15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways In Maine

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Maine is a state in the US which is in the New England region. It is also called as the " Pine tree state " or " Vacationland" because of its rocky mountains, beautiful waterways and fully enclosed dense forest. This place serves the best seafood cuisine especially lobster. If you are going on a trip to Maine, then experience the exciting coastal getaway or a forest cabin. The summer is the best time to spend your weekend in Maine because of the warm, humid climate. The winters are snowy and very cold. So enjoy your vacation in Maine. Check out the 15 best romantic weekend getaways in Maine.

1. Berry Manor Inn

Berry Manor Inn is one of the best Bed & Breakfasts in Rockland Maine. You can enjoy the most luxurious accommodations, all the modern amenities which you expect; you can just relax and chill out with the warm hospitality they provide, have delicious food with your loved ones. Also, there is a new rental which is the most romantic "the Rockland Talbot House" which you should check out and enjoy. You can enjoy the lighthouses out there, succulent lobsters and well known museums.

There are a lot of adventures to experience such as hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, golfing, biking, bowling, climbing, ice skating, tennis, beaches, cross-country skiing, boating, sightseeing bridge observatory and much more.

2. Camden Harbour Inn

Camden Harbour Inn is the luxury Bed & Breakfast and is one of the exclusive boutique hotels which is a historic Inn with the picturesque views, modern amenities and world-class fine dining restaurant. It also provides the best service and accommodations which aim of transforming your stay into a memorable experience with your loved ones. You can just relax by having a massage in the spa. Also, there are some special packages exclusively for the couples which they can explore and have a good stay at this place.

3. Moosehead lake Bed & Breakfast

If you want to just go into the woods, surrounded by mountains and have a wild and adventurous experience, then this is the place which you should check out. This is the place which provides great food with luxury amenities, pampering hospitality. After experiencing all these wonderful services, you don't have a feeling of leaving this place. You can just have the relaxed atmosphere and have a delight of unsurpassed sunset, then go on a private adventure trip with your loved ones.

There are various adventures which you can experience such as go on a wildlife tour & moose safari, pontoon float, moonlight canoe trip, seaplane ride, hunting, white water rafting, ATV riding, kayaking, canoeing, Mt. Kineo trips, Katahdin boat cruise, fishing, hiking, bird watching and scenic drives.

4. 16 Bay View

16 Bay View is the newest luxury hotel which transformed a 100 years old brick building into a boutique hotel which gives you a unique experience. As this place is located on the Bay View Street, it provides a shopping experience full of galleries and fine restaurants. You can experience warm hospitality, comfort and luxury with all the modern amenities. If you are a vintage person, then you can try out the vintage room with a glamorous touch and handcrafted cocktails, various local events with your loved ones.

5. Hawthorn Inn Bed & Breakfast

Hawthorn Inn is a Queen Anne- Style Victorian mansion with all the luxury and modern amenities which is on beautiful lawn and gardens. This is one of the best romantic getaways where you can have a lovely experience with your loved ones because of the cosy rooms, fine dining, library, breakfast which you can enjoy in the sun-drenched gardens. You can also explore the local sites, have some activities to do for all the four seasons.

There are various things to do such as foodie tours, Windjammer Cruise, snow bowling, visit saltwater farm and also you can enjoy the festivals, events happening there.

6. The Tides Beach Club

The Tides Beach Club is the only waterfront hotel on the Goose Rocks beach where you can enjoy the waves coming towards the shore from the porch and kick off your vacation in full excitement. After spending some memorable time at the beach, you can enjoy the cocktails with your loved ones. The hotel has unique architectural style rooms with all the comfort, luxury and modern amenities.

There are many activities to do such as stargazing parties, kayaking, paddle boarding, nature walks, beach games, beach running routes, shuttling.

7. Lord Camden Inn

Lord Camden Inn is a downtown boutique hotel with a waterfront boardwalk, finest shops, restaurants, amphitheatre nearby. The hotel is built with old bricks which gives an architectural style experience with all the comfort and modern amenities and also a pet-friendly Inn. So if you are a pet lover and you would like to go on a vacation along with your pet, then try out this place.

There are many activities to do such as kayaking, windjammer, snow bowling, visit museums and enjoy the local events.

8. Spruce Point Inn

Spruce point historic Inn is an Oceanside resort which attracts thousands of travellers all over the world who need a stunning waterfront and millions of memories on the Oceanside of Maine. It offers services and accommodations according to your own taste and all the modern luxury amenities. There is a special townhouse for all the lovely couples out there. If you wish to spend your lovely time with your partner along the Oceanside, then come and check out this place, relax and free yourself from the outside world and have a memorable trip.

If you are a water person, then there are many activities to do such as kayaking, sailing, whale watching, oyster farming, paddle boarding, fishing, harbour cruises and also more activities in the land.

9. Grand Harbor Inn

Grand Harbor Inn is a small and unique boutique hotel with all the comfort, great service and accommodations, luxury and modern amenities and meticulously designed to pay tribute to the well-crafted architecture. This is a perfect retreat and a romantic getaway for all the couples who want to create everlasting memories. Also, you can relax in the spa by having a massage and get yourself fit by using the fitness centres available. So come and check out this beautiful hotel and also enjoy the activities provided here.

10. Belfast Bay Inn

If you wish to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Midcoast Maine, then check out this place which offers luxurious suites, free WiFi, private dining room where you can enjoy and relax by having a complimentary breakfast. Some rooms are with a fireplace and old brick walls where you have a cosy atmosphere. There is a spa and also special packages for couples. So you can stretch out, relax and have a lovely experience.

There are many festivals celebrated here such as a lobster festival, antique festival, harbour show and much more.

11. Samoset Resort

Samoset Resort is a perfect place for couples who wish to experience all the comfort of home, who want to be a part of all the excitement and activities coastal Maine offers. The rooms available have some unique style and also gives a perfect dining experience. This is one of the perfect romantic weekend getaways. Also, you can have a romantic dinner with your loved one by having a seaside meal with local ingredients & flavour. So come and enjoy your vacation and explore all the activities.

12. Maine Stay Inn and Cottages

Maine Stay Inn is located in the quiet residential street with peaceful gardens, most comfortable ambience, exceptional hospitality and all modern amenities. The rooms available here are with some unique design and theme which gives you a more romantic atmosphere. In the morning, you can relax and have an interesting gourmet breakfast with fresh ingredients. There are also more activities to explore such as hitting the water in the summer and go on an ice skating, sleigh rides during winters.

13. 1802 House Bed & Breakfast

1802 House Bed & Breakfast is a place where you are treated like a friend with modern hospitality and charm. It offers a peaceful atmosphere because of the landscape gardens and towering pines. This place is the best for exploring coastal Maine. During summer, you can relax in the rocking chairs on the porch, and during winter, you can chill yourself by having hot chocolate.

There are many activities to do such as beaches, biking, hiking, sailing, lobster tours, galleries, museums, unique shops and some fun events.

14. Waldo Emerson Inn

Waldo Emerson Inn is a historic Inn which offers you a much-awaited break from stress, tension, just stretch out and relax. The room is made of old pine floors, elaborate woodwork, peaceful setting blended with historical charm. If you are an art person, then there is an art touch in every room which you can enjoy and have a peaceful sleep. Then awaken by a gourmet breakfast which you can eat with your loved ones. So, if you love historical art and culture, then come and check out this place. Here you can do more activities such as hiking, sailing, walk on the beach.

15. The Cottages at Cabot Cove

Couples who wish to hide out in a secret place can come and check out this place which has all luxury, modern amenities, exquisite ambience, fine dining and decor. You can just relax and have a gourmet breakfast with your loved ones. There are also many activities to do which you can enjoy and have a memorable trip.

So what are you waiting for! Go and check out these wonderful places, explore and have a wild, romantic, adventurous trip with your loved ones and make an everlasting memory.


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