Top 16 Places to have Beer in India

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Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy - Benjamin Franklin

Beer + Friends = A very happy Beer day, that's our motto for today. So we thought of giving you a heads up on the best places to cherish beer in India. Here is a list of 14 best places to have a beer in India - 

1. The Beer Cafe - Koramangala, Bangalore

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Think beer in Bangalore? Think The Beer Cafe! Undoubtedly, the ambience of this place has an instant magical power to cheer you up even on the dullest day. Serving top-notch beers that come in 50 different varieties, this one certainly elevates the versatility quotient. And while you wash down gallons of beer, don’t forget to try out their scrumptious finger food.

Nothing like a chilled beer on a hot day; isn’t it!

2. The Bar Stock Exchange - Mumbai, Pune

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The bar stock exchange is one of the best palces to have a glass of beer. The place is a paradise for Beer drinkers and you can order beer through your bar stock exchange app. Its popluarity has grown over the years because of its exhastive drinks and food menu. 

3.Toto's Garage - Mumbai

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With a small Beetle car over its bar Totos garage is probably the best place to get beer in Mumbai. Beer drinkers love the place and so do we because of the whole ambiance of the place which has been set up as a garage. So beer lovers saddle up and do try the Jack Rose and Bloody Mary served at the place.

4.The Biere Club at 153 Biere Street - Bangalore

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Bangalore is known for its nightlife and so to celebrate this Beer day this is the perfect place. From flavors like stout to wheat beer this is the place to be if you are looking for great beer.

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5. Peddlers - Chandigarh

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Peddlers is not just some pub , its THE pub to go to if you are in Chandigarh, from music shows to friendly service the place can be your next best friend, obviously after beer. The place is simply great to be at for a couple of drinks with your friends.

6. MOB (Mad Over Beer) - Hyderabad

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Well, as the name suggests this place is a safe sanctuary and a must go to for avid beer drinkers. Belgian beer, good service and affordable prices, now it just cant get any better than this. A different glass for a different beer is the order of the day and so this becomes the most amazing place to enjoy chilled beer.

7. Henrys - Jaipur

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Warm ambiance and chilled beer is what this place offers. Be it the traditional wooden flooring to beer that will sweep you off the floor the place is one of the best hangout joints in the city.

8. Caught n Bowled - Kolkata

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Aah! Sports and beer the kind of vacation you can make every week, Caught n Bowled gives you just that. The place offers incredible starters like fried sea food and a range of beer that will keep you coming for more. Be it for a Manchester match or an India-Pakistan final, this place is the place to be and enjoy the two things we love most together, beer and sports.

9.The Beer Cafe - Chakala, Mumbai

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If you think this is just a beer place, you are wrong my friend! The biggest beer chain in India, this Beer Cafe outlet is an all-day beer place which brightens up a mundane afternoon with its peppy sunshine-hued decor and delectable food.

Of course, the beer is to die for!

10. Bike And Barrel - Chennai

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If you are looking for a very different experience on beer day then your search ends here. Bike and Barrel offers a very unusual journey through its strange props and ice cold beer. Bikes and beers is what the place is all about. This place has the perfect recipe for a chilled night out with friends.

11. Doolally - Pune

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With a fine collection of beer, Doolally is one of the few pubs that brew their own beers, from a fat collection of beers to a great food menu, the place is a must go for beer enthusiasts. From crowd favorites like Apple cider to ginger ale the place is no less than beer heaven. The place also has a dance floor where you can flaunt your dance moves, trying this out after a couple of beers is not recommended though.

12. Titos - Goa

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One of the most rocking destinations to get beer in Goa the place has lived up to its reputation. Set against the beach the place sees a lot of tourists and knows perfectly the recipe for a good time. From mouthwatering starters to chilled beer the place sure knows how to set the mood right.

13. Pub 25 - Gangtok

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Gangtok is known for its nightlife and so to celebrate this Beer day this is the perfect place. From a lucrative bar menu to savory food pallets the place never seizes to maze its guests.

14. Leopold Cafe and Bar - Mumbai

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No list of great beer places would be complete without naming Leopold caf, The caf has everything from a lively crowd to a great history and is the joint to go to on this Beer day

15. Monkey Bar - Delhi

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Relaxed interiors and a fun menu is what the place is all about. Newly opened, the place has made it to the list due to its increasing fan population. So be it a casual hang out with friends or a quiet drink, the place is one of Delhi's best. With drinks like Copper Monkey and Go Guava, the place is sure to keep you captivated for more

16. Club XKlusive - Bhubaneshwar

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Club XKlusive is one of the best pubs in the area and is the perfect weekend getaway destination. The pub is known for its groovy music and an excellent selection of beer and other drinks.

So, these are the places that you need to be in to truly enjoy this BEER DAY. And, at last, we just have one thing left to say, Burrp!

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