14 Best Places to Visit in British Virgin Islands

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One of the most beautiful places that you can visit in Britain are the British Virgin Islands. These are a group of 60 islands that are scattered between North Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea. If you are planning to visit British Virgin island, then you must be wondering what are the best british virgin island to visit. These islands were taken over by the British Planters from Dutch Settlers in 1666 and since then, they have been a territory under the British Crown. Below are the 15 Best Places that you must visit in the British Virgin Islands.

British Virgin Islands places to visit

1. The Baths National Park, Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda Baths is one of the most famous landmarks in the British Virgin Islands. This consists of giant granite boulders that create natural sea pools. The place is perfect for exploring and for snorkeling. One of the most photographed areas of the British Virgin Islands lies here which is a sand-bottomed cave formed by these boulders. 

2. Gorda Peak National Park, Virgin Gorda

This place is most appropriate in you want to take a break from the water based activities. Gorda Peak National Park is on the mid of the island and what you will see around you is a lot of greenery amidst the blue colored water and the sky of same color. It is the highest point of the Island and you can reach here by taking one of the two hiking trails. The Park in rich in biodiversity consisting of six species of native orchids and some rare plants. This is also the house of world’s smallest lizard which is one of the highlights if you are interested in wildlife. Several other beautiful creatures like tree frogs, soldier crabs and birds also live here.

3. North Sound, Virgin Gorda

North Sound is probably the best water sports center in the British Virgin Islands. It is located at the northeast shore of the Virgin Gorda and houses nearly every possible water sport ever made. You can experience diving, parasailing, water-skiing, sailing, glass bottom boats, windsurfing etc. All activities are performed in a well protected environment and the travellers don’t need to worry about anything going wrong as there is a well trained staff who always takes care of you.

4. White Bay, Jost Van Dyke

White Bay, Jost Van DykeImage Source: flickr.com

White Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the British Virgin Islands. It is situated in the Jost Van Dyke island and is always a hot spot for all the tourists visiting British Virgin Islands.The reef at this island acts as a barrier that protects water from waves and swells. This creates an appropriate environment for swimming and snorkelling. The water here is clear and transparent that gives you a view of the bottom of the sea. Many boats can also be seen here that gives an artificial touch to the natural beauty of the island. There is also a famous restaurant available beside the beach at which you can taste some delicious recipes and refuel yourself.  

5. Smuggler’s Cove Beach, Tortola

Smuggler’s Cove Beach, TortolaImage Source: flickr.com

It is a secluded and undeveloped place which is best for those people who doesn’t like to be in crowded places and travel to attain some peace and silence. It is situated at the westernmost end of the Tortola island and is relatively very peaceful beach in the British Virgin Islands. One thing that makes this beach special is the fact that the Hollywood movie, The Old Man and the sea was filmed here in 1990 and the old car used in that film still lies there.

6. Anegada Island

If you are looking for some reed and bonefishing, the Anegada Island is the most suitable place for you in the British Virgin Islands. It is surrounded by a maze of the coral reef. This coral reef extends offshore for miles. Now, they even has a colorful marine life that are favourite dive sites for many. Few other things that also attract travellers to Anegada are wild orchids, blooming cacti and salt ponds. Also, some white sand beaches also offer great photo opportunity.

7. Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

The most popular beach of the Tortola island in the Cane Garden Bay. The special thing about this beach is that it is shaped like a crescent. Another thing for which this beach is popular is that travellers can easily find local West Indians and some sailors here with whom they always want to socialize.

8. Soper’s Hole, Tortola

If you have always wanted to visit a pirate’s den, then Soper’s hole is probably the best place that you can visit in the British Virgin Islands. Although, the place is no more a pirate’s den, but looking at the demography of this place you will be able to easily figure out why pirate’s chose this place to be their den. Now, the place has turned into a harbour and few residential areas are also there where you can do some shopping.

9. Road Town, Tortola

When you visit any place, its capital is something that you must visit. Road Town is the capital of British Virgin Islands and is situated on the island named Tortola at center of its southern shore. It is the center of British Territory in Virgin Islands. The city is always crowded and  in the market you will find all those things that you were wanting to buy.

Other places to visit in British Virgin Islands

10. Rhone National Maritime Park

The fact that this is the only national marine park in the British Virgin Islands makes it a must visit place whenever you visit British Virgin Islands. This is possibly the best diving site in BVI as claimed by most of the tourists who experience it. It also encompasses two coral caves which are situated 26 metres below the sea’s surface.

11. Sage Mountain National Park, Tortola

Mount Sage is the highest peak in British Virgin Islands which is 523 meter above sea level. The entire national park build around this mountain is called the Sage Mountain National Park. The whole park is at 305 metres above sea level. Although the park is not an actual rainforest but it clearly isn’t any less than that. Here you can find manilkara trees that are thousands of years old. The place is also famous for hummingbirds.

12. Sandy Cay

This is not actually an island but you can call it an islet. This is often also called as the “all-beach island” because it is surrounded with sea from all sides and whole island is made up of sand only. The place is famous for snorkeling and kayaking.

13. Norman Island

This is the largest uninhabited island in the BVI. Norman Island has been deemed by various legends as the site of buried treasure since 1843. The place is usually crowded by the sailboats, dinghies and swimmers. The location is believed to have underwater Treasure Caves. One of the caves present here is 24 metres long under the island.

14. Peter Island

This is the largest private island in the British Virgin Islands. The island having five beaches and biking trails was bought by a sailor in 1978 and he build a luxury Resort and Spa here. If you have always thought of leaving a luxury life on your own island, then you can get the same feeling here temporarily.

So, here are the 14 top places that you just cannot miss on when you are in British Virgin Islands.


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