15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways in Kentucky

Kentucky is state located in the south-central region of United States. It was originally a part of Virginia but later became the 15th state of US. Although famous for its chicken Kentucky has a lot more to offer than that. It’s a beautiful place which makes you feel alive due to its breath-taking landscape and warmth.

For couples wishing to go on a romantic weekend getaway, it’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy. The state offers you a host of activities and a list of places you can visit with your special one to make your weekend worth remembering.

Here is a list of a few places you can visit to make your weekend memorable.

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1. Griffin Gate Marriot Resort and Spa

Griffin Gate Marriot Resort and Spa is a heaven for the people seeking a luxurious getaway. It helps you relax in the midst of the hilly landscape, with the exotic spa, extra luxurious rooms and an over the board fitness centre. You can spend time at the golf court, tennis court or enjoy swimming in the indoor or the outdoor pool.

2. Ashley Inn

Offering more than a luxury boarding to you, Ashley Inn is sure to calm down your nerves with its natural charm. You can see the lush green gardens with horses roaming on them as soon as you enter the vicinity of the mansion. You can choose from any of the five guest rooms available to you as each one radiates sophistication, with private bath and a wonderful view.

3. The Brown Hotel

Rightfully declared as the Louisville legend, the iconic Brown Hotel has a unique charm to it. The most attractive part of the hotel is it’s classically furnished rooms with Egyptian cotton linens and European goose down comforters. You can enjoy golf, hiking, biking or swimming at an indoor pool near the hotel, with your special one.

4. 21C Museum Hotel

Hotel 21 C is nothing less than an art museum. It will make you fall in love with the artwork that adorns the interior of the hotel. You can treat your special one with a relaxing sauna and spa treatment followed by a delicious meal rich in local flavours offered by the hotel.

5. Montgomery Inn

The Montgomery Inn established back in 1911, will soothe your nerves with its two-person Jacuzzi bathtub. It has a romantic atmosphere with a beautiful wrap-around porch where you can sit and have a conversation with your special one. You can even go to sightseeing to the museums, theatres, bourbon distilleries, horseracing or the Mammoth Cave.

6. Pinnacle View Inn

The Pinnacle View in Berea makes you feel the beauty of nature. Overlooking the Red Lick Valley, the inn has four rooms which offer you utmost comfort. You are sure to get fresh vegetables and fruits to eat from the inn's kitchen. You can enjoy the peace and have a lovely time with your loved one in the lap of nature.

7. Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast

Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast is a hilltop mansion located on a farm in Brandenburg. The place offers beautiful hilltop view and lush green farm all around. As a couple, you can get package deals where they offer you picnic baskets, poolside or guestroom message, or even a whirlpool tub to make your weekend the most romantic one.

8. The Cliffview Resort

The resort offers you an escape from the everyday chaos of your normal life. The resort has a rustic ambience keeping intact the luxury. You can go rock climbing or zip-ling with your significant one or try some other adventures like horseback riding, canoeing, fishing, bicycling or hiking.

9. Green Turtle Bay Resort

It is a lakeside resort in Grand Rivers, offering you a lot more than just luxury rooms. You can get a massage, pedicure, manicure and other body treatments to relax. You can take your special on the yacht club or the gift shop located on the resort and buy them something special.

10. The Maple Hill Manor

Located in Springfield, it is a perfect getaway for couples. The place offers rooms with Jacuzzi and a wooden fireplace. The place helps you rekindle your romance. The place has its very on B&B's gift shop which offers you souvenirs made of real alpaca and llama fur. Don’t forget to grab something made of alpaca fur as a remembrance of your time at Maple Hill.

11. Snug Hollow Farm

It’s bed and breakfast situated in the Appalachian Mountains proves to be an escape from your daily life. It offers a peaceful environment in its log cabins, lush green surroundings and a cosy on-site library. The place offers fresh vegetarian food from its own farm for you to enjoy.

12. The Old Hashienda

Situated right in the middle of an old town, Rabbit Hash, this place makes you feel the old rustic Kentucky romance. At the right time of the year, you and your loved one and hide from the city life and have a good time in the lap of nature. You can even enjoy live singing or Kentucky’s famous barn dances from your own porch.

13. The Galt Glass House

As an exclusive waterfront hotel in Louisville, this place can beat all its competitors. It offers you best services and luxuries which make your getaway worth the time and money. Upgrade to “Romance in Louisville” package for the best experience as a couple.

14. Wigwam Village

The place will make your getaway memorable with its exclusive free standing tepee guestrooms. It makes you feel close to nature with its widespread picnic area with grills and large open spaces.

15. The Campbell House

The large hotel spread across acres of the area offers way more than a normal luxury hotel. It offers you a fitness area and inside pool where you can have a good and relaxing time with your special one. You will like the ambience of the place and the luxury offered by it.

There is nothing more important than the happiness of the people you love, so when planning a getaway with your special one don’t let anything slip by. Consider all the places and then find the best of them according to your liking.


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