15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways in Nevada

Nevada- A place that brings to our minds the location which is considered the best for getaways- Las Vegas! 

Las Vegas, in Nevada, is a dream getaway for any couple. One of the most luxurious and marvellous places in the USA!! The Las Vegas strip immediately comes to the mind of people, when they hear the word Nevada. It is considered one of the best romantic getaways because “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. 

Nevada’s landscape is marked by deserts and mountains, both of which are majestic in their own rights. Springs and mountain lakes add a unique dimension to the fantastic beauty of Nevada and offer many hidden getaways, which you will not witness anywhere. Nevada offers all the love-struck couples an incredible opportunity to spend some quality time together at some of the most exotic and romantic getaways in the state.

Here are some of the best Romantic Getaways in Nevada that are a must visit for every couple wishing to have a romantic experience of a lifetime.

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1. New York-New York

New York-New York is a famous inn and casino located in Las Vegas. It is an ideal location for couples looking for a mix of fun and relaxation during their holiday. New York-New York offers a variety of rooms and suites including one-room extravagance suites and one-room penthouses, for the couples who want to enjoy their getaway by celebrating the good life, in New York-New York style.

There are delicious cuisines on offer from the various restaurants to satiate the appetite of guests deliciously. They also offer casino, spa and salon services which can be enjoyed by guests at their leisure. 

2. Elara

Elara is situated in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. It is an impressive and rare 52-storey hotel with mirror-like exteriors. Couples can select from a variety of rooms ranging from a penthouse suite to a city or poolside view, as per their preferences. Visitors can even enjoy a home like a feel within their room, which includes a cooking area as well. Though there are no in-house restaurants, Elara does allow its guests a fantastic location to explore the nightlife of Vegas. 

Visitors can satiate their appetite for betting, shopping and eating at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino complex.

3. The Venetian

Situated on the strip in Las Vegas, the Venetian offers the most prominent standard room anywhere on the strip. Couples who are searching for rich and lavish living amid their exotic getaway to Vegas won't be disappointed. Couples can also choose a suite or penthouse if they feel like indulging themselves and get to experience the famous Vegas nightlife from a different perspective. Then the renowned Casino at Venetian is a once in a lifetime experience for anyone. The Venetian offers a range of dining options, along with a spa, outdoor pool and entertainment. 

4. The Bellagio 

The Bellagio is a dazzling and marvellous Hotel situated in Las Vegas. Couples will be awestruck with the majestic of Bellagio. There is a variety of rooms and suites for couples to choose from, with elite rooms that adore the separation of mountains of Nevada or extravagance suites where they offer separate living and dining areas apart from the fantastic sleeping area.

For meals, you can choose from a variety of cuisines ranging from Japanese to authentic American. Meals can be enjoyed in the dining area as well as in the rooms. Gambling is an amazing experience at Bellagio but, it also offers spa, salon, fitness area and holds it, a golf course too. Couples can enjoy the fountain show at Bellagio as well. 

5. Desert Club Resort

Desert Club Resort is an ideal destination for couples who want to appreciate the Vegas strip, yet at the same time are looking to spend some quality time together. It is situated a few minutes away from the Las Vegas strip and offers couples the choice to select from a variety of standalone rooms and suites with separate lounge rooms. The restaurant at the Desert Club Resort offers the guests an opportunity to engage in a heartfelt conversation while appreciating the quality of the food. 

The restaurant provides a wide-spread for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the option of in-room service.

The Gold Mine Bar and Grill serves all American classics. They also provide a shuttle service to the Las Vegas strip.

6. Atlantis Casino Resort

Located in Reno, Atlantis Casino Resort is located right in the middle of Reno’s shopping centres, dining hot-spots and entertainment district. Couples who decide to stay here are can choose from a wide selection of rooms, according to their vacation needs. There are three unique towers to select the rooms from, The Atlantis Tower, the Concierge Tower and the Luxury Tower. Rooms in each are unique and are intended to fit unique needs of the guests. 

Dining options range from gourmet to relaxed buffets. 

Atlantis Casino Resort provides entertainment options like no one else, including concerts, Casino competitions and free daily Cabaret shows.

7. Silver Legacy

Silver Legacy is situated in Reno, and it's a Casino and Resort, for visitors who love to experience the Vegas nightlife. Couples who are looking for their ideal romantic getaway will find that the Silver Legacy has both standard royal rooms, and also all-encompassing suites that offer the spectacular view of the Reno nightlife, and the famous mountains of Nevada. Steak and fish are the crowd favourites at the deli. The casino provides various gambling options including Keno games. There is always a live show going on in the casino for the entertainment of the guests.

8. Eldorado

Located in Reno, overlooking the majestic Nevada Canyon, Eldorado, a gambling club resort is ideal for couples searching for romantic vacations. Rooms at Eldorado vary from standard rooms to exclusive royal suites with dazzling views and amazingly comfortable beds. The restaurant at Eldorado is able to serve any cuisine the guests request for. It also offers the facility of the onsite casino for guests to indulge in gambling and have fun. 

9. Peppermill Resort Spa Casino

Peppermill Resort, situated in Reno, is ideal for couples searching for a relaxing and romantic holiday experience. Couples will have the Tuscany Tower, Peppermill Tower and West and North wings to select from when deciding on a room. Each tower offers something unique, from standard rooms to majestic and regal suites, with interiors that match their styles. They provide delicious cuisine for the guests from the in-house restaurant with an option of in-room service. Gambling in the resort’s own casino and relaxation at spa and salon are some of the activities; guests can indulge in. 

10. Aliante Casino Hotel and Spa

Aliante Casino Hotel and Spa is situated in Las Vegas and offers the guests a fantastic experience, ranging from visitor rooms to spa to gambling, clubbing and gaming fun. Couples who are searching for something simple can select a royal suite, while the guests who are looking for something more luxurious can enjoy a Presidential suite, with separate living and dining areas. Couples can enjoy fine dining at the in-house restaurant. The spa offers rejuvenating massages and couple sessions, while the Casino is an incredible place to experience amazing evening amusement, as well as try some gambling.

11. JW Marriot Las Vegas Resort and Spa

Just 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, this is the resort for the couples who are looking for relaxation and extravagance. Located amidst 50 acres of spectacular greenery, the JW Marriott provides visitors well-appointed rooms, which satisfies all their holiday needs. Couples can select standard rooms or suites or even a penthouse as per their choice. They serve hot buffet breakfast, featuring all American favourites. Couples can enjoy and relax in the spa and also have fun on the golf course.

12. Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas offers visitors a fantastic yet relaxing stay. Wynn provides a lot of lodging options including standard rooms and majestic suites situated in the various towers. The staying options include stunning rooms in the Wynn Deluxe Resort, and two-room or three-room apartments in the Encore Tower Suites. They offer award-winning dining options. They also have multiple on-site entertainment options including Gambling.

13. MGM Grand

Situated in Las Vegas, the MGM Grand is the ideal location for couples who need to be in the middle of the Las Vegas casino and entertainment district. It is also suitable for visitors who want to feel the energy of Las Vegas without going out of the Hotel. There are a variety of staying options available including standard rooms, penthouse-suites, and Presidential suites that offer a staggering city view. Regardless of what you are looking for, this hotel has something to offer for every visitor.

They offer an elaborate menu with exotic cuisines to satisfy every craving of the guests.  The Guests can also use Fitness centre and Spa for a relaxing experience. 

14. Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Hotels and Casino

Harvey’s Hotel and Casino offer every attraction of Vegas, right within its premises. Situated in Lake Tahoe, Harvey’s Hotel and Casino provide couples with extravagant suites and rooms with a majestic mountain view, and incredible rooms overlooking Lake Tahoe. They offer fantastic food from their 19 different restaurant kitchens. The onsite Casino spans over 80,000 square feet, filled with slot machines and gambling tables for visitors looking for the Las Vegas excitement.

15. Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch, located minutes from Vegas, offers the most lavish rooms away from the strip. It is ideal for the couples who want to have a quiet holiday but at the same time indulge themselves. The Green Valley Ranch provides all the Vegas-style entertainment in-house. Exclusive rooms are ideal for those couples who are on a budget but are looking to indulge themselves.

They offer a proper American sports bar grill and a spa centre located in the hotel provides incredibly relaxing massages

So, what is the fuss about? Enjoy a getaway at Nevada; hear the cha-ching of the slot machines in the casinos. Enjoy the remarkable performances at Hotels. It would be the most luxurious weekend you will ever imagine. Las Vegas will take your breath away and offer you a memorable holiday. Remember “What Happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. 


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