15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways In Colorado

By Swathi Ramaswamy on May 31, 2018
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The climate is fresh in Colorado, as well as the seasons are one of the state's best highlights. Here, you can genuinely appreciate a spring, summer, fall, and winter to its fullest. Experience the profound oranges and reds of fall foliage, ski down the frigid inclines in the winter, play in the spring precipitation, and relax in the summer sun.


Here are some of the best romantic getaways of Colorado for couples:

1. Viceroy Snowmass

At this extravagant resort in Aspen, you and your cherished one will discover genuine regular happiness. Regardless of whether you need to ski on one of the world's finest ski mountains, where the Viceroy simply happens to be found, or you simply need to escape into the new outdoors, this resort has the ideal getaway for couples. 

  • A ski-in and ski-out in winters.
  • A rejuvenating exfoliating bath for 30 minutes.  

2. Westin Riverfront Resort And Spa

As the name suggests, this resort has a front seat to the water along Vail-Beaver Creek. The magnificent views supplemented with the mesmerizing sounds and feel of the waterfront make for an inside and out peaceful hotel encounter.

  • Indulge your soul in 27000 sq./ft spa, named Anjali. 
  • Get mesmerized in Rocky Mountain Journey, a river stone massage and a lot more.

3. Gateway Canyon Resort

The Gateway Canyons Resort really pays praise to exploration, and opportunity in the West. Self-depicted as found "where the planet has opened up to recount its story," this resort fills in as a lavish home base filled by "adventure, natural wonder, and untouched findings as yet lying in pause." 

  • Indulge in horseback rides, With your partner. 
  • The resort offers a bed in breakfast and a home type lunch.

4. Dunton Hot Springs

At Dunton Hot Springs, a quiet desert garden anticipates you and your special somebody. You'll pick your cabin in the mountains, isolated from the people, stresses, and hints of the world outside. All the cabins are authentically hand-built homes. 

  • They offer bed and breakfast and home-like lunch and dinner. 
  • the spa offers rejuvenating treatments 

5. Vail Cascade Resort & Spa

Ever seen those model towns that individuals set up around Christmas, showing snow-sprinkled housetops and packaged up angels, birds, and ice skating, at that point, you'll recognize what the Vail Cascade resembles. 

This delightful town in the Rockies is unrealistic.

  • They offer private condos, with bed and breakfast, near your own fireplace. 
  • Have long walk near the mesmerizing mountains.

6. Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort

At this mountain escape, you can de-stress in common hot springs all year. These hot springs rise out of the ground at 120˚F at the source and reach down to around 100˚F over the ground the ideal temperature for a hot tub shaped by nature.

  • An unquestionable requirement do at Mount Princeton Resort is absorbing the Chalk Creek, Hot Springs
  • enjoy the majestic hot springs with foot dept for an awesome experience.

7. The Little Nell

This 5-Star and 5-Diamond hotel in Aspen has passion in their hospitality. At the Little Nell, you can spend all day skiing, but when you come back, it’s all luxury. In fact, visitors have even called the Little Nell “the Aspen of Aspen.”

  • Enjoy the exclusive ski in and ski out. 
  • Indulge yourself in world-class cuisine and more than 20000 bottles of wine. 

8. Hotel Teatro

When you visit Colorado, you need to visit Denver. This hip and energetic city has a laid-back and outdoorsy vibe that you simply don't discover anyplace else. What's more, to take it up a score, convey your sweetheart to Hotel Teatro, a memorable inn right in the clamoring downtown.

  • Enjoy the rainforest 
  • Cherish the majestic view of the Rocky Mountains
  • Dive into the gourmet cuisines 

9. Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Cheyenne Mountain acts as a beacon of tourism for every occasion, especially romantic getaways. This Resort offers more adventure tourism than other resorts; it indulges you in activities like white water rafting, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc.

  • Enjoy a romantic getaway 
  • Ballooning over the Rockies
  • Indulge yourself in all sorts of Adventure and fun-filled activities.

10. Sonnenalp

This resort offers state of the art infrastructure and fun activities which adds to its Alpine and European elegance. Sonnenalp also offers other winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding and ice skating, through all the majestic Colorado Mountains.\

  • Enjoy the amazing winter activities
  • Get fascinated by the stunning landscape
  • And also enjoy the marvelous packed lunch

11. Hotel Colorado

Just as the name suggests, this Hotel acts as a symbol of elegance or more like the symbolic representation of the beauty and elegance of Colorado. This hotel has been a legendary destination since last 120 years.

  • Marvel at the Italian furnishing
  • Enjoy the regal comfort of this legendary hotel

12. Ritz Carlton- Vail

This destination is best suited for romantic getaways, where you can live in a castle of your own with your other significant half. This beautiful hotel offers everything that you want, from breathtaking slopes to a dozen of boutiques, gourmet restaurants, stores, etc.

  • Live lavishly in your own Castle
  • Enjoy the stroll through unique stores and shops
  • Relax in the heated pool or spa

13. The Springs Resort And Spa

Just as the name suggests, this resort is famous for its springs and spa. And it is also home to the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring. It also acts as a historical landmine as it has ruins of ancient temples and cities.

  • Relax in the 23 mineral hot springs
  • Take advantage of the great activities set up the resort
  • Explore the Mesa Verde

14. Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort And Spa

This resort is the best place for mountain vacations and tourism. It's the perfect opportunity to take your loved one through the glorious mountains. Take a sleigh ride and enjoy an evening ride through the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

  • Realize your Mountain fantasies
  • Enjoy the romantic sleigh ride
  • Marvel at the view of the glorious mountains

15. Vail Marriott Mountain Resort

This hotel offers authentic mountainous decor, walking under an enormous chandelier of antlers in between the hallways. The mountains of Vail are nothing but Glorious and beautiful. Enjoy a fully furnished room with a fireplace or a balcony.

  • Enjoy the glorious mountains of Vail
  • Relax in the fully furnished and cozy rooms
  • Marvel at the authentic mountainous decor

All in all, Colorado is heaven to feel. Enjoy the high lands and mountains. Go for skiing with your partner. Enjoy the warmth of not just any fireplace but of each other. When a couple decides for a getaway, they prefer somewhere cold. Colorado fits that description in every aspect. 

A place where you can enjoy the adventure with romance. Go pack your bags and get ready!

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