Best Islands of United Kingdom To Visit in 2018

Are looking for an island escapade with your loved ones? No matter whether you want the much-needed break from your mundane lifestyle, or like to explore the scenic isles of Britain, indulging in boastful adventures and scrumptious delicacies, each of the islands in the UK has something for you. Whether it is the wild rocks of the Outer Hebrides or white sandy beaches of the Scilly Isles, Britain gives you plenty of options. Here are ten of the best islands to visit in the island country: 

1. A Perfect Family Getaway is the Isle of Wight 

The working steam railway, white and pristine beaches, and model villages make the perfect holiday destination for your family. It’s seated just less than five miles off the Hampshire coast, the South Coast Island is a traveler’s paradise. If you are holidaying with your little ones, include the fun-packed amusement park, ‘The Needles Landmark Attraction, in your bucket list. Appreciate the beauty of the amazing line-up of chalk cliffs rising from the sea. Have fun at the stunning beaches of Sandown and Ventnor and Shanklin. The island is the coveted tourist hotspot due to its music festivals including the Isle of Wight Festival, Bestival, and Jack up the 90s. These festivals boast of a few rock artists like Bob Dylan, The Who during the 70s, and Jim Hendrix. The island offers all sorts of accommodation, camping facilities, luxury spas, and bed and breakfast. You can reach the island by air, train, bus, bike rental, car hire, and ferry service. 

2. Take Delight in the Beauty of Lindisfarne

Popularly known as the ‘Holy Island’, Lindisfarne appeals to travelers alike for its unique beauty and incongruity.  The old castle and priory ruins look out of place are sure to captivate your senses. The contemporary fishing boats in the forefront just take the beauty of this island to the next level. Did you know that the smooth walkway remains submerged two times in a day by the North Sea? Do not ignore the tide warnings if you are contemplating to walk or drive to this strange island. Unpredictable sea breeze jerks the coastline, metamorphosing the ocean into an ice-cold landscape, making it unwelcoming. Revel in the beauty of the swans bathing in the sun-drenched marshlands, protected by the isle’s mountainous interior. The activities include simple relaxation, trekking, and bird watching. If you have a penchant for photography, take some shots of the ancient ruins. You can get there by road, bus, taxi, air, rail, and cycle.

3. Embrace Nature in Lundy

Lundy Island, UKImage Source:

If you are tired of the boring city life and want to escape the concrete jungle and relax in nature’s lap, Lundy, Bristol Channel, is the place to be. Seated off the coast of Devon, the place is a serene and heavenly retreat. If you love nature, then you are sure to fall in love with Lundy’s lush, unspoiled greenery and rich wildlife. It has a population of only 28 and devoid of any roads and motor cars. The activities include fishing, bird watching, diving, cliff climbing, and walking. The best part is exploring the treasure trail, the Lundy Letterboxes hidden along the track to find. Both children and adults can partake in this activity. How you will choose to commute to this island depends on the time of year you travel. During the winter months, take a 7-minute helicopter ride from Heartland Point, Devon. In summer, you can opt for a ferry trip to get there. En route, you may spot dolphins if you are fortunate. 

4. Live an Irish Dream in Rathlin Island 

The small, wonderful and picturesque island is a tourist’s delight as lush green hills envelope the place, making it a treat to a traveler’s eyes. The cliffs especially exude an Irish taste, making it ideal for an enjoyable walk. Wanna a get a bird’s eye view of the Atlantic Ocean from high above? You can take delight in the stunning view from the top of the cliff, an experience in itself. You will get to see the largest seabird population and other wildlife from the cliff above. For example, you can spot seals along the rugged shoreline. You can rent a bike, and if you are lucky enough, you may spot Rathlin’s golden hare. Visit this island in summer or spring if you want to spot some nesting birds. You may also explore Bruce’s Cave, which was the hiding spot for Bruce and Robert while fighting for Scottish independence. The activities include visiting the Seabird center with your kids, guided walks, and cycle tours. Merely six miles crossways the Sea of Moyle, the L-shaped islands are easily accessible through ferry.

5. Exploring St. Kilda is Like Visiting Jurassic Park

Are you excited about Jurassic Park and dinosaurs? We bet you do. Though you will not find these prehistoric reptiles in this island, the place feels out of the world. The gigantic cliffs towering over the serrated coastline and the island’s untamed ocean currents and remoteness attract travelers alike. The place is located approximately 40 miles west of Outer Hebrides, Scotland. The islands feature some of the ancient Iron and Bronze Age ruins, making it UNESCO’s world heritage site. When you walk here, you will feel as if you are traveling back in time, just like the popular TV series Outlander. The scenic marine and bird life is sure to leave you mesmerized. UNESCO also listed this island as the largest seabird-nesting site. The activities include camping, outdoor adventures, animal watching, and birding. You can reach there by air, ferry service, charter boats, cruise ships, or a yacht. 

6. Explore Jura’s Pristine Wild Islands 

Situated off the west coast of Scotland, this island is known for its unspoiled beauty with a population of 200 people. You will love to explore this picturesque island surrounded by spectacular mountains. The iconic, ‘Paps’ of Jura - the three stunning peaks rise up into the beautiful, foggy sky. If you like to go off-grid and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Jura is the place to be. The major attractions include is the secluded ambiance, scenic beauty, and rich wildlife. Horse riding through the hills is one of the favorite activities. The other activities include golfing, sea adventures, boating, and tasting the finest whiskies. You can reach by air. And if you want to take the road, first cross the island of Islay through sea or flight, and then hire a car to drive to Jura. In summer, you may opt for the ferry service for foot passengers. 

7. Explore the Uninhabited Island of Scolt Head

If you love marshes, shingles, and sand dunes, look no further than Scolt Head, Norfolk. Take delight in the beauty of the sand dunes, serenity, and birdlife. You will find an abundance of different bird species in this island. So, pack your bags, binoculars, and plan a day’s trip for beachcombing, picnicking, and animal watching. Take delight walking around Scolt Head, finding shells on the way. Some of these shells are stunning and some measuring as big as six inches. You will find these shells in a variety of colors including bright purple. You can reach there by summer water taxis. 

8. Stargazing at Osea Island 

This island in Essex may not seem the coveted desert-island tourist hotspot but comes with three great options. Mersea, Northey Island, and Osea, all situated in the Blackwater Estuary are worth a visit. You can access the island through an old causeway. The setting is serene with no motor vehicles, only miles of pristine beaches, white sand, and luxurious places to stay. It is one of the best islands in the UK if you are looking for a relaxing trip with your loved ones. With no street lighting, Osea is an ideal spot for gazing at the star-studded sky at night. The activities include a visit to the Promenade Park and indulging in water sports with your kids. The place is also perfect for partygoers; especially paparazzi shy upper class and hipsters. 

9. Tour the Craggy Burgh Island

Craggy Burgh Island, UKImage Source:

Seated just 250 meters from Devon mainland, walk to this island if there is a low tide or take a sea tractor if there is a high tide. You can navigate the island in just half an hour or rent a paddleboard from the point Discover Surf School to take a tour of the stony coast. Did you know that Agatha Christie’s famous novel, ‘And Then Were None’, had a mention of the famous Burgh Island Hotel, the only accommodation in the island? Yes, the place was a source of inspiration for the crime mystery writer, Christie. The activities include hiking, paddle boarding, surfing, or taking a dip in the pool at one of holiday parks. 

10. Explore the Dramatic Bryher Island

Bryher Island, UKImage Source:

Featuring sandy tracks and not roads, the Bryher Island is accessible by golf buggy or foot. Though it is a tiny island, the landscape is dramatic at Hell Bay. The sheltered sands of Rushy Bay are also to appeal to your senses. Though the island is blessed with balmy and sandy beaches in one side, the other end is ravaged by Atlantic waves. The activities include camping, boat tours, paddle boarding, scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing, and kayaking. You can reach the island by flight, ferry, or a helicopter.


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