15 Best Romantic Weekend Getaways in South Dakota

South Dakota is a sparsely populated state of the United States, known for its rich native history and scenic landscapes. Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills and the Badlands National Park are its most popular locations, however, if you’re looking for something sweet and utterly romantic to do in this southern state, then just scroll down! A relaxing evening at a spa, horse riding, skiing, ice-skating, lovely bread and breakfasts and much more, South Dakota has plenty of destinations and activities for couples deeply in love!

1. Visit the lovely Strawbale Winery

Begin the day with hors-d'oeuvres and wine tasting at Strawbale and then fly away for an aerial tour of the Sioux Falls! The short helicopter ride will indeed be a wonderful experience; maybe you can steal a kiss or two!

2. Experience exclusive privacy at the Emerald Hills

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Surrounded by Black Hills’ stunning views, at Emerald Hills you can expect privacy at its very best. If offers only two suites, and those too are separated by a large common area. If you fancy travelling outdoors then one can explore the Rapid City or Mount Rushmore, as both are within a short distance to this lodging. Hiking trails, horseback riding or a sweet little picnic by the lakes can be enjoyed as well!

3. Rejuvenate at the Akela Spa, Deadwood

A serene spa is relaxing in itself, just imagine the level of comfort you’ll experience at a spa with your significant other! The Akela offers treatments influenced by the Lakota Tribe; it is Black Hill’s only destination spa. Do plan a spa-day here with him or her, believe us it will leave you refreshed to the core! 

4. Be a part of grandeur at Pierre

South Dakota’s capital Pierre is a suitable getaway to see historic landmarks, trendy shops and the state’s culture. At the South Dakota State Capitol building, you’ll see a vibrant display of miniature gowns worn by First Ladies along with 16 images of the Tree of Life. South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center, Capitol Lake and the Flaming Fountain Memorial – at Pierre there is much to explore for couples who enjoy sightseeing. 

5. Venture into the romantic darkness of the Custer Caves

A haven for rock climbers, hikers and cave explorers, at Custer couples will definitely rejoice. One can even sign up and tour the Jewel Cave National Monument which is the third largest system of caves in the world! Stroll on paved walkways, squeeze through tight spaces and enjoy a fulfilling dinner at Black Hills Burger and Bun Company, go to Custer to have one-of-a-kind time with your loved one.

6. Escape to the Spearfish Canyon Lodge for romantic adventures!

Surrounded by the highest peaks of the Rockies, this lodge has over 300 miles of lavish snowmobile trails and ski slopes. Additionally, it offers a Romantic Rendezvous Package that includes dinner for two, champagne, rose petal turndown along with the complimentary breakfast for the next day. This is perfect for newlyweds!

7. The historic 1899 Inn

An intimate and delightful bed and breakfast, 1899 Inn is located in Deadwood. This is a must visit for all the felinophile out there. One can easily spot gorgeous black rescue cats roaming about the property. Upon requesting, you can even cuddle with any one of the cats! What’s more is that the inn uses garden-grown herbs and spices for daily complimentary breakfast. With different themed guest rooms, an attic suite and vintage furnishings, the 1899 Inn is a magnificent getaway.

8. Ice-skating at Main Street Square, Rapid City

Gliding hand-in-hand across a crystal-like surface, with the person you love the most sounds magical isn’t it? You can experience this romantic moment at Downtown Rapid City, just ice-skate on a clear day or under the twinkling lights of the city. When you’ll be famished, run to one of the many unique venues downtown to grab tasty meals! This getaway is ideal if you both have little time to spare.

9. Mitchell – the small agricultural town

Is your special someone an inquisitive person who enjoys performing arts? If yes, then Mitchell is the best destination in South Dakota to cheer up him or her! The Corn Palace Museum, a trip down the Prehistoric Indian Village and appreciating numerous musical or dance performances at the Pepsi-Cola Theatre, the two of you can treat yourself to some worthwhile time at Mitchell!

10. Drop by Sioux Falls for seeing breathtaking beauty!


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This one is for the nature-loving couples, located near the Big Sioux River; this getaway offers multiple outdoor activities. Check out the Falls Park, enjoy a picnic at the base of the trails or drown yourself in the World War II history at the USS South Dakota Battleship Museum or ski at the Great Bear Recreational Park - adventure enthusiast couples are sure to have a blast here!

11. Visit the Sweetgrass Inn Bed & Breakfast for

Located in the marvellous Black Hills in South Dakota, this B&B is centered between the rural landscape and city shops. A perfect place to rest if you want the best of both worlds! Prime tourist spots like the Hot Springs and Deadwood are just a few minutes from Sweetgrass. Take breakfasts to your room in this secluded space with a total of eight rooms at the lodging.

12. Frontier Cabins: A perfect mix of traditional and modern means

Less than 10 miles from the Badlands National Park, these cabins offer an opportunity to relish in traditional log cabins that are decorated with wooden furniture and pine panels. There are some great people who just can’t leave technology behind, well, good news for them as a facility of Wi-Fi and television is provided here! Complimentary breakfast each day coupled with rustic, scenic beauty, we are sure you’ll have an amazing time here!

13. Visit the Canyon Lake Resort if cooking is what you both like!

What makes this resort unique is its facility of a usable kitchen, microwave or stone oven in every guest room or cabin. Indulge in late night cooking or maybe a food fight in this beautiful resort situated in the Rapid City. Surrounded by South Dakota’s the Black Hills and located just near the Canyon Lake (as evident from the name!), the resort also offers paddleboat usage to all guest, an outdoor pool along with hiking spaces. A sweet retreat with your Mr. or Ms. Right, isn’t it?

14. Do you fancy the Victorian era? If yes, then visit Prairie House Manor

Nestled in the picturesque prairie town De Smet, this manor house totally gives off those elegant and polished Victorian feels! Each of the six rooms here has its own theme, colour and décor, moreover, this magnificent edifice was also an inspiration for the Little House on the Prairie books. With plenty to explore in and around the manor and facility of all kinds of outdoor activities, the Prairie House Manor is a lovely place to spend quality time with your significant other!

15. Visit the Dakota Dream Bed and Breakfast for those homely feels!

The Dakota Dream Bed and Breakfast is for couples who seek pleasure in a home-like atmosphere. With delicious in-house breakfast such as pancakes filled with strawberries, freshly baked pastries and eggs & ham, this getaway is truly wonderful! This cute little place offers two separate guest rooms along with a one-bedroom cabin. Interestingly, it also provides a ‘Horse Hotel’, if you know any lovebirds who travel with their horses, do recommend this awesome B&B to them! One can wander in the surrounding Black Hills, Custer State Park or the Crazy Horse Memorial when staying here. 

South Dakota has something for each taste; whether your woman likes ice-skating or your man relishes performing arts, this state caters to the needs and desires of everyone! In fact, with so much to do, we think you’ve already started planning your short getaway. If you haven’t then what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and plan an exciting surprise getaway today!


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