15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways In Maryland

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Maryland is a state in the US which is in the mid-western region. It is called as the "Little America" or " America in miniature". It is full of beauty all around, and you can choose to stay anywhere because it is jam-packed with mountains, ocean, city or countryside. So you can have a wonderful experience if you plan to stay in this state. So come and check out the 15 best romantic weekend getaways in Maryland and have a memorable trip with your loved ones.

1. The Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa

According to your mood, the Chesapeake beach resort will pamper you and make arrangements accordingly. If you a city person and like to hide out in a secret place where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature by enjoying the breakfast with your loved ones. Here you can go for all types of fishing, beaches and enjoy.

2. Gramercy Mansion

If you want to experience the romantic weekend with your loved ones, then check out this place and have a wonderful day by having breakfast and just relax by viewing the beautiful garden around. The rooms are unique with an antique style, and they offer some special packages for couples. There are vineyards, gardens and farmer's markets which you can visit and gain more experience.

3. Dunes Manor Hotel & Suites

If you want to have an unforgettable experience with your loved ones, then come and check out this place which offers beachfront accommodations, cocktails at sunset and beach activities where you can enjoy the retro style of decades. You can just relax and stretch out in the luxurious suites and enjoy all the modern amenities. There are also many activities available which you can enjoy and have fun.

4. Gaylord National Resort

Gaylord National Resort gives you a unique experience with all the comfort and exquisite ambience, modern amenities. The view of the hotel is just astounding, and you can just relax in the spa by having a massage and enjoy the gourmet meal with your loved ones. There are several shops, restaurants nearby which you can explore and have a good experience overall.

5. Chez Amis Bed & Breakfast

If you wish to have an everlasting experience with your loved ones then checkout this place. This place gives a unique old-fashioned experience with fine dining, antique shops nearby with all the comfort, luxury and modern amenities. This B&B is a charming place where you can have a great conversation while having brownies and just relax.

There are various activities to do such as sailing, walking tours, watermark tours, boat cruises.

6. The Harbour Inn

The Harbour Inn is a perfect setting for an impromptu overnight outing or a long vacation getaway which offers something for everyone. This is the vintage Inn with maritime history, shopping boutiques, search for a special antique or feasting in the bay bounty with your loved ones. You can explore the beauty and local lifestyle if you check out this place. So you can come and have fun with everlasting memories.

7. The Columbia Inn at Peralynna

This is a boutique hotel which is nestled in a private estate and features unique blend and charming style, world-class modern amenities and warm hospitality. You can relax and have a green-friendly breakfast with your loved ones.

There are various area attractions such as you can visit Howard County, Clark's Elioak Farm, Centennial Park, Iron Bridge Wine Bar.

8. The Inn at 202 Dover

This is one of the historic hotels in America which provides dedicated service, luxurious accommodations and all the modern amenities. You can enjoy the secret garden or simply relax on the patio under the pergola and watch the butterflies while relaxing yourself with your loved ones. You can also enjoy the food because of the fine dining. There are various rooms in the Inn with different themes. So you can choose the room according to your taste.

There are various attractions such as enjoy waterfowl festival, visit museums, hunting, fishing, sailing, kayaking and canoeing.

9. Wisp Resort

If you want to spend an adventurous romantic weekend with your loved ones, then go and check out this place. You can just relax in one of the luxurious suites and stretch out for a while by having a gourmet breakfast. Also, this place is filled with more number of activities which is ever ending. 

There are various activities to do such as spider monkey adventure, flying squirrel canopy tour, mountain coaster, archery, mountain biking, Segway tours, white water rafting, kayaking, snow tubing and much more to do.

10. Princess Royale Resort

The resort is fully on beaches which gives you full access to the white sandy beaches of the East Coast. You can enjoy all the luxury and relax in the whirlpool, sauna, indoor pool. There are various events which will happen in this resort which you can stretch out and enjoy.

11. Inn at the black olive

This is the modern hotel with friendly accommodations and services. It provides all the comfort; you can just relax and chill out in the cosy atmosphere. There are many rooms and suites available with fine dining and exquisite elegance and charm. So if you wish to spend in a lovely atmosphere with your loved ones then check out this Inn where you can have a memorable experience.

12. Great Oak Manor

If you wish to spend a special time with your loved ones, then check out this place. This place has its charm where you can relax, take a bicycle ride along the countryside, explore the water from the private beach. There are some activities to do such as kayaking, paddle boarding and canoeing.

13. Tidewater Inn

Tidewater Inn is the luxurious hotel with premier guest rooms and suites, great service and accommodations, all the modern amenities with warm hospitality. This is one of the hotels where you will feel royal and enter into the world of luxury. You can enjoy the most delicious food served here by relaxing. You can all have a massage in the world-class spa.

14. Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay

This place is a pure romance and bliss. You can enjoy everything such as golfing, luxury and water. There is a beach, yoga studio, tennis court where you can play and relax. Then for golf lovers, this is a good place to check out because of the large golfing area. So golf lovers go and have a good experience with your loved ones.

15. Inn at Herrington Harbour

This is the perfect place with the oceanfront and marina just directly behind. You can have a memorable experience with your loved ones. There is a private lounge where you can enjoy, relax and go for boating, crabbing, play volleyball, dine at the restaurant. So go and check out this place and have a lifetime experience.


So, what are you waiting for! Go and explore the places in Maryland and have a fantastic and lovely weekend with your loved ones, make your trip memorable.


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