15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways In Alaska

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Confusion all around whether to choose a destination that is unique or the one which is Romantic?

Stop at Alaska without any second thoughts. Located in the Northwestern side of Northern America, Alaska is the largest state in the US by area. With no official borders demarcating Alaska, it is a perfect blend of islands, mountains, volcanoes and shorelines.

The state faces a mild summertime despite its reputation of being cold and snowy with an average temperature of about 70 degrees. From its extreme north to its south, the state is an oscillating example of climate changes but assures to be an adventurous experience for its tourists.

1. Denali Fireside Cabins and Suites

Owned and built by the old-time Alaskans, Denali Fireside Cabins and Suites offers a great location near the downtown Talkeetna. It is just a few steps away from amazing locations and activities fishing expeditions and rafting tours, summer and winter dog sledge rides, ATV tours, the Alaska Railroad depot, restaurants, museums, pubs and gift shops. 

2. The Hotel Alyeska

Hotel Alyeska offers a year-round couple friendly destination with its ability to keep you dazzled within the arms of nature. With an annual snowfall of about 650 inches, it becomes a breathtaking experience keeping services like an Aerial tram, Saltwater Pool, whirlpool, fitness centre, Spa and Dining etc. It assures to be a perfect place of meetings and weddings.

3. The Historic Anchorage Hotel

Located in the centre of the Anchorage’s downtown walk area, The Historic Anchorage Hotel is one of the best experiences in Alaska with its nearby outdoor attractions. A day out to the museums and art galleries, shops and boutiques will make you fall for Alaska even more. Enjoy the local festivals and eat at the restos and cafes around this place.

 The sports Arenas, Conventional Centers, universities are all the major highlights for local sightseeing.

4. GrandMa’s Feather Bed 

With its welcoming and non-smoking environment, GrandMa’s Feather Bed feels like a home away from home. It has in its nutshell, all the experiences a couple needs for an amazing vacation ranging from the onsite meal servings to the adventures like skiing and hiking. A complimentary gym service provides a way to rejuvenate the mind and soul.

5. Tutka Bay Lodge

Located in the seaside community of Homer along the Kachemak Bay, Tutka Bay Lodge offers a view of numerous beautiful seabirds, guided adventures like deep sea fishing, ocean Kayaking, Tidepooling etc. It offers the visitors a trip to the nearby villages for the cultural and historical exploration during its operational season from May 1 to September 15th. Its cooking school allows you to try your hand at the global menu.

6. Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge

Offering the picturesque view of the tallest peak in North America, Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge is located on a ridge above the town of Talkeetna. 

With its mesmerizing river rock fireplace and the best-offered cuisines and beautiful antiques, the owners have the best experience to grant with their 40+ years of experience with the tourists. Its on-site restaurants, and local sightseeing are cherries on the cake.

7. Sheep Mountain Lodge

With its age old-fashioned hospitality, outdoor recreational activities, and spectacular mountain views, Sheep Mountain Lodge has been hosting the tourists for over 75 years. 

With the glacier trekking, whitewater rafting, hiking, biking and much more to do, the area is a mesmerizing one. Surrounded by the mountains, the restaurant is famous for its delicious and fresh menu.

8. Kantishna Road House

Located near the Denali National Park, the peace and serenity of the Kantishna Road House will help you escape from the daily modern life. It offers a once in a lifetime experience for the Alaskan travel with its perfect blends of scenic and wildlife beauty of the National Park and hiking opportunities. You can be dazzled by the accompanying moose, bears and wolves. 

9. Homer Inn and Spa 

Without compromising on the requirements of the Modern Day Travelers, Homer Inn and Spa offers Ocean Front King rooms, Ocean Front Villa, Day Spa and downtown houses to choose from. It will make you fall in love with Alaska with its perfect location on the bluff above the Kachemak Bay. Its art, food and adventure are sure to give you a memorable journey.

10. 11th Avenue Bed and Breakfast

With the walking distance to all museums, cultural activities, restaurants, nightlife, and biking, 11th Avenue B and B is located four blocks from the Downtown Anchorage. It caters to the couples needs of being close to nature while having a simultaneous adventurous experience. Its family style breakfast in the morning helps you keep yourself excited for the day and ponder over the shops and entertainment to choose from. 

11. Ocean House Inn

10 minutes walk from the downtown Homer will make you rest your feet in the Ocean House Inn. With its beautiful and clean environment, each window and frame you look through will give you a breathtaking view of the Ocean. The indoor and outdoor pools facing the ocean make it a perfect romantic destination for a weekend with its special provisions for event hosting and weddings.

12. Alaska’s Capital Inn

With numerous adventures and outdoor fun activities to choose from, Alaska’s Capital Inn will keep you occupied for no matter how much time you spend in here.  The grand look of this Inn dates back to 1906. Located high on a hillside, it offers the comforts of a home away from home. Its highlights include Helicopter Tour and landing, whale watching, bear viewing, indoor rock climbing, white water rafting etc.

13. Camai Bed and Breakfast

With its soothing surroundings, Camai Bed and Breakfast is a residential location on Chester Creek with the mesmerizing beauties like Bears, Bald eagles visiting the open courtyard. It is more inclined towards serving the Business travelers for over forty years to let them enjoy the guest office areas. It offers an additional hot tub to relax after a day full of adventures.

14. Pearson’s Pond Inn

With the best-guaranteed price, Pearson’s Pond Inn is the best romantic traveler destination. With the provision for destination weddings, it is the only Bed and Breakfast to offer on-site Massage Services. Its unmatching beauty and unique amenities like boats, BBQ and fishing equipment etc. can make your experience at Alaska a memorable one.

15. Hatcher Pass Bed and Breakfast

Located at the heart of the Matanuska Valley, Hatcher Pass Bed and Breakfast offers the comforts of home in a rented Cabin.   The local activities near the BnB like old Glenn Highway, Summer time fun and Winter time Adventures are once in a lifetime experience for tourists. Archangel Valley and Skiing are its major highlights.

If you are ready to be mesmerized by the beauty of Alaska and let your heart sway in the joyous and adventurous experiences, pack your bags and waste no time. Alaska is waiting to grant you a once in a lifetime experience with its beautiful romantic weekend getaways. 


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