15 Best Resorts In Bermuda

Bermuda is an island territory in Britain, situated in the North Atlantic Ocean.  It is known for having a plethora of pink-sand beaches which includes Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay. The Royal Naval Dockyard, which is considered to be a spectacular complex in Bermuda includes modern attractions like the dolphin quest at National Museum of Bermuda. Bermuda is an island with a combination of both British and American culture, which is very much evident in the capital city of Hamilton. 

L.F. Wade International Airport, earlier known as Bermuda International Airport, is the only established airport for commutation to Bermuda.

Bermuda being the attraction to tourists consists some of the best resorts to stay. Below here is the list of 15 Best resorts in Bermuda to enjoy your stay and the Natural Beauty of Bermuda.

1. Get a chance to stay in the lap of comfort at Fairmont Southampton

Situated on the stunning south shore of Bermuda, with a lot of pink-sand beaches, Fairmont Southampton sits on almost 100 acres of lush bougainvillea and coconut palms.

Amenities: Relax at the large resort pool, Dive in at oceanfront beach club, Tennis court, Indoor pool with Stream Spa facility, or play golf at the unique 18-hole par-3 golf club, enjoy a meal with over ten restaurants serving different cuisines at the resort according to your preference. 

Cost: $990 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults.

Address: 101, South Shore Road


                 Bermuda, SN02   

2. Relax on the oceanfront at The Reefs- Resort and Club

The Reefs- Resort and Club, BermudaImage Source: wikimedia.org

Situated on the Limestone Cliff, this resort along with luxurious rooms and suites, has a concept of residential living, providing guests with a class apart residence to enjoy the stay.

Amenities:  RESIDENCE-  Beautiful beach facing view, 2000-2500 Square Feet of indoor-outdoor space, a fully equipped kitchen, luxurious beddings, and fixtures.

OTHER AMENITIES - Elegant infinity-edge pool, Fitness Centre, Owner’s lounge with various games like Pool, Table Tennis, etc., Admission to The Reef’s Secluded beach, and many more.

Cost: $670 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults.

Address:  56, South Shore Road


                  Bermuda, SN02

3. Go green at Newstead Belmont Hills, Golf Resort and Spa

Situated near the Hamilton Bridge, the rooms provide a scenic view of Hamilton Bridge. The lush green gardens and golf course provides for a refreshing stay at this resort. This resort offers private terrace facility for an even better view of the bridge and cherishes your days and nights you spend at this resort.

Amenities: Private Terrace, Infinity pool, lush green golf play area, Fitness Room, Free ferry shuttle to and from the resort.

Cost: Ranges from $500 to $1300 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults 

Address: 27, Harbor Road

              PG02, Bermuda

4. Enjoy the old-world charm at Cambridge Beaches, Resort and Spa

You connect with the history when you stay at this resort.  Being 100 years old, it possesses the status of the best vacation resort in Bermuda. This resort pioneers in cottage-style accommodation.

Amenities:  Beautifully designed infinity pool, A roman style relaxation pool, Amazing in-house restaurants serving various cuisines, Tennis court, Rental services for scooters and bicycles.

Cost:  $550-$650 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults.

Address: 30, Kings Point


                 MA02, Bermuda

5. Experience the southwest coast at the Pompano Beach Club

Situates at Bermuda’s Southwest Coast, this resort offers a tropical paradise for the guests. With exceptional services and recreational facilities, you can have leisure time at this resort.

Amenities:  One of a kind shallow waterfront with a spectacular view, Watersports, Have the fishing experience here, Three graces day spa to relax your body, Fitness room and Gaming room to distract yourself from other things and calm your mind.

Cost: $500-$600 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: 36, Pompano Beach Road


                  SB03, Bermuda

6. Great hospitality at the Rosedon

Rosedon, with charmingly traditional ambiance along with modern amenities, is a great place to plan your stay in Bermuda. This resort provides a hassle-free atmosphere which is a must when traveling to get away from the fast and noisy life.

Amenities:  Enjoy a rejuvenating swim at the Pool, Amazing meals, 24x7 Room service available.

Cost:  $299-$400 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults.

Address: 61, Pitts Bay Road

                 Pembroke, Bermuda

7. Experience luxury with elegance at The Loren at Pink Beach

The luxurious ambiance along with the pure, elegant atmosphere makes this place worth a stay.  When we talk about 15 Best Resorts in Bermuda, this resort is a must. The rooms, suites, and villas are inspired by the European culture, yet do not lose their Bermudian spirit. The rooms with balconies and private terraces give a view to the oceanfront of Atlantic Ocean, giving it some extra brownie points.

Amenities: The best in class oceanfront to this resort provides a great view from every corner of the hotel, the in-house restaurants offer your preferred meal on the go 24x7, fully stocked mini-bar in the room, Fitness center includes gym equipment of all kinds.

Cost: $2400-$2800 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: 116, South Road

                 Tucker’s Town Smiths

                 HS01, Bermuda

8. Enjoy the refined atmosphere at The Rosewood

Situated at a location surrounded by beautiful pink-sand beaches and an epic golf arena, this resort shall give you a charming and elegant atmosphere. Occupying around 250 acres of spectacular coaster front, this is a place to stay in Bermuda.

Amenities: Famous for its golf arena- the enthusiasts can enjoy a session of the game here. Tennis court is available 24x7. You can enjoy a night at Beach Club grooving to your favorite songs with friends and family.  Ocean Adventures include diving, Motorboats to have a ride in the water, Scuba diving and many more.

Cost: $900-$1000 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: 60, Tucker’s Point Dr.

                 Hamilton Parish

                 HS02, Bermuda

9. A premier beachfront resort, The Elbow Beach Resort

The Elbow Beach is considered to be a viral site for the tourists. Elbow Beach Resort provides the guests with exclusive access to the beach and have their gala time. The resort offers various water sports at the beach. Spread over hundreds of acres, you feel like home at this resort.

Amenities: Swimming with Dolphins, Snorkeling, Sea Fishing, Scuba Diving, Cliff Jumping, Beach club and a lot more.

Cost: $650-$750 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: 60, South Shore Road

                 Paget Parish

                 PG04, Bermuda

10. Enjoy the Island at Grotto Bay Beach Resort

This resort offers everything one needs to have a pleasant stay during their vacation. Offering lower prices is the USP to this resort for an all-inclusive stay. 

Amenities: three private beaches, in-house restaurants, outdoor pool with a swim-up bar, balconies and terraces with ocean view, 24x7 room service, Playing area for children and a lot more.

Cost: $350-$400 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults.

Address: 11, Blue Hole Hill Hamilton

                 Hamilton Parish

                 CR04, Bermuda

11. Lounge in and relax at The Hamilton Princess

Bermuda is all about exploration and adventure, and at the end of the day, you need a place to spend time in peace and have some rest. The Hamilton is one of the 15 Best Resorts in Bermuda for a reason; it provides a comfortable stay at peace for you and your loved ones. 

Amenities: Surrounded by amazing tranquil island décor, Classic furniture, and fixtures, this place shall provide you with all modern amenities. The poolside offers an excellent view to the oceanfront, and you can have a gala time during your stay

Cost: $600-$700 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults.

Address: 76, Pitts bay road

                 HM08, Bermuda

12. Go stress-free at The Fairmont Hamilton

Fairmont Hamilton provides a great view of the oceanfront along with that of Hamilton Bridge for your peaceful days and nights. Fairmont Hamilton with its two resorts, Hamilton Princess and Beach Club together gives all fantastic amenities.

Amenities: over 1600 bar and 20 restaurants, Bach club, provides a place to party and get together with your loved ones, It provides all that a tourist/guest can ask for when in Bermuda.

Cost: $600-$750 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: 76, Pitts bay road

                 HM08, Bermuda

13. Get in touch with the world heritage site at the St. Georges’s Club

This resort is one of the 15 Best Resorts in Bermuda, situated in the UNESCO world heritage site of St. George, on the rose hill is a place to be at for your stay.

Amenities: three different pools with different views, Blackbeard’s Hideout- a beach restaurant and bar, Blue Hole Watersports for some adventure, and all other exclusive amenities.

Cost: $400-$450 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: 6, Rose Hill

                 St. George’s

                 GE05, Bermuda

14. Enjoy the nature at the Royal Palms

Situated on a tree-lined lane, this place provides peace to the guests and can relax after a hectic schedule of exploration

Amenities: Outdoor pool, Parking facility, Laundry service, great view.

Cost: $400-$500 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults.

Address: 24, Rosemont Avenue

                 Pembroke, HM06


15. Experience the private beach life at the Coco Reef Resort

This resort is set-up along a private beach, Near the famous beach at Horseshoe Bay and Bermuda Aquarium.

Amenities: Exclusive Bar and Restaurant, Outdoor pool, Play area for children, Amazing View.

Cost: $500-$550 (Approx.) /Night for 2 adults

Address: 3, Stonington Circle

                 Paget, PG04