Best Oktoberfest Beer Tents

Oktoberfest is an age-old tradition in Germany which has become the very essence of the month of October for the Germans. This folk-festival goes on for 16-18 days leading up to the first Sunday of October. Flavoured with drinking beer and general merriment, this festival goes way back far into the 17th century. It was primarily designed to celebrate the marriage of Kronprinz Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on 12th October 1810. The festivities that were arranged for the citizens of Munich that day later evolved into the Oktoberfest. In the present day, this festival is held in Munich, Bavaria. It is also known as Wiesn after the fairgrounds known as Therese’s meadows (Theresienwiese).

The norm of the day is to drink gallons of beer, attend numerous folk-events, enjoy amusement rides and traditional food. Over 6 million people from all over the world travel to Germany during this time to witness this grand festival.

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One of the traditions of this festival is that only beer conforming to the Reinheitsgebot and manufactured within the borders of Munich. Different kinds of beers are servedin temporary wooden structures called tents. These tents are the hub for all the drinking activities accompanied by music. There are fourteen major tents in this festival. Some of them are:


The Hofbrau tent is one of the biggest tents in the festival. Being the largest, it naturally has the most amount of beer. You can drown yourself in alcoholic bliss while listening to “Country Roads” by John Denver. The tent is pretty gorgeous to look at. The roof is decorated with green rings allowing plenty of sunlight to seep in. In the middle of the tent, there is a statue of the beer angel Aloisius setting the mood for drinking all day long.


This tent is one of the favorite haunts of locals and international tourists alike. It is a bit more serene than the Hofbrau tent. Besides the large amounts of beer, this tent has a mesmerizing ceiling which can intoxicate you with its sheer beauty.


The Schutzen is one of the most enjoyable tents in the area that serves Lowenbrau Beer since 1926 under the Lady Bavaria Statue. This tent is well known for the music. Whether it is German or English, the entire takes part in the songs leaving you swaying to the intoxicating rhythm.


This tent is one of the most innovative and a unique tent as it is designed in the shape of a tavern and not a regular tent. This is a favorite amongst the locals due to the cozyambiance. However, if you are a tourist, you must have connections with someone with a proper local surname to enter this exclusive tent. It stays open till late at night and hosts a beautiful music concert at night.


This tent has been serving Hacker-Pshorr beer since 1901. It is being run by the same Heide family since 1936. The tent is named after the daughter of the owner of the tent Rosy Pschorr. It is said that she was very beautiful and was famed for her yodeling. In her honor, yodels take place in this tent twice daily.


The Kuffler’s Wine tent is the only tent serving wine in a beer festival. It is a classy wooden structure which gets into action after dinner time. Their nights are spiced with a live band and intoxicating wines.


The Oxen tent was opened by butcher Johann Rossler. It has a large rotating statue of an ox in the front while its late brethren are being roasted inside. This tent is famous for the ox roast they serve along with their beer. The Prime rib dish is their specialty and comes for 20 euro.


This tent serves the Augustiner beer which comes from the oldest brewery in Munich that was founded in 1328 by Augustinian monks. It is one of the two tents that serve beer from wooden barrels instead of the modern metal vats.


It is a 37-meter high tower with a model lion on top that drinks beers and belches every few minutes. The tent also offers great music by the band Heldensteiner.


It is one of the classier tents. It used to be a smaller tent which moved to the main grounds in 2014.

Thus, these are some of the most famous tents in Oktoberfest. Be sure to visit all of them and get seriously tipsy on your next visit to Oktoberfest.


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