20 Best Places To Photograph In The World

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! With eyes that of a photographer, a place can be rendered surreal, stunning and even more attractive than what it really is. A combination of some of the best places to photograph in the world and a photographic lens can offer a best treat for the travellers around the world. Let us see some of the most stunning locations in the world that have been rendered immortal by the sheer fact that they have been photographed so many a times:

1. The Wave, Arizona

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This stunning location in Arizona might have come across your google photographs section many a times. It is believed that The Wave was carved from water but in reality, it was carved from sand. Its sheer beauty verges on being mystical and is thus one of the most photographed place in the world.

Best Way to Capture The Wave: The Wave is best photographed midday so as to minimize the extensive shadows.

2. Socotra, Yemen

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Nestled at the entrance of the Indian Ocean, the Socotra is a remote island that was once a forbidden land to visit during the Cold War. Today, it is a part of Yemen and is also the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2003 for its biodiversity. The nickname of Socotra is ‘Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’. This island is also the most alien looking place on this earth with a distinct flora and fauna.

Best Way to Capture Socotra:Capture the strange rather than the beautiful.

3. Cinque Terre, Italy

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There can be no other place in this world as inspiring as Cinque Terre in Italy. While its weather and sea side location might inspire poetry in you, it will also strike the photographer with its innate charm. With a perfect blend of architecture and dramatic cliffs, Sinque Terre also lines up as the most clicked place in the world.

Best Way to Capture Cinque Terre: Capture the cultural and locational beauty of this town at the sunset.

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4. Antarctica

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Antarctica - A vast ice-covered landmass that is enveloped in nothing but silence and immense beauty, amazing wilderness and wild landscape, is one of the photographer’s paradise as well. Its the sheer isolation of Antarctica that makes it an ideal canvas for the lens of a photographer.

Best Way to Capture Antarctica: Antarctica is constant sunlight. Polarizing filters will help to tone down that harsh light you will encounter throughout the day.

5. Namib Desert, Namibia

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Namib is home to the highest dunes in the world, Sossusvlei. Although Namib might not come across as a coveted destination in terms of tourism, its this rare beauty that makes its a perfect choice of photographers. Namibia is also the second least densely populated place in the world (after Mongolia), so here you will find yourself truly alone with the natural world.

Best Way to Capture Namib Desert: The best way to capture the wide views of Namib is to use wide angles to standard lenses, ranging from 10mm to 50 mm.

6. Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

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Dingle Peninsula is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth as it features the cloud covered Slieve Mish mountain range that merges beautifully with green hills, farms and quaint villages, down steep sea cliffs at last to the Atlantic, and the Dingle, Tralee, and Brandon Bays. This remote beauty has inspired many photographers to capture it in their cameras.

Best Way to Capture Dingle Peninsula: According to Gerald Horgan "It's best if you take pictures of Dingle cliffs in the early morning or late in the evening when the sun is low. It means you could catch things like streams flowing off them that might turn golden with the sun."

7. Southern Alps, New Zealand

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The pristine Southern Alps in New Zealand have a status of UNESCO World Heritage Area. From here, you can see 2 of the highest peaks of New Zealand’s mountains Mount Cook (3,754m) on the right and Mount Tasman (3,497m) on the left. For the photographers, there are a few spots from where they can take clicks of these two stunning peaks that lie so close to each other.

Best Way to Capture Southern alps: Take a helicopter ride or a plane ride above New Zealand’s Southern Alps and from here take your photographs. This might not be a budget activity, but definitely well worth the memories.

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8. Easter Island

One of the mysterious historical locations in the world, Easter Island inspires awe as well as imagination. Easter Island’s most dramatic claim to fame is an array of almost 900 giant stone figures that date back many centuries. Indeed one of the best places to photograph!

Best Way to Capture Easter Island: There are Moai statues all over Easter Island, and they are great to photograph especially in the open breaths of the morning when the stars are still visible in the sky.

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9. Geysir National Park, Iceland

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A naturally thermal area in south of Iceland, this national park is home to one of the biggest blowholes in the world, called Geysir. Geysir has been inactive for almost twenty years but its surface area is growing bigger caused by the build up of minerals around the pool. Today, a smaller geyser has taken the role of main attraction it’s called Strokkur and it blows every 5-10 minutes in the summer time.

Best Way to Capture Geysir National Park: On a sunny day, particularly in mid day, the steam from the geyser remians white, you can under expose the image if you expose the camera’s meter directly to the white geysers.

10. Seychelles

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Seychelles is home to a varied multicultural society living in an abundance of natural settings, wildlife, and the most beautiful beaches you will ever see and thus a perfect spot for a photographer to click. You can visit the small islands of Seychelles only through boat.

Best Way to Capture Seychelles: The light in the morning and evening is the best to photograph.

11. Victoria Falls, Zambia

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To capture Victoria Falls can be as challenging as beautiful it can be. To photograph this unique gorge, carved out by the water, the bridge forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and the beautiful islands along the river, which elephants frequently swim to can be an exciting photographic memory.

Best Way to Capture Victoria Falls: Sunset shots are best taken from Zambia as you can look down the full length of the Falls with the sunset behind.

12. Petra, Jordan

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The Hellenistic-style temple facades carved into desert rock cliffs have always enamoured many. Set against the rugged backdrop, these ruins are actually the narratives of past.

Best Way to Capture Petra: The best light for photographing Petra is in the afternoon through sunset.

13. Annapurna Circuit Trekking, Nepal

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The highest mountain range in the world looks stunning from Nepal. There is a certain level of sublimity here that fascinates the photographers to click here.

Best Way to Capture Annapurna Circuit Trekking: Try to capture the sublimity of the mountains through high points.

14. Angkor Ruins, Cambodia

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Photographing Angkor ruins has been a dream for many photographers. Located in Cambodia’s northern province of Siem Reap, Angkor is an ancient site that was established as the capital in the Khmer Empire from the 9th to the 15th century.

Best Way to Capture Angkor Ruins: Twilight and dusk are the best time to capture the ancient charm of Angkor.

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15. Aurora Borealis, Montana

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From Bean Lake in Montana you can watch the sun set over the towering reefs of the Bob Marshall Wilderness while the moon rises from the endless grasslands to the east. And if you stay up late on a midsummer’s night, the vibrant lights of the Aurora Borealis may grace the evening sky.

Best Way to Capture Aurora Borealis: Because the aurora are drawn to the earth’s magnetic poles, far northern and southern latitudes offer excellent opportunities for viewing auroral displays. The "auroral zone" or "belt" is the region in the circumpolar north where the aurora borealis can be seen approximately two-thirds of the year. During this time, you can capture its beauty.

16. The Neck, The Falkland Islands

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In order to reach this privately owned, mile-long isthmus on Saunders Island requires a flight from Stanley in a Britten-Norman Islander, and a 12-mile, hour-long ride down a rutted, muddy, jeep track. But at the end you see that the Neck is a home for King, Gentoo, Rockhopper, and Magellanic penguins.

Best Way to Capture The Neck: Don’t be intimidated by the wildlife. Be friendly to capture them in your camera.

17. Torres del Paine, Chile

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Torres del Paine is home to wild weather, intimidating peaks that stretch like fingers to the sky, eerie blue-iced glaciers, and the turquoise water of the Rio Baker.

Best Way to Capture Torres del Paine: Keep yourself warm while photographing.

18. Ladakh, India

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Ladakh is the best place to capture an endangered snow leopard in your lens. This northwestern region sits higher than 10,000 feet and looks like a barren moonscape. In winter (October to May), all roads are cut off and residents use the ice of the Zanskar River to travel between villages.

Best Way to Capture Ladakh:Twilight is the best time to capture the pristine beauty of Ladakh.

19. Temples, Bhutan

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The temples in Bhutan look ravishing for photographers. The Tiger’s Nest Monastery looks as if it is carved out of a cliff.

Best Way to Capture Temples in Bhutan: Using a 17-40mm f/4, 24-105mm f/4, and 70-200mm f/4 zooms on a full frame camera (Canon 5d Mk II) is a good way to capture the temples, but from outside. Inside photography of Temples in Bhutan is not permissible.

20. The Pillars, Tasmania

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The coastline of the southern Tasman Peninsula is composed of giant dolerite sea columns that protrude up to 300 metres from the sea. The distinct elongated shape are the property of the dolerite; a mafic (oceanic) rock that intruded beneath the surface of the earth as sills (parallel to the bed) or as dykes (across the bedding planes).

Best Way to Capture The Pillars: When shooting at night, long exposures that let cars pass all the way through the frame will give you rivers of white and red lights.

So which of these places would you like to capture in your camera?

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