15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways in Arizona

Travelling is a cure for any malady and so is love. Mix the two together, and you have a wonderful duo. Arizona is located in the Southwestern portion of the United States and is best known for housing one of the world’s greatest sights to behold – The Grand Canyon. Home to other marvels of nature with vibrant cultures of hospitality and tourism, the following is a list of some places you can map your trip on to make the experience a richer, more powerful and emotionally fulfilling trip.

1. For a five star experience at an affordable cost, visit Desert Rose Bed and Breakfast

Situated in Sedona, this bed and breakfast will greet you with a complimentary hearty breakfast.

This is a wonderful getaway option with a central location in Arizona with lush gardens, fountains and rooms that are suited to different budgets and tastes. It is an animal-friendly zone, is fully air-conditioned and has free Wi-Fi and parking space.

2. Pamper yourselves together as the Cactus Cove Bed and Breakfast Inn

Give your partner and yourself some quality self-loving time at this luxury bed and breakfast which has a swimming pool, outdoor pool, complimentary breakfast and free parking with all major facilities.

A thing out of the movies with Jacuzzis, private showers located outdoor with an eco-friendly atmosphere.

3. Enjoy scenic beauty at Full Circle Ranch Bed and Breakfast Inn

Full Circle has a lot to offer regarding a panoramic view and a picturesque location. This is a beautiful place to create lovely memories at.

You can soak in the hot tub, release your stress at the poolside, go for hikes and just let nature do its magic. It has all the facilities one may need and is at a 45-minute distance from the airport (Sky Harbor). An added incentive would be some shots worth a click.

4. The Vineyard Bed and Breakfast, a taste of paradise

Only described as a paradise in Arizona, this B&B is situated in the Verde Valley Wine Trail. Suites that take your breath away and lush greenery, entwine your hands with your beloved and sip some wine on their wine tours. The hosts are very welcoming, and a lot of hole in the wall dining areas are present to satiate your palettes with the explosion of flavours.

5. The Grand Canyon

How can you miss out the grand canyon when visiting Arizona?

This wonder of nature was a creation of the Colorado River long ago. The canyon is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world with depictions in popular media frequently. The weather surrounding it is mostly hot and dry with the summer swept wind blowing through your hair.

You can book a helicopter ride and fly with your beloved over the canyon with a breathtaking view from the sky, or you can enjoy a quiet picnic with your parent from the South Rim, which is a famous site for spotting.

6. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

A trip to Arizona is incomplete without experiencing this park that surrounds Lake Powell. It spans an area of 5,076 Kilometer of pure bliss. One of the most interesting aspects is the dual nature of the place as it caters to both – recreation and conservation.

This place has a lot to provide regarding adventure in forms of fishing, tours to Rainbow Bridge via boats and the massive glen canyon dam serving as a major tourist attraction.

7. Lake Havasu City – London Bridge

Located in proximity to the London Bridge, attracts people far and wide. It came up in the year 1978. London Bridge has been a nominee for one of the best tourist highlights in Arizona. The town comprises of 52,527. The bridge commences at Havasu City and extends to Thompson Bay.

The city has a vibrant boating culture that is active in September and March. The thrust is on fishing, triathlon (Havasu), a festive beer fest and the festival and fair of the balloon festival. Some other tourist spots include the wheeler park, the historical society of Lake Havasu, the renowned turtle beach and bar for some scrumptious food.

8. Havasu Falls

Centred within the lands of the tribal Havasupai lands. This scenic waterfall is connected to the Havasu Creek. The water has myriad shades and hues of blues, greens and turquoise due to the concentration of the carbonate of calcium. Hiking towards the fall usually spans around 10 miles, and Supai village can be accessed via mules and horses.

The mesmerizing falls have a camping site in the vicinity for which permit needs to be obtained and has a large number of picnic tables. A definite go-to spot for having a wonderful time with your special one.

9. Hoover Dam

This Dam has a rich history and dates back to the great depression which has gripped the world during 1929. Its name has been accorded after late president of the states, Herbert Hoover. This dam is in close vicinity to Nevada and Vegas. As per various statistics, about 1 million people traverse across the US to experience the enormity of what the dam presents. It is one of the historic landmarks of US.

Bus tours and tours via Grand Canyon are conducted and to add the zing to your getaway with your partner you can partake in the Heli and Airplane tours conducted via Vegas (You get to see the desert in all its beauty!)

10. Tumacacori National Historical Park

Why not add a little history to the getaway? Partners who explore together, stay together. This park was set up in the year, 1990 on the Sixth of August. The park is easily accessible and consists of a church, mission and museum. The history has the indigenous Spanish people at its centrefold.

The park consists of a wide range of displays along with a variety of books at the visitor centre.  Visits are also shown a film with duration of 14 minutes to provide a history of the park. A takeaway from here would be a very intriguing demonstration of tortilla making that takes you into the history of tortillas along with basket weaving. A small book and gift store is also present.

11. The Grand Hotel, Grand Canyon

media_gallery-2018-05-29-6-110875996__1__5d838dab914b3075e41dabbf195135c8.jpgImage Source: booking.com

This hotel is situated near the grand canyon. It boasts of top quality facilities like a swimming pool, restaurant, gym, business centre, lounge/bar and ready accessibility; This hotel is a perfect option for couples looking for a luxury stay.

The hotel boasts of various activities with a direct entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park that is just a mile away. The lobby provides a lot of books for the voracious readers amongst tourists and has an area dedicated to the vibrant game of checkers. The hotel is also pet-friendly, so rest assured of a comfortable stay for your pooch buddy.

12. Turquoise Room

No trip is complete without some delicious delicacies of the south. The Turquoise Room is one of a kind fine dining restaurant which specifically deals with American Cuisine. Some categories include Southwestern and Native American delicacies. This restaurant caters to all palettes with plenty of options for vegetarians. They also go the extra mile to deliver vegan and gluten-free items based on your choice.

Some of the food items that are a must try out for any travelling couple includes their squash blossoms, sweet corn tamale, quail, chocolate soufflé, tri-coloured tortilla chips and Hopi hummus. All the ingredients and vegetables are locally grown nearby and have a personal touch to them.

13. Cup Café, Hotel Congress

To keep up with the delectable delights of your Arizonian experience, one must try out cup café; The café is situated in downtown Tuscan. This café serves as a Bar, Café and Pub so you can have your party on your platters filled with delicious food. The café specializes in American cuisine with options and varieties that cater to all palette types.

They are very popular for their large breakfasts and an expansive menu. Tourists have quoted their huevos rancheros, fish and chips and quiche as some of the best they had so this is a definite stopping point for a romantic getaway.

14. Kimpton Amara Resort and Spa

This Resort and Spa is located in Sedona and again, encompasses all the prerequisites of every major Hotel, Spa and Resort. The property boasts of a well thought out central location. The rooms offer mini bars, robes and bed sheets made of quality material.

The Resort is popular for its hot stone treatment and their yoga classes among all tourists. There is a happy hour between 5 P.M. – 6 P.M. every evening and the resort offers a panoramic view of the red rocks that form an attraction of the facility. For all those looking for a time well spent in good company with good food, this is a wonderful choice with their wine hours, complimentary wine and an infinity pool.

15. Hotel Valley HO

This hotel has been touted as iconic and a treat to be in. It is also a recipient of the travellers choice 2018 with a Green Leader Bronze rating. It is situated in Scottsdale and boasts of a mid-century feel like to it along with elaborate glass work and grand patios.

It is highly recommended for its café ZuZu and the VH spa. Besides that, they are heavily known for a very interesting concept in the cabana room. Every couple needs a vacation in paradise now and then and this hotel is a perfect option to relax and tune out from the world for a while.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your getaway with your sweetheart to the wonderful paradise that Arizona has to offer with its wide variety of sites to choose from. Nourish yourselves, take a break and use this opportunity to add shades of love and warmth to your relationship. Arizona is waiting for you.


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