15 Destinations to Explore In US Virgin Islands

By Swathi Ramaswamy on Feb 19, 2019
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Are you planning a trip to the US Virgin Islands these vacations? If yes, then I must appreciate your choice. US Virgin Islands is one of the most fun and happening places to visit, not just in USA, but all over the world. The place has some really relaxing beaches to go with iconic monuments and a number of its other major attraction. And you must know a few things about this place that will make your visit to this place even better. Here, we are discussing the best US Virgin Island tourist attractions so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

1. Trunk Bay Beach, St. John

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When we think of the most photographed beach in the Caribbean, the only name that comes into the mind is the Trunk Bay Beach. The creamy sand and arching curve make this one of the most stunning beaches you can ever see. The coconut palms and sea grapes just increases the attractiveness of the beach. The water here is crystal clear and gives a view of a number of different species of fish.

2. Virgin Islands National Park

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This is the Place in Caribbean that attracts over one million tourists every year. The credit of creating and developing this National Park goes to Laurence Rockefeller who donated around 5000 acres of land to build this national park in the year 1956. The National Park is located on the St. John’s emerald island and the major attractions here include stunning beaches, hiking trails, underwater sea gardens, etc.

3. Cruz Bay, St. John

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If you are at St. John looking to experience some shopping and dining, then Cruz Bay is the place that you must visit. It is a yacht-filled harbor at the downtown area of St. John. It has a population of around 3000 people and the town is known by the name “Love City”. The Elaine Lone Sprauve Library & Museum also attracts travellers here who are interested in knowing the history of the St. John. You can also find some native Indian as well as colonial artifacts.

Places to visit in US Virgin Islands St. Croix

4. Buck Island Reef National Monument

The reef that lies 1.5 miles away from the northeastern coast of the St. Croix was guaranteed protection in the year 1961. The US President John F. Kennedy also named it as the First US underwater national monument. The Elkhorn Coral Grottoes here is one of the major attractions of this place. This is house of tropical fishes such as barracuda and blue tang, the snorkelers and divers may spot a few of them. The place is also famous for its cooking grills and picnic sites.

5. Heritage Trail

Any trip is incomplete if you don’t know about the history of the place where you visit. The Heritage Trail at the St. Croix gives you the opportunity to have a better understand of the past and present of the island. It is a 72-miles long driving tour during which you will find natural as well as historical attractions of the island. This driving experience will take you through some tropical forests, historic seaport towns and popular attractions like Fort Frederik and a lot more.

6. Christiansted

Christiansted is the largest town on St. Croix. Under Danish rule, this beautiful was recognized as the capital town. The city has been designed on the model of Norway’s Christiania town and it features buildings that are painted in a variety of colors. The town has been divided in six blocks which make it a planned city that offers a broad range of dining, accommodation and entertainment.

Places to visit in US Virgin Islands St. Thomas

7. Charlotte Amalie

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Whenever you visit any tourist spot, the journey won’t be complete if you don’t visit the capital city of that place. Charlotte Amalie is the capital of the whole US Virgin Islands and is amongst the famous cruise ports in the whole of Caribbean. The city was named after the Danish Queen Charlotte Amalie. The city famous for its jewelry shops and boutiques also has many pretty beaches for snorkeling and swimming.

8. Coral World Ocean Park

If  an interactive marine experience is your fantasy, then Coral World Ocean Park is a place for you. This park features a large glass-enclosed reef tank and the Marine Gardens Aquarium where animal lovers can commute with sea lions, turtles, stingrays and even the sharks. The Sea Trek Helmet Dive here gives you the opportunity to walk on the floor of the Caribbean Sea.

9. Frederik Lutheran Church

The Frederick Lutheran Church of Charlotte Amalie was established between the years 1789 and 1793 in Georgian style. The Architecture of this church is in typical west indian style. The “welcoming arms” stairway makes it an architectural gem. The church was restored twice in 19th century. Several Gothic Revival elements like gable tower are now there in the church.

10. Blackbeard’s Castle

Blackbeard’s castle is named after the English Pirate Edward Thatch. It is one of the 5 national historic landmarks in US Virgin Islands. The Castle is mostly famous because of the five-story masonry tower which was established in 1678 by the Danish. Historians claim that this tower was used as a lookout post for Edward Thatch in 18th century. The Castle has now been turned into a popular restaurant and hotel from where you can enjoy some really scenic views of the St. Thomas.

11. 99 Steps

This is one of the examples of the many staircases that are built atop the hills of Charlotte Amalie. In order to reach Blackbeard’s Castle, you have to take these stairs. The number of these steps is actually 103 and these were built using the ship-ballast brick during Danish Colonial times.

12. Government House

This is a building officially owned by the government of United States. The Building was built between the years 1865 and 1867. The House was restored in the year 1994 and now the offices of territorial governor are present here.

13. Emancipation Garden

This is the place where the Emancipation Proclamation, on the 3rd of July in the year 1848, was read in order to free the slaves of St. Thomas. This event was of great historical importance and a lot of historians around the world come to US Virgin Islands to visit this site. Today, the authorities have converted the site to a park which is filled with benches and a plenty of trees.

14. Magens Bay

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Named as one of the most beautiful beaches around the globe by a number of travel publication houses, Magens Bay is fringed by coconut palms and green hills. The sea here is calm which makes it excellent for swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and more. The thing that make this place more attractive is the various diverse species of native as well as migratory birds.

The above mentioned 14 places are the places you must visit whenever you head to the US Virgin Islands.

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