15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways in New York

When thinking of New York, one can only imagine a typical urban landscape and will never consider it as a peaceful escape to rejuvenate with a partner; it comes as pleasant a surprise when couples experience the same serenity as they would when secluded in nature. New York is the best destination to indulge in vibrant activities during the day and unwinding in sumptuous suites at night. The following list will help you and your partner to choose the perfect hideaway for the weekend:


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1. Walker Hotel Greenwich Village

Situated in the centre of Manhattan, the Walker Hotel boasts an early 20th-century infrastructure for couples to experience classic romantic vibes. Apart from this, room rates include access to the fitness centre, so you can enjoy the sumptuous meals offered by the hotel while also keeping health in check.

Couples can dine at exquisite restaurants that the neighbourhood offers.

Couples can also participate in the free walking tours offered by the hotel.

2. Hotel 50 Bowery NYC

Hotel 50 Bowery NYC is the perfect getaway for couples who are into art; not only is each of its rooms super spacious but each of them also features original artwork. 

Couples can explore the art exhibit that the hotel organizes.

Witness the majestic New York skyline from the hotel rooftop bar with your partner.

3. Hotel Giraffe

Luxurious and modern, Hotel Giraffe offers couples spacious rooms lined with rich, artistic interiors with even more cosy bathrooms. The hotel offers free breakfasts and a wide assortment of wine and cheese for all guests.

Witness the live, divine piano performances at the reception every weeknight.

Explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art which stands only a few miles from the hotel.

4. Allie’s Inn Bed & Breakfast

Experience authentic New York-style hospitality at Allie's Inn Bed & Breakfast with your partner in the secluded neighbourhood of St. Nicholas Park. While rooms are spacious and have private baths, the suites come with private kitchens for you to give your beloved a delicious start to the day.

Couples can request for private spa-massages or treatments.

5. Casablanca Hotel

Nestled in the famed neighbourhood of Times Square, the Casablanca Hotel boasts soundproof windows and a perfect recluse for couples to escape to. It provides all possible amenities with free access to the New York Sports Club. 

Explore eclectic cuisines offered by the exquisite restaurants the neighbourhood with your partner. 

6. Crosby Street Hotel

The Crosby Hotel boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure offering rooms which are not only spacious and private but also lined with rich art. The hotel offers a wide assortment of menus to choose from for both food and beverages.

Couples can relax in the rooftop garden or sit back and enjoy movies in the screening room.

7. The Sherry-Netherland

The Sherry-Netherland is the epitome of luxurious getaways for couples who look for a grand recluse. Standing proudly in the Central Park area, the hotel welcomes guests with Belgian chocolates and a bouquet of flowers, and each of its rooms features intricately crafted interiors and furniture. 

Experience various services offered by the hotel from its hair salon to its fitness centre.

8. Bryant Park Hotel

Overlooking the Bryant Park, this hotel is another opulent retreat for couples to luxuriate peacefully in. Apart from offering designer rooms, the hotel provides access to a 62-seat screening room, private terraces and personalized training in its fitness centres.

Explore beautiful parks with your beloved in the neighbourhood or relax in the hotel Moroccan lounge and bar. 

9. The Glenmere Mansion

For couples looking for a romantic but royal getaway, the Glenmore Mansion is the perfect option which is famed for its history of being the retreat of actual royalties (yes, kings and queens!). Since it offers only 18 guest rooms, couples can be assured to feel completely secluded while also enjoying tailored services of the mansion.

Couples can attend the grand piano performances and also make personal requests for a performance. 

10. Mohonk Mountain House

The Mohonk Mountain House, located in New Paltz, gives lovers the opportunity to plan an escape into nature away from the bustling city streets. It offers super snug but spacious rooms and numerous opportunities to indulge in including a cocktail-tasting in the Victorian castle. 

Participate in outdoor activities like skating, skiing, or snowboarding with your partner or laze around in the indoor pool with your partner. 

11. Firelight Camps

Nestled in Ithaca, the Firelight Camps boast tents lined with modern amenities ensuring a safe and perfect getaway amidst nature. The campground offers fully-equipped and furnished tents which provide the same plushy feeling as any hotel bedroom. The camp provides free breakfast and special Finger Lake beverages.

Fade into the rustically romantic opportunities provided by nature itself or wrap around campfires with your beloved.

12. Library Hotel

The Library Hotel, as the name implies, is the ultimate reader's paradise with its interiors lined with bookshelves to immerse you and your partner into the divine world of literature. Each of the hotel's guest rooms, apart from having free internet and a minibar, are filled with books and literary artworks. Guests are offered complimentary breakfast and wide an assortment of wine and cheese every day.

Couples can go to the rooftop garden bar to enjoy literary-themed cocktails.

13. Edward Harris House

Situated in Rochester, the Edward Harris House offers bed and breakfast and a romantic retreat for couples who love learning about the culture, given its artistic neighbourhood. 

Visit the Rochester Arts/Cultural District with your partner and immerse yourselves in the palette of knowledge it has to offer.

Explore various other cafes, galleries, and shops in the vicinity.

14. Cuomo’s Cove

Amidst the ambience of the Catskill Mountains, Cuomo's Cove brings lovers the perfect opportunity to escape into its log cabins, from the bustling city streets. In luxurious rooms with private kitchens, cook a special meal for your beloved to express how much they mean to you; with not a soul to disturb you two, as you look out upon the scenic beauty, only nature can provide.

Relax with your partner in the indoor Jacuzzis or the private outdoor hot tubs. 

15. Brentwood Hotel

Located on the grounds of the historic Saratoga Race Course, the Brentwood Hotel offers an amalgam of sophistication and home-like comfort for couples looking for a modest recluse. 

The hotel offers couples the chance to explore Saratoga or the State Park on Linus bikes which they rent to their guests.

Grab the next chance to head off to the urban yet surprisingly quaint enchantment of New York and allow it to rekindle love and make up for the times work thwarted you from spending time with your beloved.


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