9 Best Places for Chocolate Desserts in India

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Chocolate is like a soothing balm to the soul. It lifts you up when you feel down and massages your taste buds with a smooth, silky taste that lingers till long after. An unparalleled favorite across the world, chocolate desserts top the list of the most popular desserts.

Even though chocolate is not native to India, our pastry chefs have perfected the fine art of chocolate making over the years.

Wondering which are the best places for savoring chocolate in India?

Here are Triphobos picks for the places serving the best chocolate desserts in India:

1.Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Pakoras at Zuka, Pondicherry

Imagine sitting on a patio overlooking a choppy sea and savoring a piping cup of hot chocolate that serves as the ideal accompaniment to chocolate pakoras that simply melt in rapture in your mouth. The combination of the ambiance of Pondy and Zukas delectable chocolate is a match made in heaven.

 Image Source: pixabay.com

2.Chocolate Fudge, Lonavla

Whats better than the foggy green hills surrounding Lonavla? Its the warmth of the chocolate fudge sold in most of the chikki shops here. Laden with walnuts, this chocolate fudge is the star of this gorgeous hill station. Have it warm with a glass of milk; it will soothe your weary mind and soul.

 Image Source: pixabay.com

3.King Star Confectioneries, Ooty

Kings is the last word in chocolates in Ooty. They do scrumptious homemade chocolates that come in all kinds of flavors. From boarding kids to college teens, these little drops of heaven are a favorite of everybody. Try the almond and pistachio varieties they are simply blissful!

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 Image source: Ooty King Star/Facebook

4.Handmade chocolates at Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal bears the legacy of the British Raj in its quaint cafes and patisseries. There are a number of places selling homely chocolates that are not exactly of professional finesse but are yummy nonetheless. In fact, chocolates are the best souvenir you can get back from this balmy hill station that is famous for its lakes and pine trees.

 Image Source: pixabay.com

5.Coffee Chocolates in Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

Tucked amidst coffee plantations, the Araku Valley Coffee House serves mouth watering coffee chocolates that are simply too hard to resist. Araku is a tiny little town that is a tourist puller because of its unadulterated beauty. Organic coffee plantations surround you everywhere and the weather is ideal for a romantic getaway.

 Image Source: Rai/Flickr

6.Belgian Chocolate Ice cream at Indigo Deli, Mumbai

Mumbais favorite deli, Indigo is a successful restaurant that has mastered the art of culinary pleasures. Among their extensive menu, the dish that stands out like the undisputed hero is the Belgian Chocolate Ice cream. The creamy lusciousness of this treat is like an absolute euphoria when in your mouth. A must try for sure!

 Image Source: pixabay.com

7.Chocolate clairs at Wengers, Delhi

This veteran bakery dates back to pre independence times. It does the most amazing chocolate clairs, the recipe of which has remained unchanged since years! This has become a cult favorite in the city and there are people who swear by every item on their menu. Full marks to this bakery for originality and authenticity!

Image Source: zomato.com

8.Chocolate Brownies at Theobroma, Mumbai

Theobroma is something almost every South Bombay local will vouch for. This place has nailed it with its desserts and its chocolate brownies have found favor with celebrity names too. This quiet little bakery has made quite a splash and by the looks of it, is here to stay!

 Image Source: Zomato

9.Chocolate Cake, Forente, Pune

Forente is doing something right to have gained such a shining reputation in such a short while. From Ferrero Rocher pastries to the Belgian Dark Chocolate Cake, almost anything you choose is lip smacking here. You can blindly trust Forente to please you on any given day.

 Image Source: Zomato

 Which of these places have you visited? Have we missed out on your favorite? Tell us in the comment box below!

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