Top 10 Pubs in London

By Steffi Joseph on Jul 06, 2016
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London is believed to house over 7,000 pubs each one with something great to offer. With that big a number, it’s a little difficult to figure out the best places to be at the competition is tough! With hundreds to choose from, we couldn’t include many of our cherished spots leaving us to focus on the 10 best pubs in London experiences in the sprawling metropolis.

North London Pubs

1. The Southampton Arms

Where: 139 Highgate Rd, London, NW5 1LE

This truly old fashioned pub publicizes ‘ale, cider, meat’ at their entrance, pretty much summing up their menu. One step inside and the interiors take you back to the 30’s only to notice, the wood fire, hand pulled ciders and ales and importantly the ‘only cash policy’ add to the whole antique charm. Their refreshments come from freewheeling producers and change regularly but if you must find Mighty Oak and Sambrooks on the menu you’re definitely in for a treat.

Must Have: Complement your cider with Scotch Eggs

Cost for two: £35 approximately

2. Earl of Essex

Where: 25 Danbury Street, London, N1 8LE 


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Almost all new pubs boast of offering craft beer but very few do it like the ‘Earl of Essex’. With 5-6 on cask, 11 on keg and a few excellent ciders the bar offers brew from various parts of Britain, Scandinavia and USA. As if this wasn’t enough, there always is one beer pouring from the on-site Earl’s Brewery making the place a favourite among locals and travellers alike.

Must Have: Liverpool Beer Co

Cost for two: £45 approximately

East London Pubs

3. Happiness Forgets

Where: 8-9 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NU

One of the best bars in East London, Happiness Forgets is extremely popular for its top-notch drinks at modest prices. If you haven’t booked yourself a table don’t bother going on whatever day of the week because not only are they crowded they also don’t allow standing. The friendly staff goes out of the way to make you happy and the bartenders know how to please.
Must Have: Tokyo Collins

Cost for two: £40 approximately

4. The Archers

Where: 42 Osborn Street, London, E1 6TD


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After going through a sweeping facelift, The Archers is definitely more inviting than various pubs in London . Minimalistic décor, small tables &cushioned seats, old-world partitions and modern glass panes add to the charming and intimate ambience of the place. Find a number of ales and ciders on the menu and don’t forget to try the delicious patsies. Definitely a locals place!

Must Have: Craft Beer

Cost for two: £30 approximately

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Central London Pubs

5. French House

Where: 49 Dean Street, London, W1D 5BG


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If you like your history as much as you like your drinks, the Grade II-listed French House should make it your list of must-visits. The interiors showcase the Gallic association and are filled with mementos. It’s known that Charles de Gaulle used the hole as a work place during the World War II and Dylan Thomas and Francis Bacon among others once drank here.

Must Have: Canard Duchine Champagne

Cost for two
: £30 approximately

6. Princess Louise

Where: 208-209 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7BW

Probably the best Sam Smith’s pub in London, Princess Louise is tasteful and ornate and keeps up with its high Victorian style. Right from the glass booths (each with direct access to the bar) to the marble seat toilets the place is a must-see if you’re in the neighbourhood. The brew is all Sam Smith and the food all English.

Must Have: Oatmeal Stout

Cost for two
: £35 approximately

West London Pubs

7. Dove

Where: 19 Upper Mall, London, W6 9TA


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If you haven’t visited The Dove in West London, you haven’t seen the West at all. The place has stood the test of time and ruled the pub life in this part of London since the end of the 19th century. Expect nothing but supreme quality of beer here from a brewery just a mile away and you can see its chimney from the western side of the pub.

Must Have: Fuller’s beers

Cost for two
: £50 approximately

8. Portobello Star

Where: 171 Portobello Road, London, W11 2DY

If you love the incredible Portobello Road gin, you’re lucky; you’re visiting it’s home! A beautiful, thin room with a wall-tiled alcove the place is picturesquely old-fashioned. Upstairs is the ‘Gin School’ where you can book a course to learn about Gin London’s spirit; and may be, make some too!

Must Have: anything made from gin

Cost for two: £40 approximately

South London Pubs

9. Crown & Anchor

Where: 246 Brixton Road, London, SW9 6AQ

The Crown & Anchor is a lovely little pub in the otherwise not so liked section of Brixton Road. They have a huge selection of beers and they regularly keep changing the selection of their incredible guest ales and ciders. Thanks to their ale, Brixton is gaining back its popularity.
Must Have: anything new on the drinks menu and The German Sausage Platter

Cost for two: £45 approximately

10. Mayflower

Where: 117 Rotherhithe St, London, SE16 4 NF


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It is well known that the Thames Path isn’t short of great pit stops but the Mayflower should be on the ‘Must Visit Pub in London’ list. The place has been there for as long as forever and was surely there when Pilgrim Fathers set sail in 1620. The place has the choicest of beers and ciders to offer and their traditional pub grub is a great hit. Sip on the their excellent refreshments while soak in the great view of the Thames and the spectacular London Bridge.

Must Have: Homemade breaded chicken breast burger and wash it down with Mayflower Scurvy 

Cost for two: £50 approximately
London has a fascinating history with pubs and with the assortment it has to offer, the city puts most metropolis to shame. On a bar-crawling night you’ll be spoilt for choices and while there are numerous spots that will remain a must-visit there are only a few that make the experience unforgettable.
So get on your chilling shoes, it’s an ales and beers feast out there!

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