Best Monsoon Delicacies: Some Mouth Watering Dishes for the Rainy Days

By Shraddhanvita Tiwari on Jun 23, 2018
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Rain, there is something hypnotic in this word. Watching rains from the window- the raindrops first washing the glasses, then turning into a pitter-patter, and soon trying to crack them with their notorious friend “wind”, has always been my favorite activity in monsoon. What adds more to my monsoon temptation is a hot cup of aromatic coffee and onion pakoras prepared by mom. Trust me, every time the sky turns from the dome of plasma-blue to the dark gothic roof of clouds, coffee and pakoras become the best food for rainy season. Monsoon is, indeed, a heavenly season for food lovers. What on earth could ever be better than sitting by the window with delicious snacks and your favorite hot drink and chatting with friends? Nothing, I bet. So, invite your gang for a monsoon chat and welcome them with these monsoon evening snacks!

1. Ginger Tea: a panacea for all

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Do you know that ginger tea is one of the oldest medicinal beverages? Sipping a piquant cup of ginger tea on a rainy evening is all you need to improve your mood. No matter what rainy season food recipes you have selected to treat your taste buds, accompanying them with ginger tea is a perfect combination. For me, ginger tea is almost synonymous with rains. One of the best things about it is that its preparation is quite simple. All you need is fresh ginger, water, tea leaves, and a slice of lemon. The Indian ginger tea also contains milk. Watch the murmuring of rains with a hot cup ginger tea and you will understand why this drink is an elixir to life!

Tip: If you are preparing the ginger tea yourself, add some cinnamon, Chamomile flowers, or honey. You will be mesmerized by the aroma!

2. Roasted Corn: the king of monsoon flavors

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On my recent bike trip to the western hills of India, I stopped at a “bhutta-corner” (cart selling corn), where I had a corn roasted over hot coal with little spices and lemon rubbed on it, and I realized that corn can be called the king of monsoon flavors in India. One of the simplest vegetarian monsoon recipes, roasted corn can be found at any corner of India. And that is why the rainy season is often referred to as the “bhutta season” (season of corn). Rich in protein, corn is quite satisfying when you feel hungry (and quite friendly to your pockets too!) Look for a hand-pulled cart and enjoy a roasted corn under your umbrella!

Tip: Apart from roasted corn, do try its varieties this monsoon such as corn chaat, corn fritter, or creamed corn.

3. Pakoras: the simple joys of life

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As I have already mentioned, there are very few things in the world that fascinate me more than the tangy taste of pakoras and coffee during rains. There are no evening snacks for rainy season that can ever match the delicacy of pakoras. Soothing drizzle outside, a favorite movie on TV screen, a comfortable seating, and pakoras in the plate! Doesn’t that look like a dream? I’m sure whichever article you read on snacks for rainy days, yummy pakoras will always make it to the list. Pakoras are subjective. Generally, they are made of onions, people also enjoy corn pakoras, potato pakoras, cabbage pakoras, cheese pakoras and more.

Tip: Combine your pakoras with a mint or groundnut chutney and you will never feel satisfied.

4. Maggi: a name for childhood nostalgia 

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I’m literally obsessed with Maggi when it comes to traveling in rain. Maggi has been a savior in extreme weather conditions and one of the most favorite foods during rainy season while having the midnight chats with the girl-gang in the hostel. Although Maggi has been a loving dish to kids, even the adults have an undying love for it. I personally have met many people who are die-hard fans of Maggi (wake them up from sleep and they will ask for a Maggi bowl!).

Tip: Experiment with your Maggi this monsoon. Make a Maggi sandwich, Maggi Salad, or Maggi burgers!

5. Momos: the steamed bundle of delicacy

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Vegetable or Chicken, momos are one of the best rainy-day food recipes. This delicious dish has come directly from a culinary heaven and is perfect for the people who are worried about their diet and want to keep a safe side during rains. Although momos are the traditional delicacies of Nepal, momo stalls can be found in different states of India all-year round. But when it’s downpouring heavily, a hot plate of momos looks like a heavenly treat. Momo is a steamed dish, so nothing to worry about fats!

Tip: You might not be having a taste for spicy things, but don’t forget to try the hot chili chutney and mayonnaise with your momos.

6. Chaat: a tangy plate of happiness

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Last monsoon, I was exploring the streets of Mathura and as I walked down the ghats of Yamuna river, it began to rain. I stopped at a stall selling chaat. The enchanting whiff of chaat tempted me to order one, the vendor offered it in a leafy bowl, and within few moments I finished it to order another one. Has it started to rain at your place? Try out chaat. Chaat is a tangy fusion of crisp fried bread, potato, curd, onion, and chutneys. You will find countless varieties of chaat in India such as chana chaat, aloo tikki chaat, and even fruit chaat. I would suggest you try all one by one to add more fun to your culinary experience in monsoon.

Tip: Chaat can also be prepared at home with the ingredients of your choice.

7. Soup: ideal for your fitness

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That feeling of enveloping a piping hot bowl of soup with your hands to save them shivering on a rainy evening! Ah! It’s really difficult to describe the happiness of having soup during rainy days. There is a big list of soups. Some of the best varieties are chicken soup, spinach soup, tomato soup, vegetable soup, cream of broccoli soup etc. If you catch a cold in rain and sneezing is troubling you, the soup will work as a homemade medicine for you. There are many reasons to have soup in monsoon be it their medicinal value, quick and easy preparation, and warmth it provides. 

Tip: Try the moreish Japanese soup made of spinach, sweetcorn, eggs, and noodles. Enjoy a perfect bowl of health!

8. Samosa: for a crunchy-crispy monsoon

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Are you alone on a rainy day? Befriend “chai-samosa” and you will never feel lonely. The taste of deep-fried samosas can be best experienced when the chilly wind and rhythm of rains make you crave for something red-hot. Samosa is an ideal combination of spice and warmth. The crispy-crunchy cover of samosa and the spicy potato mix can tempt anybody (even the people on a strict diet!). No wonder that it has been a favorite monsoon munchie to a lot of people.

Tip: Samosa will taste the best with green chutney or fried chilies. Too spicy for you? Try it with curd then!

9. French Fries: for the young and the old


If you are willing to have something light, French Fries can be the best alternative to other monsoon foods in India. Also known as finger chips, French Fries are made from potatoes. When these hot, crispy, and fluffy fries are combined with a cup of hot coffee, all you need is some soothing music to celebrate monsoon. Although it has been a popular dish in foreign countries, French Fries has a countless number of fans in India. Start your car, go for a monsoon drive with your loved one, and share memorable moments munching French Fries!

Tip: The best accompaniments with French fries could be pickled onions, lemon cucumber, and curry ketchup. 

10. Spring Roll: the best of Indo-Chinese snacks

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I would like to end this rainy days’ food list with something that represents rain. With rainbow-like stuffing, Spring Roll has been a plat du jour of many famous restaurants. Spring Roll has become a famous snack option for rainy days. Originally a Chinese dish, Spring Roll can be modified for Indian taste buds. If you are bored of Samosa, spring roll can be a great option for you. 

Tip: Wanna try the oil-free spring rolls? Try the Vietnamese ones.

The “tip-tip-tip” of the silver trickles has already begun. Time to spend some quality time in sweet petrichor and taste the monsoon flavors. What’s YOUR favorite monsoon dish? Do share!

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