8 Quirky Things To Do In Diu : The Coastal Island Of India

Goa trip? checked; Andaman beaches? checked; Lakshwadeep? checked. So what’s next? Scratching your head to come up with a beach destination in India? Roll down the map of India, put a compass on Gujarat and twist it. The pointer will point the small Union Territory lying on the southern coast of Gujarat. Take a close look and the name that will appear is Diu.

Quirky Things To Do In Diu

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Far away from the business state of India, Diu offers a refreshing change with its laid back attitude and bohemian soul. That’s why it is often named as Isle of Calm or Ilha de Calma (in Portuguese). As you cross the toll borders, the connecting bridge gives you a feel of the beginning of an international trip. So, step inside this beautiful Union Territory to explore it’s virgin beauty.

Now the question is how you are going to do that? For that, TripHobo has listed down few quirky things to do in Diu. Here is a snippet:

1. Cycling Along The Beach Road

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Though often referred as the second option after Goa, Diu is far better in its own way. Streets are devoid of loud crowds and beaches are forbidden from rave parties. Yet its free spirit nature lets you escape the chaotic ambience which is sometimes unavoidable in Goa. Now, for exploring this mesmerizing state, hire a bicycle. Start off your journey from Bunder Road. Cycling along the road, watching the sun going down is simply unavoidable and this is the best thing to do in Diu. 

2. Inhale The Fresh Salty Breeze Of Diu Beaches

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Being the charming beach resort town, Diu has always been the paradise for beach lovers. Right from its horse-shoe shaped Nagoa beach to Chakratirth beach and Ghoghla beach, you get to enjoy every kind of beach activities which Goa otherwise seldom to offer, especially during the peak season. For instance, while in the shallow water of Nagoa beach you enjoy safe swimming, in Ghoghla beach you can do surfing and parasailing.

Note: Visit Chakratirth beach because of its significant role in mythology. It is this place where Lord Krishna beheaded the demon Jalandhar.  

3. Revisiting ‘Goan’ Beach Festival

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Yes, you heard me right! Diu does have beach festival and it is extraordinarily similar to Goa, but in a better way. Surprisingly, this festival has turned out to be the longest beach festival in Asia and the longest winter beach festival in India. Hence, if your travel bucket list has Diu, its time to put it on the top to enjoy this exciting nightlife before the festival gets over.

Know more about the longest beach festival in Diu  

4. Explore The Portugese History

Photo Courtesy: Arindam Saha

As the history goes, Diu has been a Portuguese colony for nearly 240 years. It's significant remnants can still be seen in the form of the famous Fort of Diu. Locals say that this fort offers the best horizontal view of the Arabian Sea. Climb up to the surrounding creek of the fort and make sure you keep your camera ready to capture the mesmerizing view of the sea. Once you are done with the photography, walk through the 16th century old sentinel to admire the brilliant stonework and the cannons that are still preserved.

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5. Boat Ride To Panikota

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With the Arabian Sea standing in front of your eyes and beckoning you, won’t you like a boat ride on it? Beware - only tourist boat rides are allowed and recommended. Fortress of Panikotha is also known as 'water fort'. Built at the mouth of the creek, the fort simply looks splendid from the sea. Today the fort has only the light house and a small chapel in honor of Our Lady of the Sea. The worn out walls of the fortress show that it is still trying to hold back its lost glory.

6. Sneak Peak Into The Portuguese Rituals

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As we know Diu has been under Portuguese for a long time. Hence, it’s obvious that you will still see influence of Portuguese culture in Diu’s lifestyle, specially in terms of religion. Visit St. Paul’s Church, its mystical and divine architecture represents the perfect blend of Portuguese architecture with Indian touch in it. Your journey doesn’t end here. Church of St. Thomas, another major church of Portuguese and a tourist attraction in Diu has earned excellent reviews from the visitors because of its striking Gothic architecture. And not to miss out the Church of St. Francis of Assisi.

Can you afford to give a miss to all these rich heritage? Of course not!

7. Naida Caves For Adventurous Junkies

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Naida Caves is the perfect place to unlesh the hidden treasure of Diu. Nestled on the outskirts of the city wall of the Fort of Diu, Naida Caves is a delight for the explorers. Make sure you visit the cave during day time to see the magical light of sunrays as it enters into the caves through the rocks, lightening up the hollows and rocky steps inside. Believe me, even your high-end camera won’t be able to create the magic that the sun rays create for you.   

8. Go For A Gourmet Tour

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As said before Diu has Portuguese influence in its veins. Hence, the subtle influence of Portuguese flavors in its seafood is not a surprise. Fish is the staple food of the locals. Blessed with a perfect location right beside Arabian Sea, Diu offers finger licking platter of fishes. As far as alcohol is concerned, unlike Gujarat, Diu is has no restrictions on Booze. Hence, for the wine and beer lovers, Diu is a place to be! 

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All in all, this small coastal island presents the blend of both- the Portuguese and the Indian culture! Explore this beautiful island before its get tampered.

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