Best Places to Watch Sunset in Key West

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Sunset is the sun's fiery kiss to the night - Crystal Woods

Sunsets have always been my favorite. They spread an unknown warmth through me and leaves me with a promise of a brighter morrow. It is like saying goodbye to a fast friend who will be returning to you tomorrow and all other days. As the Sun sets on the horizons, it makes the infinite sky its own little canvas, painting it in pink, purple, orange, and sometimes even greys. Sunsets make the best part of travel diaries and if you are in Key West, Florida, then missing a sunset would equal to a crime. Well, that did sound a little exaggerated, didn’t it? But, Key West sunsets are a must-not-miss. Sunset here is never the same twice and always leaves you wanting for more.

Looking for the best places to watch sunset in Key West? Here is a list where you can drink in the breathtaking sunset views and watch the Sun turn into an artist.

1. Mallory Square - The buzzing sunset point in Key West

Sunset point at Mallory Square

This list would not be justified without mentioning Mallory Square - a waterfront place where you not only watch sunset but celebrate it. The vast expanse of water brightly sparkles as the Sun begins to lower in the west. While this beautiful phenomenon starts occurring at the horizons, Mallory Square begins its own celebration event to entertain the many people gathered here. Fire jugglers, tightrope walkers, musicians, street performers, and magicians - all artists do their best to leave you awe-inspired. As the Sun sets, the performers take a bow to a round of huge applause. 

2. Sunset Sail - Cruise into the sunset

Sunset Sail, Key WestPC: Wikimedia Commons

No phenomenon can match that of a Sun dropping into the sea. And what better place to watch it than from a sailboat. Key West offers a variety of cruises for you to see the painted sky and to bask in the twilight. As you float on the calm waves, sip on a glass of homemade sangria, hum to some soulful live music, and take in the serene sunset vista. At the end of the tour, you will be left with a calm and content mind.

3. Ocean Piers - Witness a postcard perfect sunset 

Ocean Piers Sunset Point


Stretched into the ocean, Key West has piers that are best to view the Sun taking your leave for the day. If the piers are that of resorts, then the scenic vista is accompanied with delicious food, tasty drinks, and melodious live music. With your loved one sitting across the table from you, this can be one of the best romantic dates ever. The silhouette of a sailboat with the setting Sun in backdrop makes for a postcard perfect picture and etches a lovely image in your memory.


4. Fort Zachary Taylor - The place to view a classic sunset beach

One can indubitable agree that the best place to view a sunset can be no other than a beach. Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park offers that beach where you  can sit relaxed and bask in the soft glowing light of the setting Sun. As the Sun takes a bow, it seems as if the water and the light perform their own little dance, complimenting each other to their maximum. While the sky is colored in a variety of shades during sunset, the soft golden evening glow warms you at times or makes you feel melancholic at other.

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5. Casa Marina - An exotic location to view the Key West sunset

Casa Marina is a luxurious resort in Key West and a favorite amongst couples as well as other vacationers. This resort not only offers one, but three best places for you to view the sunset. You can choose one of their two piers to see the Sun set over the horizons or be at their beach and see the huge orange ball sink in the sea. The lavish resort offers you the perfect combination of the Sun, sand, and sea. Besides, you can enjoy a leisure stay at Casa Marina which is a perfect retreat for a relaxed vacation.

6. Louie’s Backyard - Watch the sunset with some Caribbean food 


People say the best sunset is found in your own backyard. Well, in Key West it has to be Louie’s Backyard. As soon as the Sun starts lowering in the west, head towards this elegant restaurant. Its patio is the right place to view breathtaking sunset vistas. Gorge on the scrumptious Caribbean dishes and toast to the Sun setting beyond the horizons with a promise of a new dawn. Soon after the sunset, you will be bathed in the soft twilight, making you yearn to visit again. 

7. Sunset Tiki Bar and Grill - Sunset with good food and live music

With a boardwalk at its disposal, Sunset Tiki Bar and Grill is one of the best places to watch sunset in Key West. Considered to be a hidden gem, this low-key bar has its own sunset celebration. They offer lip-smacking food, a variety of ales, and live music to accompany the sunset. Since, it isn’t usually crowded, you can enjoy the sunset peacefully while drinking their famous margarita. 

While you may go diving and snorkelling during daytime in Key West, let your evenings be reserved to watch the spectacular sunsets here. The gloriously painted skies and the glittering ocean waters will make your vacation a memorable one.

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