would interest you! 

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Visit the Playa Blanca, Timanfaya National Park and Jameos del Agua. These are the must visit places in Lanzarote island. If you are looking for some deep sea adventure, you can try diving. Diving is possible in Puerto del Carmen where you would find white-washed houses and lovely beaches. 


Menorca is not as high-end as other islands but you would find travellers from all around the world here. The island is peaceful as compared to Ibiza but that is the beauty of it. The island is known for its beaches which have no end and the lovely turquoise water bays would enthral you. These bays are called calas.

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Many pine trees surround the area. If you are looking for a less-crowded place for a romantic or peaceful holiday, you must add Menorca to your list. 

For the happening crowd, great drinks, party and fun, you can go to Ibiza or Majorca. 

There is so much to do in Spain! Our thinking is to book your flight tickets and travel to one of the popular cities. Once you are done with the exploration, you can stay on an island and enjoy the scenic beauty, food, culture and beaches. 

Takeaway Advice for Travel Enthusiasts 

Are you up for a break? Who wouldn’t want to visit the beautiful islands of Spain? The waters are clear and the weather is perfect for sun bathing. Plus the delicacies and scenic views of Spain will captivate you forever. 

When is the best time to travel to Spain? You must plan your trip around April, May or June. Even September and October are great for holiday season. The weather is kind to the travellers! However, the summer season is too hot especially in Madrid and Seville. 

Plan your trip accordingly! We would suggest you to visit Spain in the month of September or October. This is the best time to visit the beautiful islands. Since you will be staying in the islands, you can cool off in the clear waters! 

So, book your plane tickets and get the VISA. The islands in Spain are worth a visit and you will come back for more! 

Happy Holidaying!

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