Top 10 Destinations Across The World To Watch Eye-catching Sunsets

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I have always loved the rays of setting sun igniting the colors of my room from the balcony. The light of the sun, I believe, is the greatest artist in the world as from blank window pane to vast skies, everything can be turned into a paradise of pomegranate pink, rosy red, and sparkling orange with that light. But where on earth has this “artist” mastered its skills? Which are the places that offer the most beautiful sunsets ever? If you are interested to watch the ethereal beauty of the sunset and illuminated clouds, here is the list of top 10 sunsets from around the world to witness the best dusk moments. Take a look!

1. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

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Have you ever found the sunset spiritual? Well, let the evening come, take a tuk-tuk, and head to the famous Angkor Wat while in Cambodia and meditate upon the vibrant shades of sunset. As the sun appears to set in front of the temple, you will see how mystically the clear canvas of the skies gets kissed by the subtle pinch of purple and red. 

2. Santorini, Greece

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I bet, once you watch the Oia sunsets in Santorini, you will forget every other place called “beautiful”. While Santorini sunsets are considered heavenly, the sunrise in Santorini is also incomparable. That bright shine on the whitewashed cubical houses on the Santorini coast will make you realize why Santorini is a photographer’s paradise! 

3. Grand Canyon National Park, USA

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Whether it’s Yaki Point or Hopi Point, when the blush of scarlet falls on the grand rims of the Grand Canyon, you will find the best sunset pictures in the world. The Grand Canyon is, indeed, America’s highly regarded wonder and to watch the sunset at the Grand Canyon is even more wonderful experience. Remember to carry your tripod and good lenses to capture the crimson red showers of dusk spreading over the canyon.

4. Hampi, India

spectacular sunsets from around world

It was last year when I was cherishing my dream of visiting the naturally breathtaking and architecturally stunning city of Hampi. I took the tourist map of Hampi and as I reached the Achyutaraya Temple traversing the Mathanga Hill, the sun was already looking like an orange balloon. I tried to capture that magical sunset in my camera, but trust me, you need to visit Hampi to soak in the real beauty of its sunset! Besides sunset, the bends of Tungabhadra in Hampi offer the best sunrise in India. 

5. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

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Every Vietnam trip is incomplete without taking a Ha Long Bay sunset cruise. Meandering through the magical cliffs on the Ha Long Bay, you will witness the orange sun dipping far into the bay’s unexplored end to soon reveal the hidden stars. If you ask me about the best sunset in the world, the one at Ha Long Bay has no match!

6. Tyrol, Austria

spectacular sunsets from around world

Hiking over the Tyrolean mountains while watching the sunrise or sunset is an experience one should never miss. It might be a little uncomfortable for you to leave your cozy bed on a windy evening of Austria, but for an amazing sunset over the Tyrol mountains like Mt. Peitlerkofel, Mt. Astjoch, or Mt. Piz da Peres, you must take this effort. 

7. Cape Town, South Africa

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Cape Town is world famous for the most beautiful sunsets on the beach, and there are plenty of points where you can enjoy the ethereal beauty of the sunset. Cape Town is a perfect place for road trips in South Africa, and as you drive along the coast, you will find many popular spots to capture the gorgeous sunsets, one of these being the tidal pools at Camps Bay. 

8. Venice, Italy

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As the day comes to a close in Venice, head to St. Mark’s Square and see the artificial lights of the historic old buildings glittering against the dimming lights of the sun that leaves the sky scattered with purple, crimson, and yellow. Watching the sunset over the world-famous tunnels of Venice is another treat to the eyes, while Accademia Bridge, Rialto Bridge, and Murano Island are also good spots to observe the best sunsets in Europe. 

9. Grundarfjordur, Iceland

spectacular sunsets from around world

The hues of sunset over the Kirkjufell mountain are what you would want to remember for a lifetime. When it comes to Grundarfjordur, the sun disappears in the month of November and reappears in February. But when the sun sets in Grundarfjordur, it leaves the entire landscape painted with vibrant colors. Grundarfjordur is also the place where you can witness the mystical mid-night Sun. 

10. The Great Pyramids, Egypt

spectacular sunsets from around world

The Great Pyramids of Egypt have fascinated a huge number of travelers and conquerors from around the world since long, but the most exquisite and supernatural picture that you can ever take of the Egyptian pyramids is during the sunset. The best way to enjoy this magical moment is to stand right in front of the Sphinx and see how the golden rays of the sun amalgamate with golden sand and golden walls of the pyramids. 

It’s an incredible experience to watch the sun dipping behind the magnificent hills, sky ablaze with colors, and earth wishing a “good night” to its inhabitants. Which place would you like to travel to for a breathtaking sunset? Do let me know!

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