Best Islands to Visit in Texas

By Swathi Ramaswamy on Dec 21, 2018
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Fun-loving and vibrant Texas offers to you an overwhelming travel experience. You will be able to find rich art and cultural diversity along with some really beautiful islands that are worth exploring. So if you are planning a holiday to this place, make sure that you don’t miss out on the gorgeous islands, because along with the mesmerizing beauty, they get you many activities to pursue too. Some of the best islands that one should visit in this state of United States are:

1. South Padre Island will welcome you with Sandy Beaches

South Padre Island, TexasImage Source:

Padre Island is all about beautiful white sandy beaches, sand dunes, and grasslands. There are a variety of birds also that you can witness here. This place is very much popular amongst college students and they visit this place during the spring break. Lovely waves and winding air are truly fascinating. There are many activities that you can do here:

Dolphin Research & Sea Life Nature Centre

Have a look at the gentle dolphins, crabs, snails, and snails. Guests are even allowed to touch starfish. Here you get an opportunity to meet all the rescued animals and can learn how to become eco-friendly as the staff demonstrates how to feed the turtles and seahorses.

Birding and Nature Centre

This is a great place to observe butterflies, birds, and natural wildlife. There is a butterfly garden too which looks really beautiful. Have an amazing view of numerous species of birds like brown pelicans, White Ibis, Great Egrets, and many others. 

There are many other activities that you can pursue here. You can reach this place by taking the flights to any of the three airports, namely McAllen International Airport (MFE) which is 30 minutes away, Valley International Airport (HRL) which is 45 minutes away, and Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport (BRO) which is 30 minutes away from the island. You can take cabs from these airports, or limousines. 

2. Stroll at the Mustang Island and get Spectacular Views

This 18-mile long island is a beautiful place to be at. You can explore the beautiful island strolling and you will surely love being here. The stunning variety of birds that you witness here will make you feel spellbound and there are many spectacular points that you can view once you are here. Some of the activities that you can do here are:


This is the place where you can fish for around 600 species of fishes. You can have a lazy day where you can enjoy catching the fishes from the jetties and one can even go on a Chartered excursion for a better fishing experience. It is a pleasure to try fishing here.


Have a glimpse of beautiful birds like Reddish Egrets, Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks, and Roseate Spoonbills. It is a leisure activity, but is really blissful.


You can go camping here at the Mustang Island State Park. There are even variety of accommodations also that you can avail if you aren’t interested sleeping under stars. But one thing which is sure is that you will love to camp here.

3. Enjoy the ultimate Experience of Fishing at Galveston Island

This island is a part of the Galveston city and is easily accessible from the city only. This is a place where you can enjoy many activities that include:


There are many places there that rent out fishing tackle to get you an amazing fishing experience. You can be a pro and catch your own fish and head back to your vacation. There may be locals who may be aware of the best fishing spots.


This is the place that will get you a memorable hiking experience. Do not forget to pack your shoes, and good and comfortable clothes.

Seawolf Park

This is a major attraction of Pelican Island that gets you a place for great combination of various activities like fishing ground, and picnic sites. This site is open even for 24 hours for fishing in summers.

4. Relax at the Beaches of North Padre Island

North Padre Island, TexasImage Source:

With a unique coastal landscape, this place has a distinct and relaxing style of its own. The beaches and white sand dunes make this place like a real heaven. You can witness abundant nature here with scenic views and lovely breezes. There are enormous activities that one can do here, be it riding on a horse, or playing tennis or golf, this place seems like a perfect holiday destination. Some of the activities that you can do here are:


If you are a water sports enthusiast, you will love kayaking here. The mesmerizing glimpses and paddling into the water is an experience to count on. Take some time out to explore this activity here.


There can be levels that one can enjoy surfing here, be it for beginners, or for the experienced ones. You just have to grab your board, stand on your board and you are towards one of the most overwhelming experiences.

Kite Boarding

The wind is ideal here for the whole year and hence this is a perfect place for kite boarding. You will be able to witness people landing kiteboard along the beach. This however, requires a bit of lessons before you start. 


Yes, you can surely go for off-roading here. You will be needing a 4-wheeler for this but it is a great experience to do this activity here. The seashore main road gets you the perfect land for this. However, it is only permitted on the beach, so that the ecosystem doesn’t get damaged.

This Island is only a 20 minutes drive away from downtown Corpus Christi which is the eighth largest city of Texas. So, getting here is surely not a problem.

5. Matagorda Island gets you Abundance of Nature to Cherish

Matagorda Island, TexasImage Source:

This island is operated as a wildlife management area and you can witness migratory birds and endangered species here. This is a place which has an abundance of nature and nature lovers love being at this place. There are many activities that you can do here like:


This is an enjoyable activity here as you get an opportunity to move around the island. You can also be a part of Guided wildlife and natural history tours that are scheduled periodically and anyone below 17 years of age needs to have an adult along.


There is a designated campsite where you can build a fire. You need to make sure that not much noises are allowed. 


There are predominant species of fishes here. You can fish in shallow water on the bay side and surf fishing is possible on the gulf side. There is no fee for this activity and is a great experience for the first-timers majorly. 

This island can be reached via a chartered boat or a private boat. 

A lot is there to be explored in Texas along with the lovely islands. You will be able to witness rich flora and fauna and many other thrilling activities that you might have never tried earlier. No matter who is the company, be it your friends or family, this is an ideal place to visit.

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