Best Places to Visit in USA in February 2019

The Christmas and New Year excitement is just fading out, when February swoops in with its own energy. The places to visit in February will show you how to make the most of the soft crystal snow, some will just let you enjoy the scorching sun! If you ask me, personally, I would love to spend some more time in the snow. So, Colorado, New York, New Mexico and such places seem to be the best to travel in February. Having said that, the states that are warm in this month too have a certain charm.

You can check the list of best places to visit in USA in January!

But now is the time to have a look at the list of the best places to visit in USA in February!

  1. New Orleans
  2. San Diego
  3. Miami
  4. Santa Fe
  5. New York City
  6. Denver
  7. Steamboat Springs
  8. Phoenix
  9. Texas Hill County

1. New Orleans - The perfect warm winter getaway

best places to visit in USA in februaryImage Source:

The celebrations that start with Christmas in the previous year, don’t lull after New Year, here, in New Orleans. All set to welcome the festivities of the most awaited Mardi Gras, it is most happening in this month. Lined up are the most entertaining events and shows, which bring together food, music, beverages, comedy and of course, the wildly fun carnival. The country’s best and most exciting carnival floats can be seen here on any given day in this month. If you are looking to bid adieu to the winters with some excitement, this is your destination! 

Things to do: Be part of the Mardi Gras parades and celebrations, participate or be an audience to marathons and races, watch the Super Bowl at any of the classic sports bars and gorge on the festive goodies! 

Best for: Youngsters, couples

Weather: Pleasantly warm, and comfortably cool! Temperatures: 49 to 64 degree Fahrenheit. 


2. San Diego - An affordable winter vacation

San Diego - best places to visit in USA in february

Image Source:

One of the warm weather vacation spots in the country, February is the best month to visit San Diego. It is around this time that it gets warm enough to enjoy the lovely shoreline. With a collection of some of the most picturesque beaches of the country, it is the perfect holiday destination for all those who are on a budget! You can enjoy the slashed prices at the museums, and escape to the remote meadows to relax in the wildflower fields. From exciting wilderness for nature lovers, to secluded romantic spots for honeymooners, San Diego is perfect for all!

Things to do: Visit the museums and enjoy the reduced rates, witness the Grey Whale migration, be part of the Chinese New Year celebrations and of course, sprawl on the best beaches of the country!

Best for: Youngsters, families, couples

Weather: Warm with mild sprinkles. Temperatures: 50.5 to 67 degree Fahrenheit.

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3. Miami - A romantic getaway

Miami - destination to visit in USA in February

With music, art and romance in full swing in Miami in February, this is the place to be in if you’re one looking for a fun time with your special one. The perfect time and the perfect place to even host a wedding, you will get unimaginable benefit here in this “Miami Romance Month”. Music concerts, art and design shows and a heritage tour are only some of the things that you can enjoy here. It is one of the warm places to visit in February in USA, so, let’s not forget the beaches in Miami! The warm breeze and the serene waters add to the extravagant parties that they are so famous to host! 

Things to do: Indulge in some romantic activities at the resort, be a part of the beach parties and music festivals, and feast on the artworks of chefs battling it out at a culinary fest! 

Best for: Couples, youngsters

Weather: Warm. Temperatures: 60 to 76.5 degree Fahrenheit.

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4. Santa Fe -  Let go and enjoy the snow!

Santa Fe - Visit in FebruaryImage Source:

Snow has always been something that I would love to explore. And if you are looking for such a place to visit in February, this is your destination! February is an off-season here, and the snow plays interesting games during this time. But the people of Santa Fe hardly know what it is like huddled at home. With skiing and other winter sports in full swing, you will get a chance to indulge in the most exciting activities here during this time! And after you’re done with the snow, step into one of the pretty restaurants or theatres, as events like restaurant week and film festivals are part of their routine during this month. The best way to vacation here is with your family, so, let go and enjoy the snow, but this is also one of the 10 best places to travel alone in USA, so just pack your bag and be ready to go!!

Things to do: Gorge on delicacies and treat yourself to critically acclaimed films, visit art galleries and keep a day aside for shopping! But most importantly, suit up and go skiing, because Santa Fe in February is like a dream come true!

Best for: Families, youngsters, couples

Weather: Cold. Temperatures: 22 to 48 degree Fahrenheit.

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5. New York City - Perfect Always

New York City - Perfect Always destination in FebruaryImage Source:

New York City has a different charm during the different times of the year. Summers are packed with boisterous youngsters while Christmas time brings with it a joyous and peaceful energy. Having said that, February seems like a slower season when it comes to tourism. So, if you’re a winter lover and don’t mind the snow, you’ll get to enjoy the best hotel rates and a leisure tour of this buzzing city. A bonus for all the foodies, you can treat yourself at the best restaurants in the city during the New York City Restaurant Week!

Things to do: Cuddle up with your special one in the warm hotel room while watching the snow, set out to all the museums to enjoy an informative leisure tour, feast on a range of cuisines, and explore the lesser known frosty magic of the city!  Explore these unique date ideas in New York City!!

Best for: Couples, families

Weather: Cold. Temperatures: 26 to 40 degree Fahrenheit.

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6. Denver - An early relaxation

Best Places to visit in USA in February 2019 - Denver

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An off-season for tourists, February in Denver is a paradise for snow lovers. Skiing, snowboarding and a number of other such sports can be indulged in here. Even when the snow is thick, museums, concerts and restaurants are all at their best to keep you entertained. Especially the eateries, you will find the most scrumptious meat and the most exquisite vegetarian food here. Try and visit one of the nearby farms where the carriage horses have their yearly off! Spend some lovely time there with these adorable stallions. If you live close by and are looking for a quick weekend getaway, Denver is a great option! 

Things to do: Winter sports is a must during this time of the year, and in your leisure time, set out to explore the museums and the delicious traditional food!  Find these best Ski Resorts in Colorado to explore in February.

Best for: Families, youngsters

Weather: Cold. Temperatures: 20 to 46.6 degree Fahrenheit.

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7. Steamboat Springs - Celebrating snow! 

steamboat Springs - February destination in USA

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To delve into the goodies of the wintry months, head to Steamboat Springs in Colorado. Still covered in the chilling blanket of snow, it is one of the best places to travel to in February. The famous Winter Carnival takes place around this time, and you can make the most of the temperature by being part of these celebrations. Unique and unlike any other carnival that you would have seen, it is full of music, feasts, dance and games! A variety of sporting activities are held here for adults as well as children. Parade and fireworks are as exciting as ever, but the stars of this festival are the horses and their games! 

Things to do: A number of tours on horseback, sleighs, snowmobiles and more take you through the mesmerising mountains of this valley, fine dining as well as casual restaurants serve delectable food, and the concerts and events add the little ordinariness to this otherwise extraordinary trip!

Weather: Cold. Temperatures: 6 to 32 degree Fahrenheit.

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8. Phoenix - For the warm-blooded! 

Phoenix - Warm places to visit in February in USA

One of the states with warm weather year round, Arizona is a great holiday destination for the month of February. Being the peak season, you will get to enjoy all the perks of this warm land. The gardens, parks, zoos and all the museums and galleries will be packed with tourists. With events, concerts and festivals in full swing, be a part of this unique culture. In case you want to escape the winters, and don’t want to be part of a crowd too, you can always come here and explore the mountains and the desserts! An adventure with the company of nature, just pack your essentials and you’re set! 

Things to do: Trek through the mountains, gaze at the expanse of the desert, visit the nature parks and zoos and bask in the warmth of this dry, but lovely city! 

Best for: Families, youngsters

Weather: Warm. Temperatures: 51 to 75 degree Fahrenheit.

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9. Texas Hill Country - Romancing with nature

Texas - Romantic places to visit in February in USA

One of the lesser known and the not very frequented destination for the season is Texas Hill Country. Although people find respite from the biting cold in Texas, Hill Country is one of the hidden gems of the state. As some of the most romantic stories have found their sweet destination here with a number of proposals, engagements and weddings taking place, it makes it to the list of the best winter vacations for couples. Parks, waterfalls, resorts, rivers...if you think of a romantic setting, it exists here. 

Things to do: Visit the Willow City Loop, take a round amongst the wilderness at the many nature parks, and set out on a romantic date on the riverbanks, or a waterfall cliff!

Best for: Couples, youngsters, families

Weather: Warm. Temperatures: 37 to 63 degree Fahrenheit.



The list of best places to visit in USA in February 2019 is long, and the month a little shorter! Make the most of the chilly weather and the warm sunshine, the festivals and the weekends, and set out on a journey to explore the best of the country in this month.

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