Most Hip And Happening Ruin Bars Of Budapest

By Preksha Goyal on Jan 25, 2019
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When dilapidated pre-war buildings and warehouses are adorned with vintage furniture, contemporary artwork, fairy lights, a bar, some alcohol and hip music, the once godown becomes a quirky party destination. And no one does ruin bars like the Hungarian capital of Budapest! From parking lots and warehouses to old historic buildings, Budapest has turned them all into buzzing party spots loved by tourists and locals alike. Having pioneered the concept of ruin bars, Budapest’s nightlife is incomplete without these quaint destinations featuring quirky furniture and vintage decor. So check out the best of what Budapest has to offer with its antique and old, yet trendy ruin bars!

1. Szimpla Kert 

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A pioneer amongst them all, Szimpla Kert has mastered the concept of ruin bars in Budapest.  Mismatched furniture, dark ambiance and quirky artworks adorn this bar attracting various tourists every day. Housed in a once-abandoned factory, Szimpla Kert is the ideal partying spot in the city also providing visitors with an open-air cinema, free concerts, and flea markets. Take a seat in one of the rooms, smoke shisha, have some cocktails, gobble on yummy pizzas, and indulge in the hippie vibes of the bar. 

2. Fogas Haz 

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Rightly termed as the “party complex”, Fogas Haz is home to bare bricks, sparkling fairy lights, a techno club, vintage clothing store, a cocktail terrace and another ruin bar named Instant combining to make just the right party setting. If 8 dance floors, 15 bars, and live acoustic concerts are available all at one place, you surely wouldn’t need anything else to make for an unforgettable party story. That’s what Fogas Haz is all about- your one-stop party destination in Budapest combing the best of everything fancy and quirky. 

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3. Anker’t 

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A unique ruin bar with minimal decor and trendy design, Anker’t is nestled inside a huge former factory with large courtyards now hosting some of most cherished underground DJs in the town. Numerous couches, funky artwork, a huge dance floor, and a beach themed square make Anker’t an upbeat party spot worth visiting in Budapest. So soak in the laid-back vibes and don’t forget to look out for the cultural events, film screenings, and the vegan market for some delicious treats! 

4. Mazel Tov 

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Unlike most ruin bars in Budapest, this one has matching furniture and designer decor making for one of the most vibrant and stylish bars Budapest has in store. One part of the bar is an arts center, other an eatery and yet another is the perfect garden spot for night parties. Visit this bar to relish the traditional Jewish cuisine, dance with the DJs and enjoy the live entertainment best complimenting the vibes of the place. Well, what else do you need? 

5. Csendes Vintage Bar & Cafe 

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Bizarre as it may seem, the Csendes Vintage Bar & Cafe features many things creepy- from dolls and mannequins to vintage toys and hobby horse all literally hanging from the wall above your head. However, what makes this bar and cafe a popular spot are the laid-back vibes, fancy chandeliers, and abstract drawings on the wall which give this place a civilized, yet vibrant ambiance unlike other ruin bars in the city. The perfect hideout destination, Csende Vintage Bar & Cafe with its cultural programs, the variety of alcoholic beverages and the chill atmosphere is not to be missed in Budapest. 

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6. Ellato Kert 

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Popular for the scrumptious Mexican dishes, authentic ruin-bar vibes, and the pink vodka shots named pinky, Ellato Kert, located near the Kazinczy Street is a delightful oasis far from the bustling city life. A huge outdoor courtyard, a pool table, art shows, comfy sofas, live music, and the extensive variety of food items served here are sure to make for a memorable night at this bar. So sip on some Pinky and groove to the tunes of the DJs while you visit Ellato Kert. 

7. Kuplung 

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Housed in a former car mechanic shop, Kuplung literally means clutch and makes for a sparkling delight with colorful and twinkling lights adorning its charm. If you wish to spend a relaxed evening playing table tennis, enjoying a live concert, and sipping on some good cocktails, Kuplung offers a setting worth exploring. Mostly overcrowded with locals, the bar’s murals and urban designs make it one of the favorite places to visit in Budapest among locals. 

Whether you are an enthu party person or you prefer the laid back vibes, Budapest ’s ruin bars offer the best of choices for every type of visitor. So head to these bars and soak in the hippie side of Budapest.  

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