Best Islands of Wisconsin To Visit in 2018

Apostle Islands of Wisconsin are basically known as the jewels of the Lake Superior area. Total twenty one islands are there. The area comprises of almost 12 miles. Some of the islands are located at the country of Bayfield tough most of them are in Ashland country. The cultural bending, scenic beauty as well as the contrast of the present and the past will leave the visitors mesmerized. The Apostle Island is home to the early farmers, American Indians, fishermen and lighthouse keepers. Within the lakeshore more than eight hundred plant species occur. Every year millions of people visit the islands and enjoy the beauty of them. 

Madeline Island

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The Island is located in the Ashland country. Almost 300 people live there. It the largest island of the Apostle Islands. This island is open for private ownership and it is also open to commercial development. The earliest European settlement happened here and La Pointe was one of the earliest communities. Fur trading was famous here. The island can be visited using the ferry line of Madeline Island from Bayfield. You can take ferry with camper and car. The island is very beautiful and quiet. The beach is shallow and sandy. An ideal place for kids. Make sure you take with you the essential groceries and gas because very few grocery shops are to be found there. The gas can be found but it is a bit expensive. 

Devils Island

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Every year a lot of people visit the Wisconsin just to see the sea caves and the most enchanting sea caves are to be found in this island, namely Devil’s Island. There are no human lives in the island. The only people you will see in this island are the summer park volunteers. The Devils Island is situated at the northern part of the Wisconsin. It is taken care by the National Park Service. This island has another name, Louisiana Island. The writer and politician Samuel Fifield wrote about this island in his work how the island got its horrid name. The sea caves are amazing here. The rumbling of the ripples can be heard from the shoreline. The local folk of WI believe that this sound id the sound of devil. The northern shore of the island is wrapped with the sea caves. The rock formations are very dramatic which attract most of the tourists. The caves are sculpted from billions of years old sandstones. The gold and the red sandstones are most beautiful. Summer is very busy here and crowded with a lot of visitors and volunteers. There is a light-house which contains Fresnel lens of third order. You can hire a kayak and enjoy the beauty of the sea caves.

Stockton Island

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The area comprised of 10 thousand acres. The hiking trail is 14 miles long. The place is well maintained. You can choose any trial from the number of trials such as Tombolo Trial, Anderson Point Trial, Quarry Bay Trial and Trout Point Trial. The docks are basically located at the Quarry Bay and Presque Isle Bay. A half mile campground which is faced towards the water is located at the Presque Isle Bay. Camping is free here. Boating can be fun as long as boaters keep track of the marine weather forecast. There you will find seven rules under the title Leave No Trace. Please do follow them. You can get a shuttle to reach the island. 

Brunet Island 

The Island is also a state park. This island is phenomenal. It is surrounded by Cornell Flowage. You can enjoy the place in so many ways like trial by bike, setting up a camp at any of the sites of camping, by taking dip at the beach. You can arrange a picnic with family. There you are supposed to find a number of trials. You can choose from them. The famous trials that are loved by most tourists are Timber Trial, Jean Brunet Nature Trial etc. To reach here take 64 state highway. The distance between Bridge Street and Park Road is 0.1 km. 

Outer Island

The Island includes in the National Lakeshore. It the third largest island of the Apostle Islands. The lighthouse in the island is located at the northern part of the island. The island is part of La Pointe Town of Wisconsin. It has rich history. There is a seven mile long hiking ground. Once there was a railroad for trams. The lighthouse is one of the most beautiful and neat lighthouses but it is least visited. The lighthouse was built in 1874. You can take a privet boat or kayak to reach the island as there is no cruise service.

Raspberry Island

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The Island is one of the parts of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. It is the only island in Apostle where you cannot see a deer. The lighthouse is beautiful and in the year if 2006 it was also remodeled. The lighthouse keeper lives here with his wife and daughter. The used to several animals like pig and cow. There is a historical garden near the lighthouse. The US Boy scouts maintain the light. Tough the name is Raspberry Island, you cannot find raspberries there. From Bayfield take a boat or kayak and visit the island. 

Manitou Island

The remote island is situated far far away from the crowd and which is why it is hiker’s paradise. Trial ground is 100 miles. The island is located at the Lake Michigan. The sand dunes are neat. The island has a lighthouse and a visitor’s centre. The island is a part of sleeping bear dunes. The approximate area is fifteen thousand acres. It is home to rare species of eagles and hawks. Ferry service is available. Camping is allowed.

Michigan Island

There are two lighthouses in the island. The lighthouse service in the Michigan Island began in the year of 1857. In 1993 the lighthouse became automated. Visiting Michigan Island can be a challenging task. Only the very experience privet boaters can take you there. Volunteers give tour in between 9 am to 11 am and between 1 pm to 4pm. 

Basswood Island

The Island is included in the Apostle Islands. From the year 1865 to 1923 Richard McCloud and Elisha Brigham used to run a farm here. It was also a quarry site which was being run by the Bass Island Brownstone Company. So, the Island is a historical place. Camping is allowed. At the campsites footlocker, picnic table, fire ring, and vault toilets are available. You can visit the island by shuttles. 

Cat Island

It is a part of the Apostle Islands. Cat Island has several other names, such as Hemlock Island, Texas Island, Shoe Island and many more. To reach the island you can take Skybahama from the Nassau. 

Hermit Island

The Island is very peaceful. You can actually camp right by the ocean and hear the sound of the waves. They do not allow many big trials. The island is very natural and undisturbed. There are some hidden beach areas. The washrooms are old fashioned.  Camping cost may seem a little too high. Summer is very busy here. You must book beforehand. So many restrictions to be followed in the island. The island is named after a hermit called William Wilson who used to live there a decade before the civil war. Just like Cat Island this island is also given many names such as Illions Islands, Wilson’s Island, Askew Island and Austrian Island.

Ironwood Island

The Ironwood Island is also one of the parts of Apostle Islands in Lake Superior. There is one camping site in the island. The distance between Bayfield and Ironwood is 63 km. You can take a bus or a taxi from Bayfield. It takes one and half hours to reach Ironwood from Bayfield. 

Long Island

The Island is located in the town, Sanborn, in the Ashland Country. Geographically it is different from the other islands. It has some of the exotic beaches such as Long Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Jones Beach. Many historical landmarks to be found here including science Museums, Victorian estate and Montauk Point Lighthouse. In summer the Long Island has many exciting things to offer. The place is very much accessible to the visitors as it is very near to the New York City. 

Cana Island

In this island you cannot camp whole night. The island is very good for a day trip. Picnic can be arranged. In summer you must wear water shoes. Few parts of the place looks exactly like a Caribbean islands. The lighthouse is well maintained. You can read a lot of historical stuff about the lighthouse, ships and the Lake Michigan. The island is at its best in the winter season. 

Sand Island

The camping sites are beautiful here. Once you arrive you can see a lot of fire rings, picnic tables and well water. You can cook outside if you want to. The lighthouse of this island was built in 1881. The island is accessible via boat, kayak and water taxi.


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