15 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Rhode Island


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Rhode Island is the smallest state which gives you unique experience in the United States. It is perfect to explore all the coastal towns in the Island during summer where you can know more about their history and cultural heritage. If you are a beach lover, then this is the perfect romantic getaway as the island is so flat and does not have mountains or forest areas. The climate here is so hot during summers and cold during winters. So, if you love small islands, then go on a trip to Rhode Island and experience the romantic places given below. 

1. Point Pleasant Inn

Point Pleasant Inn offers the time where you can go back to another era of life. In the lovely setting, you can enjoy the full gourmet breakfast on the waterfront terrace. They offer many amenities and also there is a massage & spa where you can get yourself relaxed along with your loved ones.

There are many activities to do such as bike ride, bocce ball, fitness centres, play tennis, swimming pools and visit gardens. There is a game room where you can play many indoor games.

2. Ocean House

Ocean House is a historic resort with a pinnacle of hospitality and rich cultural heritage. Their service will be great with modern luxuries. It offers accommodations, farm- to- table cuisine, spa and complementary activities.

The activities available here is you can learn new cooking techniques, taste number of wines, see beautiful beaches, do boutique shopping, lighthouse tours.

3. Weekapaug Inn

Weekapaug Inn is located on the shoreline of Rhode Island. Each room is unique with a different decor, and you can enjoy with your loved ones in a quite suite near the pond. It offers guests with all the modern amenities and luxury.

You can enjoy more activities offered by the Inn such as boat excursions, kayaking, biking, bird watching and roasting s'mores by the fire pit, wine tasting, swimming, saltwater fishing and many more.

4. Christopher Dodge House

Christopher Dodge House is one of the few luxury Bed & Breakfast Inns which was built in 1858. It provides unique accommodations and gives the best lodging experience. This place is located in such a fashion that you can do all the activities that you generally do on a trip somewhere. Then there is a romantic Gondola ride along the Providence River where you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Here you can go to museums, see “Water Fire" which is an art, go for biking, Roger Williams Park and Zoo.

5. Eden Manor Bed & Breakfast

Eden Manor is located near New Port which is a Victorian estate built in 1840. This is away from the busy city life and keeps you alive in the quiet atmosphere. It is very close to all the Rhode Island's beaches. So, this is considered as one of the perfect romantic getaways.

6. The Providence Biltmore

The Providence Biltmore is located in the heart of the Providence, Rhode Island which is a good landmark and also a place to explore the past. It is a perfect place for couples because of the spacious rooms and the view of the ultimate landscape.  If you love to have a romantic dinner, then this is the best place to stay. It also offers onsite spa and luxury retreat.

7. The Newport Beach Hotel

This is the unique and luxurious beachfront hotel. It has all amenities such as indoor pool, hot bathtub, spa and also offers two types of accommodations style, a historic hotel or a suites building. So if you want to stretch and relax, then prefer suite building. It is surrounded by natural habitat and a variety of bird species because of the pond available here.

8. Edgewood Manor

Edgewood Manor is the most luxurious antique style Bed & Breakfast with fabulous artwork. You can go back to the golden times if you stay in this place. Each room is unique and has all the comforts of home. This Providence offers more to the couples who are looking for the romantic weekend and has a lot of attractions nearby.

9. The Chanler at Cliff walk

The Chanler along with the elegance and warm hospitality provides a wonderful experience where you can spend your day lounging at the private oasis of miniature gardens. In the evening, you can indulge yourself in the tub and have dinner at the fire pit looking at the stars.

There are some activities to do such as art, film, dancing, fishing, biking and sailing.

10. The Break Hotel

This is the only boutique hotel with a distinctive stretch of sea and sand in the southern Rhode Island. Because of the vibrant interior and proximity to the beach, this place is great to spend with your loved ones. This is a place where you can experience the ocean views from your room.

There are many activities to do such as kayaking, surfing, skating, biking, fishing, boating and also a lot of beaches to visit, casino, play golf and many more. 

11. Grace Vanderbilt

Grace Vanderbilt is a most acclaimed historical boutique hotel which is near the Newport waterfront. This is the most luxurious hotel with a lavishing spa, fitness centres, indoor and outdoor pools. If you want to experience the vintage style, then this is the place to explore which offers all the amenities and comfort.

12. The Attwater

This is the boutique Newport hotel which is very colourful, attracts every person and brings energy. So we can term this place as Travel + Leisure. It has a modern theme and has all the amenities and luxury you ask for. You can enjoy all types of food here, and there is a spa where you can relax and have a massage. So this is one of the most attractive places you should try out.

13. Gurney's Resort

Gurney's Newport resort is situated on the Goat Island. Since it is centrally located, you have many activities to do at the museums, parks, beaches, shops, restaurants, etc. Newport has many local festivals which you can enjoy to the core. Jazz and folk festivals, flower shows, a holiday boat parade are very famous here which you should not miss out, happens during spring and fall.

14. Sea Breeze Inn

The Sea Breeze Inn is located in the Middletown of Rhode Island which has private balconies with the view of the beach and pond, each designed with unique features. This place is the perfect place for couples who need a quiet place to relax after having a whole day fun at the beaches, shops and restaurants.

15. Ocean Cliff

This is a fine resort to experience nightlife, beaches, Newport mansions, museums, Newport's waterfront. It offers a wide variety of rooms with all kinds of amenities. Then it offers a complimentary shuttle service, games, books and also the free movie rentals for you and your loved ones to watch a movie at night.

So what you are waiting for!! Go for a roller coaster experience, have fun at beaches, enjoy the cool breeze of the Island and be a part of the Rhode Island history and cultural heritage. Make the most memorable trip with your loved ones.


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