Best Souvenirs from Washington DC to Take Back Home!

By Seema Nande on Feb 04, 2019
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Here is a compilation that will help you in selecting best souvenirs from Washington DC. From the classic fridge magnets, White House Christmas Ornaments, DC Statehood Glassware, and coozies to some really unique knick knacks, check out the following must buy items in Washington.

1. Jewelry, antiques, books and more

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The Smithsonian museum gift shops

The gift shop at the Natural History Museum store is a one-stop shop. What you will find here, is a fabulous array of stunning gifts in the form of books, jewelry, toys, and apparel. The fact that there is no sales tax applicable on your purchases here, is a plus point for all those looking at buying a lot of souvenirs. The gift items here depict the museum’s collection of butterflies, sea creatures and other mammals. And if you want more, you can check out the other Smithsonian museum gift shops too.


2. The Rooms of The White House Collection

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Where: The White House gift shop

A souvenir could not get any special than an actual replica of a room from the white house! These miniatures, are too good to be true. An absolute depiction of the rooms in the White House, this collection depicts the iconic monument’s physical orientations, as good as the real ones. Currently, you can get- The Oval Office, East Room, State Dining Room, Red Room, Blue Room, Green Room, Yellow Oval Office, and the Lincoln Bedroom, with a new model issued twice annually.

3. Vestiges tea towel

Where: Hill’s Kitchen

Perfect for your high tea events, or absolutely any table-setting for that matter, the Vestiges tea towels make for one of the best souvenirs from Washington DC. These colorful towels will brighten up any table. And to club with this item, is the gorgeous range of DC Statehood Glassware! Adorned with an outline of the city, you will find three assortments of glassware to choose from at this very-addictive store- Hill’s Kitchen.

4. Cards, home décor and more

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Where: Hallmark stores

Long been a go-to choice for many gift seekers, Hallmark can never disappoint. The largest manufacturer of greeting cards in the United States, since 1910, this brand has retained its position as a top choice for the best souvenirs from Washington DC. You can take from here, postcards, picture frames, soft toys, greeting cards, fridge magnets and just about every trinket that can sum up as a perfect Washington DC souvenir.

5. Coozies

PC: Stephanie/

Where: Souvenir shop near Ford's Theatre

For those who do not know what exactly is a coozie, it this foam insulator that can be put around soda cans! Whether the person you are buying a souvenir for, drinks soda or not, he or she will love this cutesy souvenir. The area is abundant with souvenir shops, so you can choose from a wide range of tokens to take back home.

6. Freeze-dried astronaut Ice Cream

PC: wikimedia Commons

Where: National Air and Space Museum

If you have a foodie in your mind to buy a souvenir for, then you cannot go wrong with the National Air and Space Museum freeze-dried astronaut ice cream! As it is extremely travel-friendly, given the removal of water from it, you can carry this with you absolutely carefree, until its expiry date. Add in some more articles like portable planetariums, aviation- and space-themed ties and shirts from this museum and you have one happy friend back home.

7. White House Christmas Ornaments

PC: Anthony Quintano/

Where: Decatur House on Lafayette Square

Making for some of the best gifts from Washington DC, the White House Christmas Ornaments are legendary. Legendary, given how they launch a collectible every year honoring the current White House members. These ornaments are highly sought-after owing to their intricate appeal. It's hard to believe how these tiny items portray the White House's significance. You can buy these from the National Park Service White House Visitor Center too.

8. Ultimate Spy Kit

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Where: International Spy Museum

Wondering what could be a perfect souvenir to take for kids? You cannot go wrong with the Ultimate Spy Kit from the International Spy Museum. Coming as a set of Spy Watch, safe-dropute; capsules, UV Spy Pen and more, any kid will be enthralled to own this souvenir! The Ultimate Spy Kit may however be age-restrictive. So, you can choose from the plethora of items here, suitable for all age groups.

9. Michelle Obama's Mix & Match Magnetic Wardrobe

Where: Pulp

Irrespective of the change in Presidency, you can still get the hot selling souvenir of Michelle Obama's Mix & Match Magnetic Wardrobe at Pulp as well as many other souvenir shops. Complete with accessories like hat, jewelry, bags and more this set is perfect for any toddler fashionista! You can dress Michelle up and down for formal dinners or general strolls around.

10.Handmade K Studio D.C. pillow


Where: M29 Lifestyle

Know of anyone who dreams to be a part of the White House sometime? The Handmade K Studio D.C. pillow is a brilliant idea! You can get this printed at any of the souvenir shops across the city, but  the one at M29 Lifestyle is something! In fact, in our opinion a trip to the M29 Lifestyle is a must, while in Washington DC. Filled with goodies to take back home, this shop also has a cozy café you can snuggle into, post all the souvenir-shopping.

11. Washington D.C. map tote


Where: Tabletop

A tote can be one of the most efficient styles of a handbag. And if it has a map on it, it only gets better! The Washington D.C, map tote at the Tabletop is one of the many hot selling souvenirs of Washington DC. Holding various symbols of the capital, this souvenir even holds pointers of the must-see attractions and various thing to do in Washington DC.

12. TFACA Sweatshirts

Where: Department of Commerce building

In search of cheap souvenirs in Washington? Head to the gift shop at Department of Commerce building. Other than sweatshirts, the gift shop accommodates a good range of merchandise in the form of T-shirts, Water Bottles, Patches, Baseball Caps and other miscellaneous items like coffee mugs, pencils and pens. And for those with interest in commerce, you can get some really good books here.

These fabulous souvenirs, will make sure that you leave the city not only with a ton of memories, but lots of tokens too!

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