15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways in Oregon

Situated in the Pacific Northwest region of United States is the beautiful state of Oregon. The place is the storehouse of the diverse landscape of forests, mountains, plains and beaches. Despite being a coastal area, the climatic difference in the different parts of the state is striking. Also known as The Beaver State, it is home to enchanting artwork and many microbreweries. The main attractions of the place include Columbia River, Snake River, Carter Lake and the extremely famous city of Portland.

The mountains and beaches of the state give out a perfectly romantic vibe. So, if you are planning a romantic weekend getaway with your partner do consider the following options to make your weekend worth remembering.

Hallmark Resort and Spa, Oregon

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1. Hallmark Resort and Spa

  •  Covering two coastlines of Cannon Beach and Newport Beach is this resort and spa. The place attracts you with its beautiful and wide beach.
  • The place offers you luxurious accommodation with its sea-facing rooms and suites.
  • Mouth-watering cuisine, full-service spa and a well-equipped fitness centre are an add-on advantage of the place.
  • Go for the “Elements of the Sea Spa” as it offers you a range of body treatments and massages.
  • Make your trip memorable by buying gifts for your loved one from the local shops.

2. Wild Spring Guest Habitat

  • On the coastline of southern Oregon, surrounded by natural forests and ocean view are the cabins of Wild Spring.
  • Luxury cabins with vintage furnishing,  walk-in slate showers and modern amenities.
  • Privacy in the separate cabins in the middle of the forest and just a short walk from the ocean.
  • Open hot tub facing the ocean.
  • Witness the romantic sunset from the historic Cape Blanco Lighthouse with our partner.

3. The Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast

  • Situated in the remote town of Joseph, this place is an appropriate retreat for the couples to relax and unwind in the middle of the mountains.
  • Comfortable and furnished rooms with a vintage feel, beautiful artwork, and deep tub arrangement in the bathrooms.
  • Lovely view of the magnificent mountains and delicious breakfast and all day refreshments.
  • Adventurous activities like swimming, high altitude scuba diving, kayaking etc.

4. Cannery Pier Hotel and Spa

  • The hotel built on a former fish cannery screams luxury. It highlights the majestic beauty of the Columbia River.
  • The hotel provides you luxury rooms with modern amenities and an amazing view of the river.
  • Relax at the hotel’s spa and sauna or work up your heart beat at its fitness centre.
  • Take a walk to the Maritime Museum or take a bicycle from the hotel and discover the nearby area with your beloved.

5. Le Puy

  • With the primary focus on providing couples with a romantic retreat, Le Puy is idealistically set in Oregon’s countryside in the lap of nature.
  • Sleep in the luxury rooms and enjoy a gourmet breakfast at the hotel’s kitchen.
  • Discover the romantic area surrounding the hotel.
  • Enjoy horse riding with your partner while discovering the surroundings.

6. Arch Cape Inn and Retreat

  • A perfect escape for the couples in search of love. Overlooking the waves breaking at the shore of the Cannon Beach the place radiates romance and cosiness.
  • Tranquillity at its best in the form of steamy saunas, deep soaking tubs and cosy fireplace.
  • Elegantly furnished and spacious rooms with an over the board breakfast.
  • Go hiking with your partner on the trails of the nearby mountains.

7. Kimpton Riverplace Hotel

  • Relax and unwind in the modern luxury of Kimpton Hotel in Portland.
  • Be welcomed by warm and glowing lanterns as soon as you enter the hotel.
  • Bask in each other’s company by the riverside.
  • Enjoy a good meal in the morning by the riverside.

8. Timberline Lodge

  • Built at an altitude of 6000 ft. the place is a perfect mountainous escape for winter lovers.
  • Luxury rooms with fireplaces and elegant décor.
  • Enjoy winter activities like skiing or snowballing with your partner and take back a bunch of memories.
  • Relax while watching the beautiful snow covered mountains from the hotel window.

9. The Chateau at Oregon Caves: Providing you with a charming rustic escape the place offers you comfort just east of the Cave Junction.

  • Spend your weekend in a comfortable room with plush bedding and carpeting.
  • Visit the famous Oregan Cave National Monument and the Old Growth forest.
  • Admire the beautiful flora and fauna of the place while hiking through the mountains.

10. Diamond Lake Resort

  • A beautiful place situated in the heart of Crater Lake National Park provides you with an amazing view of the lake and the surrounding hills.
  • Comfortable accommodations, warm décor and modern amenities.
  • Enjoy a variety of cuisines from the different dine inns, cafes and parlours.
  • Go for fishing, hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

11. Channel House

  • Right at the coast of Depoe Bay, the place offers a relaxing and romantic environment for the couples to unwind and reconnect.
  • Soothe your soul in the country atmosphere and luxury of hotel rooms.
  • All the rooms have a beach facing balcony for you to sit and relax with your partner.
  • A hot tub in the balcony for you and your beloved.

12. Embarcardero Resort Hotel and Marina

  • A picturesque resort, on the beautiful Yaquina Bay, provides a romantic atmosphere for you and your partner.
  • Beautiful guestrooms with Jacuzzi tubs, impeccable décor and modern amenities.
  • Enjoy meals at the Waterfront Restaurant, with live music and entertainment.
  • Walk along the coastline and discover the local attractions like Oregon Coast Aquarium and Hatfield Marine Science Centre.

13. Baywood Shores Bread and Breakfast

  • Get a Pacific retreat for you and your sweetheart at Baywood Shores and enjoy the view.
  • The hotel provides you with two types of themed Suites, each one with a king size bed, fireplace, two-person Jacuzzi and modern amenities.
  • Relax together on the shores of the Pacific and calm down your souls.
  • Enjoy a gourmet breakfast delivered to your room.

14. Green Springs Inn and Cabin

  • Away from the fast city life, Greenspring offers you and your beloved a quiet place to relax and unwind.
  • Log cabins with comfortable rooms and private outdoor Jacuzzi.
  • Full privacy while being surrounded by nature.
  • After relaxing for a while, enjoy a delectable meal prepared in the inn’s kitchen.

15. Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge

  • One of Oregon’s famous rafting and fishing lodges, Morrison’s Rogue is located right by the River Rogue.
  • Comfortable lodging and an accommodation which feels like home-away-from-home.
  • Enjoy a host of outdoor activities at the lodge like rafting, fishing, swimming, bike-riding and many more.
  • Enjoy wine tasting at the nearby wine farms.

After learning about all these options available to you, I bet you will not want to go anywhere else. Try out these romantic places with your sweetheart and have an amazing time together. Relax in any of these places and enjoy a weekend away from the regular hustle and bustle of your daily life.


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