6 Best Jungle Resorts Near Mumbai for Staycation

By Rohin Raj on Aug 03, 2016
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With the traffic on roads and the number of people almost everywhere reaching a mad frenzy, it is understandable if soon man starts running towards the jungles in search of some peace and tranquility. Very few places can help you in calming those jangled nerves as spending some quality time close to Mother Nature can! So for all the Mumbai folks, here is a list of some of the best jungle resorts near Mumbai that are sure to make you have one helluva time:

1. The Machan Jambulne - Lonavala

The Machan Jambulne

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Run away from all the crazy rush and madness of the city to your very own refuge in the hilly jungles of Lonavala. True to its name, the resort has tree houses that give an excellent view of the surrounding terrain. An on-site restaurant will provide sumptuous meals during your stay here while you are busy enjoying the view from the balcony, having a drink at the mini-bar or busy indulging in cycling and hiking outside.

Distance from Mumbai: 100 kilometers approx.

Places of Interest: Saltar Lake, Koraigad Fort, Lohagad Fort and Lonavala Market.

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2. Green Hills Resort - Vasind

Green Hills Resort - Vasind

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A stay at the Green Hills Resort in Vasind is an experience in itself, mainly because of the terrific views of the mountains it provides and the amenities available at very low prices. Located very close to Mumbai, the jungle resort has an outdoor swimming pool, water park, on-site restaurant and well-furnished rooms. If you prefer to stay a little closer to the city then you can choose Green Hill resort over some of the Best Resorts in Mumbai.

Distance from Mumbai: 60 kilometers approx.

Places of Interest: Tungareshwar National Park, Aksa Beach and Bombay Exhibition Centre.

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3. Manas Resort - Igatpuri

Manas Resort - Igatpuri

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Set in the picturesque locale of Igatpuri, the Manas Resort is the place to head to for a relaxing holiday, far-far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Consisting of an indoor swimming pool wellness centre, spa and a games room, the resort leaves no stone unturned in their bid to make your stay here a great experience! Apart from an in-house restaurant, the rooms are also lavishly furnished and provide a breathtaking view of the stupendous landscape. Manas Resort is a perfect choice if you are tired of those crowded places to visit in Mumbai.

Distance from Mumbai: 117 kilometers approx.

Places of Interest: Vihingaon Waterfall and Ghatandevi Temple.

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4. Panoramic Resort - Panvel

Panoramic Resort - Panvel

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The Panoramic Resort Panvel boasts of an outdoor swimming pool, water park, fitness centre and adventure sports facilities. The restaurant located in the premises, promises to take the utmost care of your appetite. The property is quite vast and perfect for taking a lazy stroll, admiring the natural beauty all around.

Distance from Mumbai: 50 kilometers approx.

Places of Interest: Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Gadeshwar dam.

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5. Ramsukh Resorts - Mahabaleshwar

Ramsukh Resorts - Mahabaleshwar

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The exquisite Ramsukh Resort in Mahabaleshwar is perched beautifully on the highlands, thus offering its guests a spectacular view of the Krishna valley. The resort has a spa, gym, outdoor swimming pool and an in-house restaurant. The view from the rooms is simply marvelous and you are sure to feel rejuvenated after spending some quality time on the open lawns and making use of the sports and game facilities here.

Distance from Mumbai: 236 kilometers approx.

Places of Interest: Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and Dhom Lake.

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6. Le Meridien Mahabaleshwar Resort & Spa

Le Meridien Mahabaleshwar Resort and Spa

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The Le Meridien Resort is like a slice of paradise tucked in the beautiful city-town of Mahabaleshwar. The resort features a wellness centre, spa and fitness centre where one can rest their tired mind and bodies both while enjoying a splendid view of the hilly surroundings. Guests can also enjoy some fine food at the in-house restaurant or have a great time in the resort lounge. Le Meridien rooms hardly require any introduction!

Distance from Mumbai: 233 kilometers approx.

Places of Interest: Vena Lake, Wilson Point and Panchgani.

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Interested in any of these resorts? Book a room for yourself before availabilities go away! If you know of some we might have missed or overlooked then feel free to tell us in the comments section below!

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