7 Most Exciting Places To Flyboard In The World!

By Reshma Dewda on Sep 20, 2016
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Why float in water when you can fly over it? Your very own Iron Man moment in the water, flyboarding is as crazy as it ever was. Incredibly liberating and empowering, the feeling of having your own jetpack that can make you hover over water is so jetsons-like.
What is flyboarding, you ask? Its nothing but a water propelled jetpack strapped around your back that thrusts the wearer to hover over water due to the water pressure from an attached hose. Invented by Frank Zapata who was granted a patent for the technology, flyboarding can be enjoyed by people of all ages as long as they are in the weight range of 80 to 300 pounds. Although flyboarding is not a very risky sport with a professionally trained instructor, there are some basic measures that are required for the sport. A helmet and a coast guide certified safety jacket are recommended safety gear.

Here are some of the most exciting places in the world where you can flyboard:

1. Spain

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Spain’s coasts are legendary for their shiny blue waters that are as inviting as hot scones and tea on a rainy day. Spain’s summer is incentive enough to head to the refreshing waters. You can flyboard in the picturesque locations of Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands and Catalonia. From Menorca to Barcelona, flyboarding with the whimsically beautiful backdrop of Spain’s best towns is truly a delight. Experience flyboarding in Spain at reasonable prices with our handpicked tours.

2. Mexico

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Mexico’s coastline is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous vistas in the world. With azure waters and soft, slippery sands,  Mexico is a heaven for beach and adventure lovers. Whether it’s the lure of Cabo San Lucas or the seducing warmth of Cancun, the country doesn’t disappoint even the most ardent water babies. With Triphobo’s tours, you can flyboard at the exciting locations of Puerto Vallarta and Cancun in Mexico.

3. USA

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America’s drastically stunning scenery is a sight for sore eyes. From rugged coasts to unforgettable panoramas, this country has been blessed with the best of nature. With top notch facilities and spectacular surroundings, you can be sure that your flyboarding experience in US is going to be truly memorable. You can indulge in this extremely exciting activity in Las Vegas, San Diego and the beautiful South Padre Islands in Texas.

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4. Dubai, UAE

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Dubai is a true modern day wonder. This sprawling metropolis is entirely conceived and designed by man as a dream destination, despite the extreme natural odds that surround it. There is never a dull day at this mega city and the list of adventure activities available here is testimony to it. Flyboard over Dubai’s glittering waters with the help of certified multilingual instructors who make your experience thrilling and special.
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5. Australia 

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Australia is blessed with some of the best natural sights in the world. The Gold Coast is full of incandescent colors that emanate from a rich variety of corals and sealife. The transparent waters here make for a brilliant scene while flyboarding. Dive like dolphins and enjoy the sight of sparkling blue waters from high up at Queensland.

6. Colombia

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Colombian beaches are known for their dramatic contrasts and inviting waters. The glorious coastline is audaciously pretty set against the blue Caribbean skies. The vibe here is laidback and friendly very reggae-like. The city of Cartagena is near the La Boquilla village which has some of the understated yet gorgeous beaches of Colombia. Flyboard over these Pacific waters to experience the magic of the Caribbean from high up above! Intrigued? Read more in the website’s Tours section.

7. St Maarten 

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This is perhaps the Caribbean’s best kept secrets. St Maarten is perfect for those who want to experience life changing beauty without the pompousness. Although you’d find the appropriate number of sprawling resorts and casinos, there is something very pure and unadulterated about St.Maarten’s spirit. Experience this inspiriting activity at this petit island for a never before high. You will definitely go back with forever memories.

Flyboarding is a rush like no other. Soaring above the world is an electrifying experience that stays with you forever. When are you taking the plunge? 

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