15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways in New Jersey

Who has not heard of New Jersey? This beauty of a state in the United States of America houses some of the most beautiful beaches you can possibly see. The entire city is so welcoming and refreshing that you and your partner will lose yourselves in the beauty that this city has to offer. If you are looking for a special place with your sweetheart to a romantic getaway, then the following will serve as your guide into what I can imagine will be one of the best trips of your life.


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1. The Claridge Hotel – A Radisson Hotel

The Claridge Hotel is one of the most prominent hotels you can find in New Jersey. A long time ago this place was known as the ‘Skyscraper by the Sea’. One of the best parts about this hotel is the fact that many big names of Hollywood, the likes of Marilyn Monroe have visited this hotel.

For couples, this place has a lot to offer, starting with private limo rides, packages that cover activities like golfing and ballrooms that also host major events. For a complete five star experience with your partner, you must visit this.

2. Borgata Hotel Casino and Bar

For a lively ambience and some royal pampering during your trip, you must choose the Borgata. Many a travellers simply love the ambience that this place has to offer with the lighting, leaving you all starry-eyed.

This place boasts of some grand casinos and nightclubs that the hotel houses. They also have one of the best restaurants in the city and the suites are beautifully set up with all services at your disposal.

3. DoubleTree Hilton by Hotel Newark Airport

For those of you who cannot begin their break as soon as possible by hopping down from the plane and just crashing into your hotel, DoubleTree does it. Situated very close to Newark International Airport they even offer free rides by the hotel.

There is a lot to do and what is more amazing than showering, getting dressed every morning here only to be greeted by one of the best complimentary meals cooked by five-star chefs. This place is ideally situated with Cape Liberty Cruise port at an approximate seven miles from the hotel. So definitely bear this one in mind.

4. Resorts Casino Hotel

This hotel is the perfect destination spot for those who are looking towards getting to experience the summer vibes on their getaway. This place is an award-winning hotel with gorgeous views of the ocean that one can see from the suites of the hotel.

It houses Jimmy Margaritaville’ entertainment paradise along with a restaurant that goes by the same name. Besides this, they have a wonderful casino that will let the adventurer spirit inside you rise to the occasion. Perfect for an adventure for two.

5. Dolce Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club

For those couples who are looking for a prim and proper experience with almost every facility that is available to them in as sophisticated and we’ll maintain manner as possible, the Seaview Hotel is wonderful.

Not only can you both indulge in some golfing matches in their golf courses, but they also have one formal and one informal restaurant. Besides that, you can totally come out in the evenings at any one of the two bars that they house. So you can definitely try this one out. All tourists who have stayed here commend the hospitality that the place has to offer.

6. Westminister Hotel

For the traveller who is looking for a location that will suit the palette of every individual who appreciates modernity at its finest, this is your place. This four-diamond hotel has a different style to it which is very pleasing to the eye and also possesses a four-diamond rating under its belt.

All the facilities ranging from food to the set up of the rooms is out of the world. You can feel your senses become a little light and muscles loosen up; such is the hospitality. All the ladies reading this up, there is a gorgeous destination spa here so drag your partner and enjoy the bliss.

7. Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Centre Hotel

The longest uber drive that you will have to undertake from here to anywhere will be a really long 6 minute ride (I hope this lame joke still got you laughing). The Hotel is located in a very convenient central area where all major facilities that constitute a wonderful stay and getaway are taken care of by the staff.

Tourists who have reviewed this hotel often say that the beds over here are some of the most comfortable beds they have slept in a long time along with a wonderful restaurant and some of the friendliest front desk staff. The outlet city mall is next door so you can even shop till you drop.

8. Apple Valley Inn and Breakfast 

For the couple deeply in love looking for a sweet and old-fashioned environment will find the Apply Valley Inn turning into an apple of their eyes. It has a wonderfully sweet aura around that you can instantly sense the moment you step your foot in it. It is situated in Sussex Country within New Jersey.

The area has a lot to offer with various activities like golfing, skiing, wine tasting that is available in the different wineries along with a candy shop that is fashioned within the B&B.

9. The Mason Cottage Bed and Breakfast Inn

This place is a wonderful place to be in simply because it doubles up as both a B&B as well as an Inn. Everyone who grew up watching Hanna Montana can relate this to the theme song where she sings about the best of both worlds, and this place totally symbolized that.

It has a lovely ambience which is old fashioned and based on Victorian architecture situated in the historically significant Cape May. It is just at a block's distance from the beach and the sea waves along with very close proximity to all the shops and restaurants in the area.

10. Riverside Victorian Bed and Breakfast 

Interlaced with a little old fashioned beauty the royalty associated with architecture that dates back to the Victorian era and listed as one of the most picturesque and panoramic sites that New Jersey has to offer, Riverside Victorian Bed is definitely a place you and your beloved will truly cherish. The much respected and well known star and ledger have listed this as one of the most excellent spots one can be in.

In terms of activities, it has a lot to offer ranging from boating, fishing, rides in the hot balloon and a wonderful local market that can be explored. Do not miss out the wonderful experience that awaits you here.

11. The Inn on Holly Bed and Breakfast

Obviously, as you skim through this article, you can figure that I am all about the big hearty complimentary breakfasts and this place serves a delicious gourmet breakfast every morning. A couple that has delicious food together stays together for a long time! 

You can roam around the historically significant Pitman in New Jersey and is approximately fifteen to twenty minutes away from the Southern part of Philadelphia. You will get to enjoy private baths and just indulge yourselves during a much-needed break.

12. Main Street Manor Bed and Breakfast

My dear reader, by now you must be sighing and if you are not then you will because I am going to tell you about the delicious breakfasts which consist of food that is grown in the farms close to this place and served. Fresh food, after all, has a different vibe and taste to it.

Tranquillity becomes the best thing that this place can offer along with Victorian style royalty that will indulge your senses. A fireplace, a library and a lot of board games to keep you happy and satiated, do visit the main street manor.

13. Carisbrooke Inn Bed and Breakfast

As you can already figure, most of the Bed and Breakfasts in New Jersey have rich historicity that precedes it. Gorgeous and resplendent in every way, this inn cum B&B is located in Ventnor.

For those of you who would like to enjoy the beauty of Atlantic City as well as take daily strolls on the beach, do not forget to book this place in advance. The innkeepers over here definitely understand that busy couples need a much needed respite from time to time and go the extra mile to ensure that your getaway is truly an experience of its own kind.

14. The Carriage House Bed and Breakfast

The Carriage House is not extremely large in terms of space so those couples who are looking towards spending some quality time in each other’s company will find this place perfect for a quiet and peaceful retreat.

This place houses eight rooms in total wherein which two of them open into balconies with resplendent views along with four rooms where you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean in absolute peace along with four rooms where fireplaces create the ideal levels of cosy, so depending on what you want to experience, there is enough to choose from.

15. Fornosof Spain Restaurant

This restaurant is so famous that your trip to New Jersey will truly be utterly incomplete without a visit to this restaurant. The place specializes in European Spanish and Portuguese cuisine with decadent seafood. Special attention is paid to the people who are vegetarian food and other specific preferences.

Some of the must try out dishes that you can forget on over here include paella, salmon, cod, shellfish, sangria, drunken mussels, black rice paella and flan caramel. As a hardcore foodie, I hope that you enjoy this restaurant as much as I did.

To wrap it up, New Jersey is one of the best spots in the United States that you and your partner can get away in and magically disappear into a paradise for a couple of days. The ocean breeze and the simple fact that liveliness allows optimism and a refreshing joy to course through your veins, the very same is a definite thing that will bring you and partner close. Do not miss this out and do not think twice, the waves will wave all your stresses away.


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