16 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways To Visit In Arkansas

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Arkansas is a major state situated in the United States. The grand Mississippi River thunders through it gloriously as it borders Arkansas. The state is known for plush scenery and abundant wildlife along with greenery. Nature is truly the goddess that pre-dominates the region. A getaway to a place like this seems to be the perfect way to spend meaningful moments with your special person. After all, moments become great memories when they are cocooned by the resplendence of a haven, which in this case is Arkansas. The following is a list of 15 places that can be covered if you are planning a possible visit in this majestic state with your partner:-

1. Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa 

Since the year 1995, Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa spread its wings under the guidance of owner Hal Barnes. The lake Ouachita forms a harbour over which this beautiful spa rests. It consists of some of the warmest, welcoming and cosy resorts.

For your getaway, you can enjoy rental boats that provide you with a Grand River tour along with wining and dining at lode restaurant. Tourists can also partake on a hike and biking along the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail. Canoeing, visit to the theme park called ‘Magic Springs’ can all be some of activities visitors can choose to indulge in during their getaway.

2. Crown Point Resort

This resort truly symbolizes facets of a retreat. It is situated in the area called Horseshoe bend and the Ozarks forming a true reflection of what a break should include. The resort is full of different things to do and activities that will get you up and ready to enjoy your break.

The resort comprises of an outdoor pool and is situated right next to the sandy white beach. The travelling experience can be further enhanced through Kayaking. It also houses two wonderful restaurants called Subhut and Cindy’s.

3. Gaston’s White River Resort 

This resort is for the adventurer and sailor inside you if one is into it. The resort boasts of a good 79 cottages with rooms that are available in all forms and sizes that will cater to different budgets and tastes. It has rooms ranging from private to double bed based setups and has a reasonably good surrounding environment. The resort is managed by Clint Gaston, the grandson of owner Jim Gaston.

The resort offers cosy fireplaces along with a relatively elusive and archaic eatery. Boating, Fishing along with a bird area. The resort has food to die for with fish heavy friend foods and a fancy assortment of wines that accompany all meals. The private set up is a perfect recipe for enjoying some quiet time with your partner.

4. DeGray Lake Resort State Lodge

This resort comprises of 94 rooms that are equipped with state of the art technology and all the facilities that form the crux of the stay. The resort has a fireplace that is tucked away in the lobby with an elaborate work of stones on its fireplace. 

Some of the things that can be explored over here include golfing, or more specifically, disc golfing. They also offer horseback riding along with the eagle lake tour. They also offer a breakfast buffet where the guests cannot stop raving about the delicious pancakes. Other activities include Canoe/Kayak/Pedal based boating rentals and cruises during the sunset.

5. Mocking Bird Bay Resort

This resort has been touted as an out of the mainstream resort with a quaint look. Besides the usual facilities the resort offers, the owners Frank and Loretta have been deemed as extremely warm, welcoming and hospitable hosts. 

This resort is a quiet one with a swim beach across the Brand New Dock and caters more towards creating a world away from the city hustle bustle. You can indulge in lake watching with walks across panning across the area. The overall agenda of creating a paradise is lived up to the fullest by the owners with many happy customers. Not a bad word has been spoken about this one.  Couples looking for a quiet time can choose the Mocking Bird Bay Resort.

6. Arsenic and Old Lace Bed B&B

This B&B is situated in the sensory wonderland of Eureka Springs. That image in itself is sufficient enough to invoke a sense of marvel and giddiness. The hosts, Beverly and Doug, have been credited by tourists as wonderful hosts. 

Various restaurants greet the area like the 1886 Steakhouse, Dairy Hollow House Restaurant and Inn, Fresh – The Italian Family Bistro, The Oasis and many more. Adjoining areas include the quicksilver gallery, Intrigue Theater, Frog Fantasies Museum and many other options.

7. The Hotel Hot Springs 

A three-star hotel in Arkansas vicinity, it offers a complimentary breakfast, room service, easy transportation along with a lounge cum bar. The location of the hotel is pivotal as it is usually a five-minute drive to any major part of the city. 

Hot Springs is in proximity to a lot of hiking trails which make a great balance between relaxed vacations along with an active outlet. They have recently remodelled in 2018 which has boosted its overall ambience and is swarmed by various restaurants at every corner outside it. One can visit the gallery in central, Ouachita National Forest, Artists Workshop Gallery, the Hot Springs National Park beside other attractions while their stay here.

8. 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa

Make your getaway a grand affair by staying at this castle of a hotel with complimentary breakfast and free parking interlaced with a staff dedicated to creating the most hospitable environment. This hotel is a host to over 450 wedding related activities all year around.

This hotel creates an aura of adventure by offering a regular activity programming which involves activities for children, a history based tour and spa. The hotel boasts of grandiose hiking and walking trails and for couples looking for an experience coming close to being the queen and king for the getaway, the crescent hotel is your go-to choice.

9. The Chancellor Hotel 

A wonderful choice for a leisurely visit with your partner, with 207 fully furnished rooms with the state of art decoration and service, the chancellor hotel will make for a grand getaway with your partner that will leave you feeling like a Hollywood power couple.

The hotel is centred in the North Western portion of Arkansas. Must visit sites include the Town Square, Dickinson St. along with shuttle services that work within a distance covering five miles. Thus, the chancellor hotel goes out its way to connect the tourists to the overall cultural hub that Arkansas is.

10. William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum 

The centre named after President Clinton is constructed on top of the Arkansas River. The museum houses various local events that span across the city within its confines.

The museum makes for an interesting journey to embark on, hand in hand with your partner as it stands as a brave effort to recapture the essence of the presidential office with detailed information on the presidential family with a stark replica of the actual oval office. After a visit to the museum, couples can visit the Arkansas River with various little food joints around it.

11. Bull Shoals Lake 

The Bull Shoals Lake constitutes one the biggest lakes that are a part of the White River. A part of the Bull Shoals State Park, the river has been labelled as crystal clear with no heavy boat traffic that allows for a smooth passage across it.

Tourists and couple that are planning to visit it will find the area devastatingly beautiful with the lake sunset forming a major aspect that attracts travellers. Many people have touted the Pontoon Tour as something that one cannot go back without experiencing. There are also facilities for one to camp near the lake forming some simple but beautiful bonding experiences one can experience during a getaway.

12. Village Creek State Park

Crowly’s Ridge forms some of the unique areas that can in found in Arkansas. It is one out of the five state parks under Arkansas belt and also doubles up as the second largest state park over here.

Fishing, Boating, Pedal boating and baiting are some of the interesting activities one can explore over there and right across in one of the ridges lay campsites and cabins that are fully furnished. Those looking for a close experience with Arkansas’ lush greenery can definitely consider this. There, also is one golf course across the area where one can practice and indulge in a good old gold match with their partners.

13. Theatre Squared 

Theatre Squared has pioneered national and international works in the theatre that have reached a far and wide audience. This has been deemed as one of the most influential theatres that are emerging within America with massive potential.

Couples can enjoy the talent that the theatre has to offer which has two enormous theatres and spaces for rehearsals. They can also indulge in quick bites in the café situated within the theatre, which has been recognized for its potential to transform the American experience of theatre. A little bit of culture into a getaway makes it all the more lovely.

14. Museum of Native American History 

The Museum makes for a fascinating experience as it attempts to recreate what life looked like for the first native inhabitants of American soil.

Various artefacts, beads, pottery based products, beaded clothes along with supplementation through videos and articles. A gift shop situated inside makes for a quaint delight with books, jewellery and other items becoming some memorable memento.

15. Botanical Garden of the Ozarks 

Featuring a garden that has 12 themes, fauna and flora native to region thrive and flourish over here. Even as you enter the area, the look is absolutely sweeping in nature; its resplendence is a visual delight for couples.

The only botanical garden in Arkansas, this place is very well known for hosting dinners, engagements, weddings, business meetings and so on. Grab your partner, put on your finest clothes and head to the scenic beauty that Mother Nature has in store for you at this place.

16. Anthony Chapel

A major constituent of the Garvan Woodland Gardens, the chapel is in the vicinity of the hot springs in Lake Hamilton.  Visitors need to enter the centre known as the welcome centre and pay a small fee.

From the glass enclosure, one can walk towards the chapel which is an architectural marvel when one observes the intricacies of construction carefully. It looks like a work of art. It is open to everyone but closed for the public when reserved for private events like weddings. It can be a wonderful place to walk around, specifically during the early mornings and late evenings.


Travelling at any point in time is an elevating experience for anyone and anybody. Combine that with your favourite person in the world, your partner and lover, it just adds on another realm of joyousness into the experience. Start packing already because Arkansas, its lakes and the scenic beauty is calling you. Start planning a trip already!



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