Finger-licking Traditional Dishes Polish People Are Proud Of

By Dhruvalakshmi Paithankar on Jan 16, 2019
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Food is an art in Poland and locals are way protective of the goodness they cook. Be it the main dish that takes hours to prepare or a variety of potato sides that are ready in any household, every dish is loved equally. 

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I wonder why the world does not know much about a flavoursome Polish cuisine yet! Though many of us have heard about pierogi, that remains the only thing that connects us with delightful Poland foods. So, here is a quick guide to traditional Polish dishes that locals are proud of - 

1. Pierogi 

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 Starting the list with the obvious and most famous - pierogi. Though it has been introduced as dumplings in many places, it is a whole different dish. This Polish comfort food offers a number of fillings making it a combination of sweet, salty, and spicy. Either fried or boiled, these Pierogi come in different shapes and sizes according to festivities and occasions. 

2. Placki ziemniaczane

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Placki ziemniaczane, which literally means potato pancakes in English, is way tastier than your regular pancakes. It is one of the Polish dishes dating back to the 17th century that highlights the Polish love for potatoes. With a variety of toppings including, apple sauce, meat sauce, mushroom sauce, fruit syrup, pork crisps, sour cream, and cottage or sheep's cheese, this dish is a real delight. 

3. Bigos 

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Bigos is an important part of traditional Polish cuisine. Popularly known as hunter’s stew, this dish combines the goodness of vegetables with chopped meat. Even though there a number of bigos recipes, each one with different ingredients and preparations tips, this unofficial Polish national dish will always take your taste buds on a ride. Do not miss a chance to wash it down with one of the best Polish vodkas!

4. Kotlet schabowy

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Ask anyone from Poland what their favourite dishes are, and Kotlet schabowy will always be on top of the list. This is a Polish version of breaded cutlets made of made of pork tenderloin or pork chop. Locals usually enjoy this dish hot with a side of mashed potatoes, fried mushrooms, or salads. It is definitely one of the foods in Poland that everyone must have!

5. Zrazy

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Though Zrazy was not exactly originated in Poland and is already popular in Eastern European regions, it is loved in Poland unlike anywhere else. As it is a meat roulade dish, the rolled goodness is wrapped around different vegetables, pickles, eggs, or bacon. All you need is a traditional sauce to enjoy its savoury taste. 

6. Flaki

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Flaki holds a significant place in Polish cuisine even though it is a simple meat stew. It is essential part of Polish weddings and is almost always served with fresh bread. This dish may not look colourful, but believe me, spices like red paprika, black pepper, nutmeg, and marjoram are enough to pamper your taste buds. 

7. Paczki

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 Search for popular Polish food recipes and you are bound to find Paczki amongst those! These are fruit or creme filled doughnuts that are lighter and spongier than the regular ones. This delicious Polish dessert is traditionally a part of Christian feast on Fat Thursday.  

8. Makowiec

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Makowiec is a poppy seed roll that makes for the perfect festive treat. One of the famous sweet foods in Poland, this is one dish that can always be found around the time of celebrations. The poppy seed filling is a blend of different ingredients that make it instantly appealing to your taste buds. 

It’s time to satisfy a foodie in you with all the delectable Polish dishes! Smacznego!

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