20 Solo Travel Places on The Planet

By Gaurav Tembe on Mar 06, 2019
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You know those days when things are really getting you down: your work, your social life, your family. Uggh! That's when you just want to get away from it all, and not invite anyone along for the trip! We think its time to stop fantasising and actually go for it because there are some spectacular locations which are 20 Solo Travel Places on The Planet.

1. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is known as a financial hub and nothing more and that's where everyone is wrong. Zurich is an absolutely gorgeous city to visit and its landscape will take your breath away. Take a boat ride on Lake Zurich and you'll feel like you're in heaven! And if its immersion in a culture that you're looking for, Zurich boasts of several art galleries and museums that will make for a knowledgeable vacation! You're going to make all your friends so jealous with your travel stories! 

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2. Seoul, South Korea

This modern city will never bore you. There are so many things to do and much more to see! And the best part is that the city is absolutely affordable which is why it's so attractive for the solo traveller. Las Vegas can step aside because Seoul also boasts of a bustling nightlife that's going to keep you on your feet through the night; and the food: Yum! There are spectacular Buddhist temples that you can visit too if you're in the mood for some reflection.

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3. Dublin, Ireland

If you're a beer lover and you're planning a solo trip, why not choose Dublin? The drinks are going to be delicious and we promise you that you're going to make plenty of friends along the way. If you're strapped for cash, you can choose from among the many hostels in the city and travel around will be a cinch since you can walk or rent a bike. If nothing else, just the food might make your trip worth it.

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4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, besides being famous for the high life (get it?), is an exceptionally safe city especially when it comes to solo female travellers. While the city offers everything on the list of things you wouldn't like to tell your parents (read: live sex shows, drugs etc), there is another side of the city that's meant for the traveller who wants a laid back vacation. Amsterdam boasts of several quiet places where you can truly relax: many parks, museums and canals. Are you ready for the relaxing vacation of your dreams? 

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5. Shillong, India

Shillong in Meghalaya, India, may be one of the safest places to visit in India for the lone female traveller. And it's bound to be one hell of a vacation. It's not the most famous tourist destination in India so you won't have to deal with jostling crowds, it's absolutely picturesque so not carrying your camera would be a sin, and it's affordable to boot! It's the perfect place to visit if you long to discover yourself and what you're truly made of. Find yourself, and have a great time doing it! 

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6. Reykjavik, Iceland

If its a nature retreat that you're looking for, look no further than Reykjavik in Iceland. Its natural beauty will take your breath away. Take a waterfront stroll and all your troubles will seem distant. You can even go whale watching and spot some seals and dolphins along the way. You can visit the famous museums that trace Iceland's Viking history. It even has a wonderful nightlife for all you wild partygoers. You will fall in love with this city, as have many travellers, and you'd definitely want to visit again!

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7. Melbourne, Australia

If you start charting down the reasons why you must visit this dazzling cultural capital of Australia, the list would probably never end. Steeped in culture and backed by a heavy dosage of modernity and arts, Melbourne is one place which will constantly keep you on your toes. It can be easily explored on a bicycle and if that’s not your thing, go for a tram ride ( free for tourists) which passes through all the main attractions including Melbourne Star, Federation Square and Observation Wheel. The Sprawling beaches, great food and a bustling nightlife makes Melbourne a great delight to visit and explore especially if you are on you own!

8. Bangkok, Thailand

Solo Travelling and Bangkok go hand in hand, literally! A bit of Thailand yet not so that, it is a city full of fun, frolics and colours. Everything about the place with astound you, from its floating street market to ornate shrines and majestic drove of palaces and temples. But, hold on! That’s not all. The city has an another side to it; one which is all more infamous for being an indulgence hub with no holds barred reputation. As if that is not enough, the borderline food madness along with the crazy night-life, warm welcoming folks and too easy on pocket accommodation will surely make up for the rest.

9. Santiago, Chile

Once you are here, just stop for a while to move your eyes around and you will literally feel yourself being swept off your feet. Yes, the place is that beautiful! The scenic surrounding that it boasts of is nicely accompanied by sprawling lush valleys and numerous vineyards. The giant mountainscape only makes it more picturesque for nature lovers and shutterbugs. If you are looking for a nice seaside expedition this is the place to be. With myriad activities such as surfing, hiking and snorkelling, the place will keep you entertained for a long time. Don’t believe me? Test it yourself! ;)

10. Taipei, Taiwan

Ever wondered what makes Taiwan such a distinguish land of culture and tradition with a legacy that is quite unparalleled? Come here and see for yourself! The long list of things the place proudly boasts of include a great deal of food, bustling street markets, fashion fanaticism and of course, its centuries-old culture. Looking for more? Then go for an easy retreat amidst its scenic mountains offering nice hiking trails in the lap of nature. Be the mainstream traveller or go off the beaten path, regardless of whatever you choose to do, Taipei will sure shot keep you hooked.

11. Toronto, Canada

When it comes to travelling, Toronto sure does have a reputation and why wouldn’t it? It is, after all, the most diverse city in the world and welcomes its visitors with a warm smile. Exploring all its aspects will be a crazy ride for you given the list of things you can do here never ends. There is music, there is art, there are fun and frolics, from vibrant entertainment districts to national historic sites to museums, galleries, and festivals. Wooh! Got tired just after reading it? Hold on until you experience it. A travel trip that will leave you bewildered and joyous.

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12. Munich, Germany

This one is for old souls, the one who wish to have a nice cultural dip in a land that is so full of it. Yes, Munich is a german city like none other. Here, you can witness a lot of things that will make your solo trip a helluva one. Trod through the various museums and brush up your knowledge on country’s history, or be a part of the crazy crowd in Oktoberfest event, or just walk along the lanes soaking in its scenic surrounding and admirable architecture, there is absolutely no dearth of things you can do here. Don’t forget to delve into some nice food indulgence while you are at it!


13. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Travelling solo in Croatia is more about exploring yourself then exploring the city. Well conditioned as a tourist attraction, the city encompasses an odd vibe of adventure and placidity which makes it even more alluring instead. Boasting of myriad attractions which can be best explored in offseason when the crowd is less and accommodation cheaper, it makes up for a great adventurous destination full of activities such as hiking, rock climbing and zip lining. What’s more? It is close to some other must see destinations such as Montenegro and Bosnia which are just a day away. Meet new people, make new friends and rejuvenate yourself in the process.

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14. Salzburg, Austria

Tired of exploring cities that are too mainstream? How about this one then? The little quaint city of Salzburg may not be the most popular on the list but that doesn’t stop it from being the star that it is. Steeped in rustic Baroque buildings, it is a little wonderland where you can get lost for a while relishing all that it has to offer- nice beautiful domes and skylining fortresses perfectly fitting in with a culture of art, food and tranquillity that can be felt and seen in its every nook and corner. Its history of being home to great Mozart and memorable Sound of Music only makes it more endearing and delightful


15. Bali, Indonesia


One of the most popular honeymoon destinations, Bali is equally a hit amidst solo travellers who come here for an enriching experience filled with spirituality, spa, beaches and vast culinary scene. Its all accepting vibes have prompted a culture of diversity where everyone has something to savour and indulge in. Treat yourself to a steaming spa session or go exploring the markets. The renowned attraction Ubud is no less of gem either. Surrounded by paddy fields of Campuhan Ridge Walk and few walks away from Monkey Sanctuary, Ubud let you experience nature in a way you have never done before. Did I mention how cheap it is? You can get most of the organic delicious treat in mere five dollars and the shopping scene is not very different either!

16. Paris, France

Who doesn’t know about Paris? This beautiful city has long been drawing travellers from all over the world for various reasons- be it its artistic affluence or the skylining wonder - Eiffel Tower or even the array of bistros that beholds the quintessential flavours of the city. Your solo trip to this touristic heaven will be accompanied by long walks through its well-paved pathways as you come across various performers and artists on the streets. Long hours in one of the many bakeries relishing the sweets and coffee while pondering over different thoughts, and witnessing the french culture in an up close way is only something that can be experienced here.


17. Brussels, Belgium

Belgium's fascinating capital is historic yet hip, bureaucratic yet bizarre, self-confident yet unshowy, and multicultural to its roots. All this plays out in a cityscape that swings from majestic to quirky to run down and back again. One constant is the enviable quality of everyday life, with a cafe scene that never gets old. But Brussels doesn’t go out of its way to impress. The citizens’ humorous, deadpan outlook on life is often just as surreal as the canvases of one-time resident Magritte.

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18. Kyoto, Japan

If you haven't been on a solo trip yet, why not choose Kyoto for your first such rendezvous? There is no doubt that this peculiar city has got quite a reputation when it comes to being a fun tourist destination. It can be understood by the fact that one of the most prominent travelling sites- Travel + Leisure has recently voted it to be the Best City in the world. But wait! There is a lot more to it. Having been the centrer of imperial Japan, Kyoto also boasts of some very unique architecture that will propel you to stop for a while and admire. The beauty it ensues is kind of evident in its quintessential Japanese shrines and cherry blossomed parks. Spend a few days here relishing everything the charming city bestows on you and you will find yourself leaving with a promise to come back again.

19. Seville, Spain

Just like a perfect piece of a patchwork quilt, Seville, as a city, is all abstract with colours of a dynamic history that dates back to earliest period Roman establishments, only to be followed by other communities later. Solo travelling to this country capital is just like a walk back in time, with its traditional oomph backed by Moorish architecture and famous bull fighting. If you really want to know what it has in store for you, the best way would be backpacking through its cobbled lanes as you get to see the different sides of this little old city. Ensure to explore the bustling market in the town which is home to some of the most mouth-watering delicacies around. If you are someone who has a knack for photography, there is just no better place to be.

20. Stockholm, Sweden:

'Old school but not old fashioned' if there is one city in the world that can live up to this maxim perfectly it has got to be Stockholm. Both suave and stylish, the place has something to offer to everyone. Take a walk through the cobblestone pathway of Gamla Stan and watch as the beautifully structured buildings pass by you. A further exploration will reveal a plethora of feeding options including numerous coffee shops and restaurants that will leave you speechless in its wake. Don't hesitate to take a dig in as the city offers some very delightful flavours accompanied by great hospitality and warmth. Its quaint and laid back environment will lure one in for a nice relaxing trip, which when backed up with the art and other adventurous sports like kayaking, biking etc makes up for a nice indulgence.

Travelling alone isn't that bad, you know. You learn a lot about yourself. And when you've got beautiful and safe cities like these to visit, you'll be craving for more! Fair warning, though, once you've been bitten by the solo travel bug, it's hard going back!

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