7 Essential Polish Vodkas You Must Stock Up In Your Liquor Cabinet

By Preksha Goyal on Jan 15, 2019
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Having brewed potato and rye concoctions for over thousands of years now, Poland is bound to be an expert in getting their drinks right. And especially when it comes to the so-called “woman’s drink” vodka, Poles have nailed it with kaleidoscopic flavors that taste even better when had in the picturesque locations of the country. Boasting of being the actual inventors of the spirit drink, Polish truly know how to turn that potato into special, creative and flavored drinks. So Na Zdrowie! (Cheers!) to that obsession and love for vodka which truly reflects in these best flavored Polish vodkas.

1. Zubrowka: For the unique bison grass ingredient

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Popularly known as the bison grass vodka for its primary ingredient which is this grass collected specifically from the Bialowieze forest, Zubrowka with its herbal taste delights all. Originated in the 16th century, the drink has a faint yellow color and is best savored with apple juice. Bottled with 40% alcohol, this smooth drink is the primary ingredient in the making of the popular Polish drink called szarlotka (apple pie). Continuing the years old tradition of placing a blade of bison grass in each bottle, the drink not just tastes heavenly, but looks decorative too.

2. Żołądkowa Gorzka: For the blend of fruits and spices

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Translating to “Bitter STomach Vodka”, Żołądkowa Gorzka is an amber colored Polish drink with a proper blend of herbs, fruits, and spices providing it medicinal properties. A sweet spiced taste when sipped on ice tastes well quite incredible with that exquisite aroma. A traditional drink dating back to the 1900s, this medicinal alcohol has in it bison grass, honey, peppermint as well as black cherry. With an alcohol content of about 36%, this one is served in numerous countries including Australia, Spain, UK, Germany, and the USA.

3. Dębowa: For the combination of sweet and spicy

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Made with oak and black elderflower, Dębowa is a reminder of the old Polish days with its traditional yet quirky mix of herbal tinctures. The name literally translates to “Oak Vodka” and the drink is available across the country in varying flavors including coffee, chocolate, walnut, and natural plant extracts. Reminding of the sweet and spicy combination of vanilla and pepper, this drink tastes nothing short of ambrosia. So pick this impressive bottle and have it under the guise of its herbal powers. 

4. Sobieski: For its purity and smoothness

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One of the most popular vodka brands in Poland, Sobieski is a drink named after the King Jan III Sobieski who aided in stopped the Ottoman Empire invasion by winning the Battle Vienna. A simple vodka made of pure rye, Sobieski with its mindful choice of ingredients stands out among the other Polish vodkas as the purest and the smoothest. Boasting of supplying the basic vodka with 100% pure rye concentration, the drink also comes in flavors like vanilla, lemon, orange, and raspberry. So stock up and indulge yourself in the enriching delights of Sobieski. 

5. Baczewski: For the authentic and traditional Polish vodka flavor

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With the distillery dating back to 1781, Baczewski produces traditional vodka like no other. Processed using the old and customary methods, this drink sees triply distilled potatoes combine with crystal clear and pure water to create a distinctive and smooth texture assuring one of the most authentic Polish vodka euphorias to everyone who drinks it. So let it cool and then enjoy the traditional flavors unfold as you sip on this classic.

6. Luksusowa: For the unique potato distilled tang

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A vintage brand occupying over 10% of the vodka market in Poland, Luksusowa is one of the few brands making vodkas distilled from potatoes. Translating to “luxury”, Luksusowa is a brand considered to be for the educated drinkers and is popular as luxury Luksusowa vodka in various English-speaking countries. Circulating clear, black, citrus and wild berry varieties of vodkas across the world, this traditional brand dates back to 1928 and makes for a staple on the drink menus of Europe. Combine this succulent drink with a squirt of lime and soda water and let the authentic Polish taste take over you.

7. Chopin: For the classic and simple Polish taste

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Bottled with an alcohol content of 40-45 percent, Chopin is a popular Polish drink reputed as a historical and local vodka. The brand specializes in producing three varying single-ingredient vodkas distilled four times either from rye, potato or wheat. Raw and hand-picked ingredients help Chopin stand out amongst other distilleries as one of the freshest drinks amongst Polish vodkas. Named after the romantic composer Frederic Chopin, this one is sure to take you on a tuneful ride through the Polish vodka traditions. 

So appreciate the depth of these Polish flavors and combine them with spicy and salty cuisines to best enjoy this world-famous national drink.

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