15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways in New Hampshire

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In this busy world, the space for romance is slowly disappearing, and the quality of relationships is on an all-time decline. It is extremely important in times like these to have enough space for some friendly banter, romance, intimacy and some good moments to rejoice in mutually. New Hampshire is located within the United States in the North-western sector. Interestingly, it is also situated within the New England region over there which is a town, so not to be confused with U.K. The town is symbolized by the mighty Appalachian trail too. More about this destination ensues now:-

1. Omni Mount Washington Resort 

This giant of a resort is an eye catcher and breathtakingly beautiful. One cannot escape the grandeur of this one. 

They have some wonderful activities that any honeymooning or travelling couple would love in indulge in like skiing, canopy tourism that is operational the entire year along with heavenly spas. Old style architecture and modern art blend beautifully to bring out its beauty. 

2. Hotel Portsmouth 

Hotel Portsmouth is hands down architectural marvel to look at, and it houses some of the states of art facilities that will ensure a luxurious stay. To top it all, it is also pet-friendly. It is an old Victorian household that was converted into a state of the art hotel during 1881.

32 guest suites are a part of this hotel, and it is the only place in Portsmouth that classifies as a boutique hotel. Many guests who have stayed here found it to be very charming and with scrumptious breakfasts

3. Manchester Downtown Hotel

A hotel that falls in the middle of the hustle bustle of downtown Manchester is perfect for couples travelling on a budget. The rooms in this place are very spacious and spick n' span.  The Hotel staffs are also friendly and amiable.

The location of the hotel is a strategic one as it is connected to all the major hubs in and around the city. It is also situated pretty close to the airport. The staffs go to great extents over here to ensure your stay so definitely worth a shot.

4. Sheraton Portsmouth Harbourside Hotel

With a large space allocated that almost spans over 13,000 square feet, the vibe in and around the hotel is critically beautiful. It is the perfect getaway spot because of its rich yet relaxed atmosphere. You can almost feel your nerves automatically relax as you settle into your suite here.

Portsmouth Harbourside, as the name suggests has lovely views of harbour one can witness from their in-house restaurant which serves hearty meals as and when you crave them along with the University of Hampshire in proximity. All shopping complexes and markets are in the vicinity too so a definite try out.

5. White Mountain Hotel and Resort

What do you do when you want to experience both a hotel and a resort? You visit the White Mountain. This hotel is located in North Conway which is a little further away from the village that goes by the same name.  It has top of the class facilities lined up for its guests along with rooms that offer panoramic views.

The Hotel in itself has a lot to offer with a massage room (private) available for those needing that pampering, Jacuzzis, saunas that will literally let you let off steam and stress along with gorgeous views of the Echo Lake and biking plus hiking trails. 

6. Residence Inn Portsmouth Downtown/ Waterfront 

Do you like starting your days with a steaming hot pile of delicious breakfast? Then this is your go-to spot. It is the only hotel in Portsmouth that boasts of a well deserved LEED certificate. With all the amenities one would want for a great stay, tourists have commended little efforts like adding cookies at the front desk as some small things that went a long way.

The management is extremely responsible in their job, and the in-house spa is definitely something you and your partner will relish. All the major sites and locations are nearby, and this is definitely one of best Portsmouth has to offer.

7. BernerhofInn Bed and Breakfast 

For those couples that are literally looking for a retreat away from the hustle bustle of city life to something quaint and heart-warming, Bernerhof B&B is the perfect spot. Everyone who has stayed there has complimented the innkeeper Jeremiah and Lisseth's hospitality like anything. It has 12 rooms that are equipped with all the facilities.

The rooms are well kept, and their wonderful golden retriever Paco will definitely melt your heart. There are a lot of nature trails one can embark on with all major sights nearby.

8. Black Swann Inn Bed and Breakfast

The title is misleading because this B&B is a goldmine. Why you ask? Good question. This B&B was made on a Victorian style household, and as the word goes, Victorian style architecture always influences your notions of aesthetics of beauty. 

It is ideally suited for a quiet retreat away from the world, and many weddings have taken place over here. The innkeepers are very helpful with guiding tourists and informing them of all available things in and around. Wanna know the best part? You get warm, delicious gourmet breakfasts- an aromatic delight every single day. 

9. Red Elephant Bed and Breakfast 

The moment you enter the premises of this B&B, the first thing that you will meet is a little pup called Brody and the innkeeper Rob, who is a one-man army. The place is absolutely spick and span at all time.

Hiking trails can be undertaken right next to this place, and Rob even goes so far as to pack you an entire meal for the trip. Something that just adds to the whole experience is the ritual of putting out one wine bottle every night which just makes it a true wining and dining heaven. Skiing is also an experience you can rejoice with your partner. Do not miss this one out.

10. Colony House Bed and Breakfast 

Colony House Bed and Breakfast is a recipient of various recognitions and has been nominated for excellence by the New Hampshire Preservation Award in the year 2005. This will assault your sensibilities with only splendour because of the Victorian element that is a part of it. It is also very close to downtown Keene. 

The breakfast offered to guests over here is expansive in size, and you can only hope that the wonderful food that you relish here will not expand your bellies into balloons! Such is the taste. Also, theatres, galleries, restaurants and trails are just at a walking distance from this marvel with such historical legacy.

11. Cranmore Mountain Lodge Bed and Breakfast 

This is paradise in New Hampshire, and as I write about it, I can only dream of some magical device transporting me there. This is a lovely place for you to take your partner to since it is cocooned by the White Mountains that make for a very picturesque view.

The price is extremely reasonable over here with a large number of activities in the Mount Washington Valley. Many families plan their annual ski trips over here so the atmosphere lively. Hosts Freddie and Claire will make sure you have a good one.

12. WoodstockInn Station and Brewery 

This is a cosy inn which is moderately spaced. A main attraction in terms if its food, the place houses a bar/lounge, restaurant, a shop for gifts and a small B&B attached to it.

The place, for the most part, has been given excellent ratings, and some of the food items every travelling couple must try out include the sticky buns, sweet potato ravioli, seafood chowder and the New York Strip Steak along with the cheesecake. I already feel hungry as I type this out.

13. Granite Restaurant and Bar 

This bar cum restaurant specializes in American fare and also has a wide range of cuisines catering to those who are vegetarians. The place also ensures that those people who are vegan or prefer gluten-free food.

Some of the must-haves at this place include the brunch, salad, duck, gnocchi and the delicious crème Brulee. Do not forget to try out the Statler Chicken and the Cranberry Cosmo. Don't forget this one as this place will purely indulge your palette.

14. Red Fox Bar and Grille 

This American bar and grill create some wonders out of food items, giving to you some of the most delicious versions of American cuisine that is possible. They take special care of guests that have certain specifics, so gluten-free meals and vegetarian food is readily available.

They have one of the most divine shipyard pumpkins on tap with the cinnamon rim. The lamb steak will also sneak its way into your hearts, and the icing on top of everything that this place has to offer is the delicious combo of steak tips, lobster tail and the barbeque ribs. 

15. Tuckerman’s Restaurant and Tavern 

If you want to spice things up with some chilli and also have the most delicious pot roast sandwich of your life, then do not blink twice and make your reservations right at this very moment. Situated in Barlett, Tuckerman’s have some of the most outstanding food that should be a part of your trip.

Some of the most delicious food that they can offer includes their prime rib, potato skins, shepherd’s pie along with the cornbread with the honey pecan butter are to die for. Go and give your palette a vacation with this delicious food too.


Besides trying the above which are a must, where you can choose your take of either a hotel, a B&B or an Inn cum resort, do visit the New Hampshire. The flawlessness and perfection of the White Mountains along with the comfortable and hospitable surroundings by the city, you and your partner will get a well-deserved respite, and time with each other that will be a source of a smile plastered across your face the entire year. So, go and start packing already. New Hampshire awaits your arrival.



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