15 Best Places For Breakfast in London

By Arushi Dutt on Feb 07, 2017
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Having a hearty breakfast is what we should all abide by. Although we make do with slapping together a toast-and-egg combo, every now and then treat yourself well for breakfast. If you’re in London, spruce up your morning routine by heading to these delicious places for breakfast in London. Here is our list of recommendations:

1. Bel-Air

Bel-Air - best breakfast places in LondonPC: bel-air.co

Bel-Air will give you a fresh breath of Californian air in the corners of London. Packing some of the best flavours, Bel-Air keeps both their breakfast and lunch menus light. Some of the popular choices include the summer toasts with breakfast toppings, customized granola bars, or the French Prince shot (made with fennel, mint, cucumber, and ginger). Using LA as inspiration, all the breakfast items are super healthy and low in both calories and fat.

2. Bunnychow

From Bel-Air, we come to Bunnychow, giving a South African spin to all things breakfast. Pack in a loaded breakfast, especially if you’re a vegetarian out there looking to stay healthy. We recommend the scrumptious breakfast options that include salsa beans, aubergine, peppers, spice-kicked red onion and fried eggs.

3. The Jam Tree

PC: thejamtree.com

Keep it fresh and quirky with The Jam Tree. Our suggested options include the black pudding, apple and chutney on toast or even one of their multiple variants of Bloody Mary! With an easygoing vibe, your start of the day will surely feel relaxed and refreshed at this quirky place for breakfast in London.

4. Dishoom, Covent Garden

PC: dishoom.com

Take a trip to Bombay at this Iranian-styled restaurant that celebrates the Parsi flavors. The main attractions include pav bhaji, to even British alternatives such as the bacon naan rolls. Have a sip of their heavenly cup of Chocolate chai to complete a meal.

5. Chiltren Firehouse

If you’re ready to splurge, head over to the Chiltren Firehouse, which is generally the go-to eating joint for A-listers. However, it’s a bit more accessible to the general public nowadays. A breakfast set for royals, this place offers everything from lobster and crab omelettes to the slightly more exotic smoked mackarel with kimchi. Talk about starting your day on a high note!

6. Duck and Waffle

PC: Bex Walton/flickr.com  

Another ‘can’t-miss’ breakfast joint is the Duck and Waffle. As the name suggests, their signature dish is essentially a spin-off of the classic American dish of chicken and waffle. This place puts a ‘waffle-spin’ to many of their dishes. You’ll also get some fantastic brunch options over the weekend.

7. Granger & Co

PC: Facebook.com

If you’re on the lookout for a breakfast joint in London that is open at 6 am on a Sunday morning, Granger & Co is your best bet. Though the lines can be a tad annoying to wait in, the long wait is worth it once you get the food. The ricotta hot cakes are most definitely on the must-try list. Here, you’ll also probably end up having some of the best scrambled eggs ever.

8. The Hungry Donkey

PC: hungrydonkey.co.uk

Don’t be put off by this name. A slice of Greek cuisine is what you get to taste here at The Hungry Donkey. Airy, spacious, well-lit and complete with minimalist décor, this restaurant will give you the all good vibes as you step inside. The food is definitely a win here too! Some of the crowd's favourites include the fava puree sourdough sandwich, or the yogurt pot served with honey, cinnamon, walnuts and fruit.

9. OPSO, Paddington Street

PC: Zomato.com

Experiment with Greek cuisine at the OPSO. The wide range of starters on their menu is definitely a win. But their breakfast highlights include infused rice porridge, unique pancakes, or their funky granola dishes. You can’t go wrong here.

10. The Modern Pantry

Signature dishes such as the New Caledonian omelet filled with sugar-cured prawns and the rendang mince on toast with the chili lime dressing have been enough to make this place a household name for breakfast. With the most adventurous options curated by New Zealand chef Anna Hansen, this place just doesn’t miss a beat.

11. Sketch

PC: robby-T/flickr.com  

With an absolutely quirky and jazzed up venue, Sketch doesn’t disappoint in its menu either. Walking in, you’ll feel like you’ve walked into an old-style British home decked up with vintage furniture and a snazzy coffee bar. You’ll get to enjoy a traditional British breakfast complete with eggs, bacon, and a cup of freshly brewed tea. Pick up a croissant or two from the coffee bar for that extra punch!

12. Breakfast etc

PC: Katherine Lim/flickr.com

Breakfast etc is spread out all over London, making it a convenient stop-over for breakfast on your way to work. With tons of absolutely mouth-watering and healthy options, this breakfast place in London will have you coming back for more! Our recommendation is the poached egg with avocado, beetroot, and celery, plated with seasonal salad leaves.

13. Galley


A plush New York diner meets a retro-chic casual bar setting at the Galley. You’ll be bowled over with their delicious breakfast and brunch menu. There's a twist from Europe, Asia, North Africa, and South America in some of their classic dishes. It's the duck benedict, red mullet and soft shell crab brioche that will be sure to get your taste buds popping.

14. Balthazar

Speaking of influence from New York, this joint seals the deal with the original Manhattan-based fluffy pancakes, hazelnut waffles, and variations of eggs. Our favorite? The egg florentine drizzled with hollandaise sauce. The sophisticated ambiance with art décor will add to the experience.

15. Meat & Shake

PC: meatandshake.com  

If an authentic American breakfast is what you're on the lookout for, head to Meat & Shake. You'll find everything from warm peanut butter and jelly toast, pancakes, and the chicken-waffle (the American equivalent to Duck and Waffle).

Eat large at these breakfast joints to give you a great kick to the start of each and every day!


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