Best Islands of Washington To Visit in 2018

No one can deny that the best part of the state of Washington is its islands. Their beauty is just heavenly. There are sandy beaches, old forests and hills which enhance their beauty. They are linked with the city with some bridges like the Mercer. If you want a calm place to spend a day away from the hustle of the city, visit the islands of Washington but before visit don’t forget to check the best islands of Washington. 

1. Blake Island State Park

Blake Island State Park, WashingtonImage Source:

Secretly the island’s owner is William Pitt, a millionaire from Seattle.  It was turned in Blake Island Marine State Park by the state of Washington in the year 1959. From the beach, you can get a nice view of the Olympic mountains and Seattle skyline. The area of the park is 475 acre and is famous for activities like boating, hiking, and camping. In the northeastern side of this island, you will find the Tillicum Village, which is known for the Indian culture, food, and arts. Live performances can be seen there and you can also taste the traditional fire-roasted fish. You will find a total of 8 mile trails for hiking and 7.5 miles for biking. 

2. Bainbridge

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This picturesque island is known for some amazing beauties all around it. The Mount Rainer, Olympic Mountains, Olympic Peninsula, Puget Sound, and the Cascade mountain ranges are surrounding this beautiful island from all sides. The island is a delight to stay and that is the reason it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. There are lush parks, biking and hiking trails, B&Bs, organic distillery, a craft brewery, and a total of seven wineries. Near the ferry, you will find the beautiful village of Winslow. In the village, you can visit some great restaurants and waterfront parks.

3. San Juan 

The second largest island of the area, the San Juan island can be visited by using the Washington state ferry services. Some old and historic British landmarks can be seen in the San Juan National Historical Park. Beside the Friday Harbor, the major town of San Juan Island, is the University of Washington’s marine research lab and campus. The building was built in the year 1909. There are some more great places to visit in the San Juan island like the San Juan Community Theatre, the new art museum, and the Whale Museum. Another beautiful place in the island is the Lime Kiln Park.

4. Fox Island

Fox Island, WashingtonImage Source:

The location of the island is near Kitsap Peninsula in Puget Sound. This is a rural island where you can visit using the bridge near Gig Harbor. This calm and quiet island has some lovely lush grasslands. The place can be explored best using a boat. With the Mount Rainer in the background, the Fox Island lighthouse looks amazing here. Another historical place in the island is the Fox Island Historical Museum, which has more than 3000 artifacts. The artifacts help you in learning about the history of the place and also about the people who used to live here previously. There is a 100-year-old chapel, which is located on the Echo Bay. The chapel is known as a great venue for romantic weddings. On the Henderson Bay, the 109-acre Kopachuck State Park is located. Some more popular places to visit in this island are the Fox Island Nature Center and the Fox Island Sand Spit.

5. Fidalgo

Fidalgo Island, WashingtonImage Source:

Located in the Skagit County, this island is at a distance of 60 miles from Seattle. For visiting the island, the famous rainbow bridge can be used. The name of the major city of this island is Anacortes, which is called ‘gateway to the San Juans’. Some major festivals are organized in the city like the Anacortes Waterfront Festival in the month of June and the Spring Wine Festival in the month of April. Some of the best art galleries are located in this place where you can find some great artistic works by local as well as international artists. For the biking and hiking trails, you must visit the 220-acre park in the city, the Washington Park. At the southern end of the island, you will find a part of the amazing Deception Pass State Park. The park is known for rich wildlife, beautiful beaches, and dark forests.

6. Camano

One of the largest islands located in the Puget Sound is the Camano Island. You can visit this nice island by using the Camano bridge. In this island, you will find blue herons, bald eagles, evergreen forests, amazing wildlife, crowded shorelines, and rolling hills. There are two state parks in the island. The Camano Island State Park, which is a big 134-acre park known for scuba diving, boating, fishing, hiking trails, and rocky beaches. There is also the Cama Beach State Park known for trails through forests, charming cabins, and small beaches. There are some great festivals which are held in this island like the Stanwood-Camano Chili & Chowder Cook-off, Port Susan Snow Goose and Birding Festival, and Spring Art Show.

7. Herron

At the southernmost part of Puget Snow, the Herron Island is located. The HMC Corporation is the owner of the island which can be visited using the ferry services. The Goodpastor Park, the North Beach Park, and the small boat dock are owned by the corporation. A few parts of the island is owned by some other private owners. The population of the island is not that much. From the shores of the island, you can often see dolphins and whales.

8. Harstine

The island in the southern parts of Puget Sound is at a distance of 10 miles from Olympia. There is a bridge near Kitsap Peninsula which can be used for reaching the island. The island is isolated and the best way to check it out is roaming on a bike or gliding on the shores using a kayak. While moving in a kayak, you can watch the whales or seals too. The best park located in the place is the McMicken Island State Park. A sanctuary for all kinds of cats like cougars, leopards, and household cats is there named the Wild Felid Advocacy center.

9. Guemes

You can visit the island of Guemes with a ferry ride from Anacortes. This is a very small island located at the northern parts of Fidalgo. Two parks can be found here, the Schoolhouse Park in the center of the island and the Young’s park on the northern sides of the island. The island is known to have some of the most rare plants and for its amazing views.

10. Marrowstone

This great island is located near the Fort Flagler. The people who visit there are amazed by the picturesque view of the Olympic mountains covered in snow. This island was found and immigrated in the early 1800s. Still, a very good amount of farming is done here. The major town of the place is Nordland. The town is known for having a vineyard, rustic cabins, boat dock, and a general store. You will also find an art gallery there showcasing the talent of the local artists. 

11. Lummi Island

The calm and quite Lummi island is located near Bellingham. From the Gooseberry Point, you can take a ferry to reach this island. Usually, the Americans and the Canadians come to stay at this place to get some relaxation from their hectic daily life. You can get the vision of the beautiful Salish Sea from here. In the island, you will find a church, a school, a post office, some B&Bs, a store, and a couple of restaurants. The reef-net Saloman fishery of this place is known worldwide. Some bike and hike trails can be found there too.

12. Lopez

Without any doubt, Lopez is one of the largest among the San Juan islands. The place is known for snowy Mount Baker, deserted beaches, rolling farmlands, and lush forests. The biggest place on the island is the Lopez Village which has a few art galleries, historical museums, library, cafes, and shops. The farmers here are known to produce local grapes, kiwis, apples, and pears. The nice green hills of the island can be seen with sheeps grazing over them. 

13. Mercer

One of the most affluent suburbs of the Seattle area is the Mercer Island. There are stores, gym, and also some good restaurants on this island. There are hiking trails, public beaches, and also 475 acres of park on this island. 

14. Mcneil

On the western sides of Puget Sound, the island of McNeil is located. The United States Federal Penitentiary is there. The building is built in the year 1875 and was closed in 2011. The island is owned by the government of United States.

Other than these 14 top islands, there are some more islands in Washington too which are very beautiful like Puget, Whidbey, Vashon-Maury, Shaw, and Anderson Island. All these islands add to the beauty of Washington state.