Best Places to Visit in USA in March 2019

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March is the month of wonderful transformation in USA. This is the time when people bid goodbye to winter, snow melts gradually, radiant flowers bloom, and the Spring, as a lovely bride, steps in slowly making the world buzz with life! In USA, Spring is the special time as the country celebrates various festivals and events, college students are planning for a vacation during their favorite "Spring break". The famous Cherry Blossom Festival too happens during this time. So, before the summer heat hits US, it’s time to see the most beautiful cities and scenery of the country. Get your backpack ready and head to these best places to visit in USA in March.

  1. Boston 
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Grand Canyon
  4. Las Vegas
  5. Washington DC
  6. Houston
  7. Puerto Rico
  8. Scottsdale
  9. Bretton Woods
  10. San Antonio

But what do you do here to make the month of March in 2019 a memorable affair? Read on..

1. Boston, Massachusetts: For the best spring experience

Boston - best places to travel in marchPC:

The return of the warm weather can be best enjoyed in Boston, Massachusetts. As Spring steps into Boston, people begin their preparations for celebrating festivals. Come March and Boston's Newbury Street gets adorned with a number of shops and restaurants. Boston’s Public Garden is just another feather on its cap when it offers one of the best flower shows of the season. I must admit that no city in the world celebrates the month of March better than Boston. And that is the reason why the National Geographic Channel has declared Boston as one of the best Spring break destinations

Things to do: Boston offers some exciting events and concerts in March that include St Patrick's Day Parade, Boston Flower and Garden Show, Dine Out Boston and more. Don’t forget to attend these while visiting Boston. 

Best For: Families

Weather: The weather in Boston in March is warmer than the previous months. The average high temperature is 46 degrees Celsius while the average low temperature is 32 degrees Celsius.

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2. Los Angeles, California: Land of Wildflowers

Los Angeles - warm places to go in march

As the tree-lined streets of Los Angeles suddenly display some wildflowers hidden like precious gems in the shrubs, the city gets ready to welcome Spring. The month of March marks the beginning of festivities in Los Angeles and all the faces of glow like spring blossoms. While in morning you will find people leaving for a family outing, the evening in Los Angeles is a paradise for local vendors and street performers. The city is mystical and magical in its own way. As declared by the US Travel Channel, Los Angeles is one of the best cities in USA to visit in March. With many Los Angeles hotels offering off-season rates, it becomes easier to enjoy an incredible nightlife and stay in March.

Things to do: Visit the parks such as Pacific Park at Santa Monica Pier or Griffith Park to see the Spring flowers, and soak up into the celebrity culture of Universal Studios Hollywood. 

Best For: Couples, Youngsters

Weather: The Mediterranean-style climate of Los Angeles results in average March temperatures of high 60s and mid-70s. 

3. Grand Canyon, Arizona: The majesty and magnificence 

Grand Canyon - The vacation destinations for march

If you have ever wondered what the best time of year to visit the Grand Canyon is, let me tell you, it’s nothing else than March. Well, I have got enough reasons to say so! In March, the temperature sees a sudden rise, but the summer tourists are yet to arrive. After all, what we come to the Grand Canyon for is its "grand" views, and in March, you can easily experience this without noisy crowd disturbing you. Secondly, the warm temperature also helps in enjoying the clear views of the Canyon without mist and rains. This also makes it an ideal time to visit for photographers and nature enthusiasts. In addition to this, a number of shuttle services and Heli-tour services are available that you can conveniently afford. 

Things to do: Take a short walk through the rims of Canyon. Enjoy "Navajo Taco", the signature dish of the restaurants here. 

Best for: Families, Adventurers

Weather: The temperature tends to range between the low 50s and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

4. Las Vegas, Nevada: Beautiful paths and sunshine

Las Vegas -  best city for spring trips in USA

PC: Wikimedia

March is, indeed, the best time to go to Las Vegas, and this is because during this time of year, the city glitters with sunshine almost 10 hours a day. The crowd in Las Vegas is also less during this time. Las Vegas is home to plenty of tourist attractions, and if you are planning to visit them in March, you may get some wonderful deals on the tour packages. As Vegas sees less visitors during this time, it is quite obvious that you will get a good accommodation at a lower price. 

Things to do: Attend the comedy shows by the standup comedians Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Miranda Sings and more specially organized in March. Head to Country’s Fresh Farmers’ Market to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. 

Best for: Youngsters

Weather: The thermometer climbs into the 80s Fahrenheit (over 26 degrees Celsius) in March. 

5. Washington DC: The cherry blossom blooms

Washington DC - vacation ideas for march in AmericaPC: Flickr

The canvas of Washington DC’s sky gets painted with the hues of yellow-orange-purple sunlight as the month of March begins. This is the time of Spring in Washington DC, this also mean that every corner of the city will be camouflaged in the attires of Cherry Blossoms. The National Cherry Blossom Festival runs between mid-March to late March. As the temperature of the city is quite brisk during this time, it makes March an ideal time to hang out to the outdoor places that the city is famous for. You will also find fresh food, best nightlife, and artistic grandeur in Washington DC in March. 

Things to do: Take a walk around the Tidal Basin to the best of Cherry Blossom Festival. Catch a show at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. 

Best for: Couples

Weather: Daytime high temperatures early in March tend to be mostly in the lower low 50s (about 11 degrees Celsius) but by the end of the month are more likely to be in the low 60s (16-17 degree Celsius). 

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6. Houston, Texas: The best culinary delight 

Houston - cheapest places to travel in march in US

The city of Houston in Texas is one of the best spring destinations in USA. If you have kids at home and their spring break dates are coming close, you must be planning some great activities for them to do. Due to the fact that Houston has a close proximity with outdoor activity sites, and is home to arts, festivals, and lavish amount of food, the city is ideal for a March vacation. Be it the museums, art galleries, or gardens and parks in the city, everything is accessible at a cheaper price in March. There are plenty of events, culinary competitions, concerts, and spring festivals in the city that your kids would love to participate in. Check out these interesting and unique spring break ideas for families.

Things to do: Attend the The Woodlands Margarita Festival at Town Green Park and smell Houston’s famous azaleas during the March event in River Oaks Garden Club. 

Best for: Children

Weather: The temperature rises nearly every day in March to over 60 °F (16 °C) in Houston.

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7. Puerto Rico: Fun and festivities 

Puerto Rico - affordable March holiday destination

Puerto Rico has got all the reasons that you should be here during the Spring season, especially in March. So, what makes it so fascinating? Puerto Rico is home to some of the most spectacular beaches on the planet and is also famous for the beach nightclubs and bars. Most of the college going students have their spring break in March and look for an ideal place where they can enjoy to the fullest. The sun-kissed party-beaches of Puerto Rico, thus, become a perfect place for these youngsters. Apart from this, you can bargain a lot here in March as most of the hotels offer wonderful accommodation deals and airfare at a low price. 

Things to do: Meet the zealous party lovers in the "floating nightclub" of San Juan, and experience the best of aquatic adventures. Also, attend the Casals Festival.

Best for: College Students, Couples

Weather: Temperatures can climb as high as 21°C during the day, dropping to a much cooler 15°C in the evening. The skies are bright and clear throughout day.

8. Scottsdale, Arizona: The golfing paradise

Scottsdale - vacation ideas for march in America

PC: Wikimedia

Spring is the season when the people of Scottsdale find themselves outdoors and get soaked in the sportive air. This also mean that the city gets flooded with plenty of events and festivals that people of all ages can celebrate. The city is also home to some immaculately shaped golf courses. March is the peak time for playing golf in Scottsdale as the grass gets the best green color. Since the weather and the courses are perfect in March, Scottsdale becomes a paradise for all the golf lovers. March is also the time when Cactus League Spring Training begins, and Arizona Aloha festival is celebrated. 

Things to do: Are you a car lover? Then don’t miss Goodguys Spring Nationals to see the collection of over 2,500 cars. Attend Scottsdale Arts Festival to witness a plethora of world-class paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and jewelry. 

Best For: Families

Weather: The average temperature of Scottsdale remains between 73-degree Fahrenheit to 81-degree Fahrenheit. 

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9. Bretton Woods, New Hampshire: The magical woods

Bretton Woods - one of the best march destination for 2018

Bretton Woods is one of the prettiest and interesting places to visit with family. The White Mountain range in the backdrop of Bretton Woods and plenty of outdoor activities make it a perfect place for a family vacation. March is an ideal month to visit Bretton Woods as the weather of the city is suitable for outing. You will get a lot of lodging options and entertainment for all ages here. The presence of wooded area and the mountain also suggest that Bretton Woods is an ideal place for adventurers. Most of the adventure activities are run by the resorts present here. 

Things to do: Enjoy a guided hike through the woods, go for rock climbing, try zip line crossing, experience horseback riding and mountain biking. 

Best for: Families, Adventurers

Weather: The weather in Bretton Woods is pleasant all the time. 

10. San Antonio: The modern city of Texas

where to travel in march in usa - San Antonio

The best time to visit San Antonio, the city of Texas is in March when the weather of San Antonio is comfortable and prices for stay are comparatively less. Therefore, families come here when their kids have their vacations. Although the city is small, it has a lot of historical significance. The city is also home to many family-themed parks and some famous landmarks such as San Fernando Cathedral and San Antonio Missions National Historic Park.  Check out things to do in San Antonio for a wonderful time with family.

Things to do: Experience the world famous "River Walk"and take a tour of "The Alamo". 

Best for: Families

Weather: The average temperature of San Antonio is between 71 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 25 degrees Celsius).

"If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" (P.B. Shelley) It's time to emerge from the winter burrows and feel the radiance of spring flowers. Get little poetic, steal the chance of admiring the treasures of nature, and head to these stunning destinations of USA in March. 

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