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By Renuka Shahane on Dec 04, 2018
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Europe- where dreams meet reality, tourists become travellers. This ethereal plethora of cultures is on top of bucket lists of every traveller. Dotted with spell-bounding cities like London, Paris, Rome and Amsterdam, the continent boasts of so many attractions and landmarks that can suffice the itchy feet of any traveller. Satiating the likes of different people that embark on the journey of Europe, these places of interest in Europe are stunning, eye-catching and timelessly beautiful. No wonder why, Europe’s uncountable structures, numerous museums, castles and palaces make it to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Check out the best of Europe for sightseeing and add them to your wish-list if they aren’t there, already!

Best European Destinations:

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Best cities to plan a trip to:

Top Cities in Europe - the best places to visit 

Undeniably stunning cities and places that need to be on your travel bucket-list.  

Architectural Cities in Europe - most beautiful places in the continent

Where buildings speak thousand words! The blog describes the best cities in Europe that offer mind-blowing architecture.

Party Cities in Europe - nightlife at its best

Where the night is brighter than the day and you can party all night! Check out the best places to party in Europe. 

Small Towns in Europe - for a quiet vacation

Lesser-known small towns in Europe that are totally underrated, have a look at these sublime small towns of Europe that deserve to be on your trip plan. 

Wine Destinations in Europe - perfect vacations for wine lovers

Where you can find the finest wine and the best destinations to taste the best wines. After all, life is better with a glass of wine!

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Best European Attractions:

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Museums in Europe - The Best of Europe Within Four Walls 

From Classic art to contemporary modern, from science to history; Europe quenches your intellectual thirst with its bunch of museums. The continent of Europe has some of the greatest museums in the world that witness millions of travellers every year. These museums represent the vibrant and cerebral knowledge of science, art and history that lies within the land of Europe. And if you thought Louvre is only huge museum in Europe, you should totally check out this list of best museums in Europe for the Quintessential European Enlightenmen.

The best Tourist Attractions in Europe - Where the Crowds Crowd

Whenever you are planning a trip to Europe for the first time, one of the most important realisations you need to have is, you can’t see it all! Well, at least not unless you have a year or two to immerse in its essence. So what do you do? The thumb rule while planning your Europe itinerary is to add the top tourist attractions to your list. If you haven’t seen these, you haven’t started your European holiday. Yes, Eiffel Tower, Colosseum and Big Ben are touristy, but there’s a reason why people all over the world love it so much; and you have to find it yourself. Make sure you explore these best tourist attractions in Europe on your visit! 

Bridges in Europe  - Making the Ends Meet

If there is one particular picture that strikes us when we think of the beauty of Europe, it involves Bridges! Connecting the ends of beautiful towns and cities, the Bridges of Europe are built over equally alluring rivers. From classic eternal designs to those with modern architecture, European bridges serve to be the perfect setting for a romantic getaway in Europe. Walk, pause and admire these stunning and Most Beautiful Bridges In Europe. You Shouldn't miss and you’ll have picture-perfect moment on your European sojourn. 

Theme Parks in Europe - To relive the Inner Child

Admit it, no matter how old we are, screaming to the top of our voices on a thrilling roller-coaster ride can send exciting shivers down our bellies! Europe gives you a chance to relive your childhood through its fantastic theme parks. Dreamy castles where you can meet Rapunzel to the world of Lego, Spine-chilling adventure rides to cute Popeye Village, you have to check out these 11 Theme Parks In Europe That Will Knock Your Socks Off!

Statues in Europe - Splendour in Silence

Europe, since time immemorial has been a focal point for arts. The European style of sculpturing has been replicated all over the world. On your European vacation, you will be amazed to find out that beautiful statues appear in the middle of mundane streets. Exhibiting extraordinary detailing, the statues of Europe are best attractions that you should observe while sightseeing. Explore the 10 Statues in Europe That Will Have You Awestruck ! 

Natural Wonders of Europe:

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Waterfalls in Europe - Pearly White Drops of Joy

Home to some of the best waterfalls in the world, what sets apart the European waterfalls is their unadulterated backdrop that breathes of freshness. Drench in the pearly white beauty of the waterfalls, embrace the nature at its best and drench in heaven, add these 11 Best Waterfalls In Europe That Will Make You Feel Like Alice In Wonderland to your Europe itinerary; you can thank me later.

Secret Islands of Europe - For Love and Luxury

Europe’s stunning sea flaunts beautiful islands that attract thousands of visitors. But if you are the off-the-beaten-path types and like a little time to yourself on the vacation, you might want to ditch the likes of Majorca, Capri and Santorini. They are beautiful but crowded at the same time.
For a leisurely vacation in Europe, you can plan a trip to any of these 12 Enchanting Secret Islands In Europe  instead! 

Natural Wonders of Europe  - Amazement and Allure

Europe’s enormous area has blessed it with bountiful nature that varies dramatically. From beaches to mountains, hills to valleys, rivers to lakes; Europe has literally got it all! No wonder why it is a popular destination to visit all round the year. The continent’s stunning nature leaves you in awe! Coral blue waters, enchanting rocks and gorgeous valleys, Europe’s 25 Natural Wonders will make you Go Whoa; trust me!  

Beaches in Europe  - For Fun in the Sun

Europe’s diverse geography has gifted it with a huge coastline and stunning beaches that attract thousands of beach-bums every year. Laid-back, relaxing and rejuvenating, the beaches in Europe spell ‘vacay’ with its every sand and beauty with its every wave! Discover the best beaches in Europe that serve as a perfect city-escape! Enjoy the tranquil waters and sandy shores; you will not feel like going back home!

Activities to do in Europe:

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Shopping Centres in Europe - Shop and Splurge

Europe is home to cities like Milan and Paris that define the fashion statement of the entire world. From Drop-dead gorgeous to classy and simple, the fashion scene in Europe makes it one of the best destinations in the world to shop your heart out. If you are in for a shopping-spree on your vacation, head to these ultimate shopping centres in Europe for some quintessential retail therapy! 
Flea Markets in Europe - Save Your Pocket From Big Dent
Re-decorate your home, add beautiful pieces to your souvenir collection, shop at these top flea markets in Europe that offer quintessentially classic stuff at affordable prices. Bring home the essence of your Europe on budget!


Adventure Activities in Europe:

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Best Hikes in Europe - perfect for your next adventure
If you thought Europe was all about art and culture, here’s a surprise. Check out the best places to go for hiking in Europe. 
Top European Ski Resorts - to enjoy winter sports
White Snow, huge mountains, explore the best places to Ski in Europe, tips on the best ski resorts in Europe to choose for this winter vacation.
National Parks - must visit for extraordinary landscapes and wildlife
The beauty in the wilderness, this blog speaks about best national parks of Europe to add to your list. Know more about the top national parks of Europe that are perfect for an outdoor vacation!  

Europe Travel Tips 

Europe on a Budget

Tips and hacks to create a Europe trip plan on budget. Learn how to save money on your next Europe trip from the experts. 

Best ways to see Europe

Excellent hacks to explore Europe and Traverse through it like a pro! Elevate your sightseeing experience with the best ways to see Europe.

Things you must not do in Europe

The cardinal sins to avoid on your Europe trip! What not to do in Europe to ensure you have a flawless vacation.

How to Skip Lines

Beat the crowd of Europe with these mind-blowing tips, skip-the-line and save precious vacation time! Explore and book the best skip-the-line tickets at the most crowded attractions of Europe.

Solo Travel Tips

How to make the most of your solo travel in Europe- best tips and travel advice. This article will give you an insight on how you can make your solo trip to Europe an affair to remember.

Plan your Europe trip on the lines of this guide and gear-up for a beautiful journey. Add these striking places to your Europe itinerary and you’ll have a trip to remember!
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