15 Best Budget Places to Stay in Alleppey

By Seema Nande on Jan 03, 2017
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Lured to head to Kerala?! Rest assured, you are bound to have one of the most cherishing experiences of your life! Whether it is the ruggedness of the Western Ghats and their fragrant tea plantations, Kochi’s Chinese fishing nets or the unexpected Jew Town in this very Indian city, enchanting beaches of the Arabian Sea or the ever so beguiling backwaters, Kerala is a blend of vivid experiences. Not surprisingly, global tourists have found their favorite Indian destination in this state. 
best places to stay in Alleppey  
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The backwaters are especially noteworthy given their bait that has international travelers imploring them! If I could, I would say Alleppey or Alappuzha is perhaps the reason why the state earns its reputation as something so beautiful and pure as "God’s own country". Quaint houseboat cruises, coconut trees, the Laccadive Sea, pleasingly welcoming locals, some serious lip-smacking food and a dose of quirky activities like surfing, yoga, and boat races among more, puts Alleppey on the 'must visit places in Kerala' list. And rejuvenation in Kerala can be another story altogether, what with its blissful Ayurvedic massages, tranquil lagoons, and temples, that promise the ultimate solitude. 
If you think all this comes at a cost that is not very reasonable. Hold on friend, we bring to you 15 best places to stay in Alleppey that are an absolute bargain! And if you thought houseboats were the way to go, you need to read this now for some major enlightenment on beach houses, heritage homes and of course, yoga retreats!

1. Lemon Dew

hotels in Alleppey  

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A huge wooden chalet, very traditionally Alleppey style Lemon Dew is one of the best places to stay in Alleppey, for more reasons than one.  Perched on the banks of a lagoon, this hotel is led to by a muddy path, surrounded by lush greenery on all sides. The bougainvillea adorning the walls especially enhance the beauty of this hotel! With almost every room having a sit out, you can enjoy just gazing into the waters or getting some reading done! Barbecue facilities and the fact that pets are allowed here, only make this place a strong contender. 

  • Nearby attractions: Nehru Trophy Boat Race and Nehru Trophy Finishing Point
  • Amenities: Pets allowed, free Wi-Fi, airport shuttle, restaurant
  • Budget: 700 INR onwards 
  • Address: Chungam Road bhargavan jetty, 688011 Alleppey, India 

2. Blue Lilly Lake Home

ideal hotel to stay in Alleppey  

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If you are someone who likes to keep it moving, even when on a vacay, then the Blue Lilly Lake Home is just apt for you! With activities like canoeing and fishing, you can easily spend the day in some sheer thrill. Proximity to major tourist attractions of Alleppey makes this place an ideal hotel to stay. Vivid colored rooms keep up the spunk in you. Indeed, there is hardly ever going to be a dull day here. The hotel has some brilliant Ayurvedic massage provisions too. 

  • Nearby attractions: Nehru Trophy Finishing Point and Nehru Trophy Boat Race
  • Amenities: Free WiFi, Free parking, Airport shuttle, Room service
  • Budget: 700 INR onwards 
  • Address: Thiruthikkara house, Thathampally ward, 688006 Alleppey, India  

3. Sona Tourist Home


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Even just the sight of this traditional Nālukettu, is sure to mesmerize you. A massive roof-tiled house, with wooden doors, colorful windows, blue pillars completed with a blossoming front yard the Sona Tourist Home is an indulging experience. The lake is just a two-minute walk from the property. The verdant surroundings and ancient architecture owe to the fact that this hotel is organically cool, throughout the year! The antiqueness is not just limited to the exteriors, the interiors are impeccable too, with wooden furniture and the likes!  

  • Nearby attractions: Nehru Trophy Finishing Point and Nehru Trophy Boat Race
  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Restaurant
  • Budget: 800 INR onwards 
  • Address: Shornour canal road near finishing point, Thathampally, p.o, 688013 Alleppey, India  

4. KTC Guest House


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The Kerala Transport Corporation guest house, unlike other Government guest houses, is accessible to one and all. With rooms, available, all through the year, this property can always be resorted to for any last-minute plans. The interiors are humble and the conventional government property like ones, without any compromise on comfort. Clean rooms, a terrace, and a garden are what the KTC Guest House is about. Simplicity at its best, we say!

  • Nearby attractions: Nehru Trophy Finishing Point and Nehru Trophy Boat Race 
  • Amenities: Family rooms, Free Wi-Fi, Room service, Pets allowed
  • Budget: 800 INR onwards 
  • Address: East of Boat Jetty, Alappuzha, 688011 Alleppey, India 

5. Alasr Heritage Home


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Staying true to its name, the Alasr Heritage Home retains the old-world charm in its essence. Copper vessels, copper knobs on wooden doors, floral decoration, and many such authentic Indian experiences are what this place serves. The management can arrange a cycle for you, which in my opinion is a great way to get around and explore Alleppey. With an outdoor amenity to barbecue in the 200-year-old garden, your stay here is the perfect TLC you thought of. The lake view in the morning from your balcony promises a good start to the day. 

  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Spa and wellness center, Restaurant, Airport shuttle, Room service
  • Budget: 950 INR onwards
  • Address: Ccnb Road, West of Kochukada Bridge, Sea View Ward, Alappuzha, 688012 Alleppey, India  

6. Seashore Homely Stay and Restaurant


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This rather colorful property, featuring straw-roofed huts and walls adorned with free art, is one of your answers to ‘where to stay in Alleppey?’. As the name suggest, the hotel does lie on the seashore. It’s a good opportunity to get in and out of your room, to get to the beach. The hotel even lends you free bicycles here, to get around Alleppey. The sit out is perfect to just glare into the sea or get lost in a book. 

  • Amenities: Family rooms, Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Restaurant, Airport shuttle, Room service
  • Budget: 1200 INR onwards, bunk beds available at 150 INR 
  • Address: Near Sree Munnody Temple, Canal ward, 688007 Alleppey, India 

7. Shalom Beach Residency


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Alleppey is a sleepy town, so don’t feel guilty to feel all lazy here! Even the hotels here realize this and offer you the best way to indulge without being guilty. Speaking of which, the Shalom Beach Residency’s hammock in its courtyard and beach beds fringing the white-sanded seashore are the ultimate enhancers of your laziness! Ambience like this makes Alleppey a favorite honeymoon destinations in Kerala. Its location with proximity to both, the Alleppey bus stand as well as the Alleppey Railway Station makes this hotel an easily accessible one. 

  • Nearby Attractions: Alleppey Beach, Alleppey Lighthouse and Vijay Beach Park
  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free Parking, Pets allowed
  • Budget: 1400 INR onwards
  • Address: Sea View Ward Alappuzha Dist. Kerala - India Pin: 688007, 688007 Alleppey, India  

8. Malayalam Ayurvedic Lake Resort


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You possibly cannot be in Alleppey and miss an abhyangam a traditional Kerala massage and bath. To take this a step further, why not stay at a resort all about this! The Malayalam Ayurvedic Lake Resort is not just a supremely picturesque property. You can avail some rejuvenating treatments here for a complete holistic experience. There is a wide array of treatments you can choose from, that will amplify your already idyllic stay here. 

  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Parking Spa and wellness center, Airport shuttle, Room service
  • Budget: 1500 INR onwards
  • Address: East of Thottathodu Bridge, Finishing Point - Punnamada Road Karalakam Ward, Avalookunnu P.O, 688006 Alleppey, India  

9. Angeo Beach House


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A quaint old house now converted into a homestay, the Angeo Beach House is a charming roof-tiled property featuring hammocks hung with the support of trees, ample shade, lots of play areas for the kids and lounging for adults. The rooms are well accommodated with old-style comfortable furniture, fresh and clean linen. Angeo Beach house also has a private beach area, to live like you literally own the place! Simplicity and minimalism at its best, this property indeed is one of the best budget hotels in Alleppey with tariff that is unbelievably reasonable. 

  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Restaurant, Airport shuttle
  • Budget: 1600 INR onwards
  • Address: Chettikadu Beach, West of Priyadarshini Junction, between Thumpolly and Poomkav, 688008 Alleppey, India 
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10. Solace Heritage Home


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One of the most picturesque tharavadu houses in the whole of Alleppey. The dark wooden architecture of the property is beautifully contrasted with the surrounding greenery. Red cool tiles are mellowly balanced by the warm wooden furniture through the interiors. Spacious, naturally well-lit rooms with very good ventilation make for a brilliant stay. Get your pets along, rent a bike, have a barbecue under the night sky, at the Solace Heritage Home, the opportunities are endless. The verandah features conventional relaxing chairs, just what you need after cycling around the whole day! 

  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Room service, Pets allowed
  • Budget: 1750 INR onwards
  • Address: Kunnathu Parambil, YWCA Road Behind Private Bus Stand, 688001 Alleppey, India  

11. Vedanta Wake Up Backwaters


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Walk inside only to be transformed into a bygone era! 

Quilted straw roofs, red-tiled floors, verdant foliage is what the Vedanta Wake Up Backwaters is all about. Offering two options of accommodation, you can choose to either have a private room or share the dormitory with fellow travelers. On the lines of the community culture, this hotel has lots of activities to bring fellow travelers together like a book exchange library, board games, and a TV lounge. After all, meeting someone new is one of the crucial experiences of travel. While the hotel has provision for simple Indian meals, it is also surrounded by a plethora of restaurants around. 

  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Airport shuttle, Room service
  • Budget: Double bed 1785 INR, single bed 849 INR 
  • Address: Near HMCA Chapal, Punnamada Finishing Point Road, 688013 Alleppey, India 

12. Dazzle Dew


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An almost oriental looking hotel, the Dazzle Dew lies at a mere distance of 100 meters from the Punnamada Lake. Given its characteristics, the hotel can easily be passed off as a lake palace resort in Alleppey! Essentially the hotel features small individual cottage villas, with construction that is relatively new. Every villa coming with its own front yard, presents comfortable cane chairs a tea table, so you can sit out in the morning sipping on spiced tea! 

  • Nearby attractions: Nehru Trophy Finishing Point and Nehru Trophy Boat Race 
  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Restaurant, Room service
  • Budget: 1837 INR onwards
  • Address: East Of Cheramankulangara Temple,Thathampally p.o ,Alleppey, 688013 Alleppey, India  

13. South Canal Holidays


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The most picturesque in this list, South Canal Holidays is this vibrant blue property that will easily catch your attention as you venture to the lighthouse area of Alleppey. This is one of the premier ones in the Alleppey hotels list, given its magnificent edifice and facilities. They offer you free bikes, so you can get moving and explore the town at your own leisure. The hotel lies at a walkable distance from the beach along with close proximity to the railway and bus station. 

  • Nearby attractions: The Alleppey Beach and Ravi Karunakaran Museum 
  • Amenities: Family rooms, Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Airport shuttle
  • Budget: 1900 INR onwards
  • Address: Civil Station Ward - Near the Lighthouse, 688001 Alleppey, India  

14. Funky Art Beach House


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If you crave a rustic stay, the Funky Art Beach House is as rustic as it could possibly get. Organically put together the rooms come in the form of straw-mat walls, straw roofs and beds covered with mosquito nets! There is some interesting art too on the barely any concrete walls that are here. Potted plants outside, your cottage or room are a pleasant feature of this hotel. The interiors are basic and very minimalistic, just enough to provide you a good night sleep! 

  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Airport shuttle, Room service, Pets allowed
  • Budget: 600 INR onwards
  • Address: Munnodi jn,Near Chandamukku, 688007 Alleppey, India   

15. Aham Yoga Nest


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Kerala and Yoga go hand in hand, and the Aham Yoga nest only amplifies this fact! This bed and breakfast property, essentially a bungalow comes with the rudimentary amenities. You can rent a bike from the management here to explore this backwaters. The huge garden and front yard offers a good opportunity to get some yoga in the mornings or evenings. Being a bungalow, there is a common balcony, nevertheless, the fringing trees and plants make for a refreshing view. You can enjoy meals with the owner or fellow travelers staying here. 

  • Nearby attractions: Nehru Trophy Finishing Point and Nehru Trophy Boat Race 
  • Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, Free parking, Room service, Non-smoking rooms
  • Budget: 150 INR onwards
  • Address: Cullen Road.opposite parayil timbers Alleppey, 688001 Alleppey, India   
With these many reasonable options, your Alleppey stay is bound to be one cherishing memory!  
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