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By Niraj Kakade on Jan 24, 2019
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I'm sure you've thought about bringing souvenirs home while you're traveling abroad. But bringing a snow globe Eiffel Tower is bit clichéd, isn't it? How do you capture the essence of the place without being labeled boring? If you want to be unique and show off a bit in front of your friends, follow our list of the top souvenirs from Europe!

1) Delft Pots in Amsterdam

Regarded as one of the best cities in Europe, this Dutch capital has a lot to offer. From weed cafes to the (in)famous red light areas! But we're sure you can't bring either of those things home as a souvenirs. So how about some Delft Pottery? Each piece of pottery is unique in style and in color and is hand painted by experienced painters. Your own customized souvenir is exactly what will get your friends and family oohing and aahing! Know more about Origins of Delftware

2) Macarons from France

Unless you're a master thief who can steal the Mona Lisa from The Louvre or a brilliant magician who can make the Eiffel Tower disappear and reappear in your backyard there aren't many souvenirs you can get from France except the I love Paris' t-shirts of course. But if you really want your friends to love you we'd suggest you get some Macaron cookies. They won't last long but macaron cookies are a wonderful and most scrumptious souvenir to bring back from France. Know where to buy the best Macaron Cookies in Paris

3) Erpet Bohemia Crystal from Prague

I think we all can agree that Prague is a beautiful city. But how do you capture that beauty and bring it home? Photos are good but they don't bring the essence of the place. Well we have a solution! Purchase a souvenir from the famous glassworks by Erpet Bohemia Crystal should be at the top of your list. Glass vases, bowl sets, jewellery, crystal chandeliers and gold plated crystal are just some of the souvenirs that you can purchase from the store. It's a sure fact that this unique glasswork cannot be found or duplicated anywhere, so get that timeless piece of art and show it off proudly, because it's absolutely stunning! Explore these tips for buying Crystal glass

4) Beer Stein from Germany

PC: Loren Javier/Flickr

When in Germany, do what the Germans like, or in this case drink what the Germans drink. Beer Stein is a fairly common souvenir to bring back from Germany, especially during times like the German Oktoberfest. Beer steins are typically made from stoneware, porcelain, pewter, and sometimes even glass. These intricate colorful designs etched expertly by hand is exactly the kind of souvenir you'd want to bring back from the land of Beer. We recommend checking this discussion on best places to buy Beer Steins in Munich

5) Porcelain from Herend

The river Danube dissects Budapest and if the Hungarian capital is on your itinerary then after exploring this stunning city you should get some porcelain from Herend. This hand-made porcelain is sold around 60 countries and has customers such as the British Royal Family, Elton John, Celine Dion and Eva Longoria. A 45-piece dinner set from Herend was also given to Prince William and Kate Middleton as an official gift from Hungary for their wedding in 2011. Fancy, huh?

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6) Venetian mask from Italy

We're sure everyone would like to buy a Lamborghini or a Ferrari as a souvenir from Italy. But if you're poor like me and still want to opt for something unique, go for the traditional Venetian mask. They are mostly used in the annual Carnival and are often intricate and beautiful. Venetian masks can be made of leather, porcelain or glass and will decorate your walls with vibrant colors. Easy to gift and a definite memorabilia for the time you spent in Italy. This guide to choose the best masks will be useful for you.

7) Cadbury's Chocolate in England

Cadbury's chocolate is a perfect gift to bring home since many agree that it is the best chocolate in the world. Plus, the Hershey Company just banned Cadbury's chocolate in the United States so it will be extra special treat for any of your American friends. Devour this chocolatey goodness and perhaps even visit the factory in London where it's made.

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8) Amber Jewellery from Poland

Amber is the native gemstone of Poland, and there are hundreds of shops selling quality jewellery around the country. Polish jewellers have more than 80 names to describe types of amber, from flame and honey to clouded and woolly. It is also believed that amber jewellery can bring good luck. So why not bring a truckload, eh?

9) Copper coffee set from Turkey

From beautiful architecture to delicious sweets, Turkey is known for a lot of things. But it specialises in its production of copper and unique way of brewing coffee. So if you're friends with someone who wears loafers with joggers and drinks his coffee only from a copper set it'll be a perfect souvenir.

10) Ceramic Tiles from Portugal

PC:nendless autumn/Flickr

Portugal's soul lies in its football and its architecture. Bringing back a football as a souvenir might be a tad bit boring, so how about you bring a bit of Portuguese architecture with you? Portuguese tiles, known as azulejos, have had a huge influence on the culture. Azulejos tiles are everywhere in Portugal - they are on the walls of churches, homes, benches, fountains, bars and subway stations and maybe even find a home in your cozy living room!

So here's the top list of souvenirs from Europe, so you won't be hounded by your friends and family. Do remember us while buying these and leave a comment below to tell us your favorite souvenir from Europe. Happy tripping!

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