Best travel gift ideas: A guide to buy the perfect gift for your avid traveler friends

“Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life”- Bryant McGill. We millennials are religiously following these words by pouring loads of efforts in buying the perfect gifts for our loved ones. What else are we millennials doing? Traveling! Traveling, no matter when and where has become a trend that everybody wants to explore. We all have at least one travel buff friend for whom wanderlust is life. There can be no perfect gift to give him/her more than travel goodies or accessories. Here is an elaborate list of some really cool travel gift ideas!

1. Waterproof portable speakers, so that they can bring their favourite music to life.

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Music has been scientifically proven to have miraculous effects on human health. It works wonders on motion sickness and gives an uplift to your mood instantly. What’s better than the magic that music is? Music played on booming portable speakers! These speakers create a totally vibrant atmosphere and instantly elevate the positivity quotient. Your traveler friends will always cherish them whether they are hiking or traveling solo or camping. The fact that there are speakers that are waterproof make them even more favourable for traveling. Waterproof portable speakers are one of the best gifts for travel lovers.

2. Power bank, because you need to ensure their connectivity with the world.

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The mobile phone is the most vital part of a travel kit. Whether it is booking of tickets or calling a cab or calls in case of emergency, mobile phone is always needed. traveling without it has become impossible nowadays. Imagine your phone being dead when you really want to capture a beautiful moment or you have lost your way and need to call your companion, sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? To avoid these, power bank is a god sent technological marvel for the humankind. Power banks ensure your convenience in an emergency situation. It is one of the best gifts for someone who travels a lot for work.

3. Some reliable waterproof phone pouches, because nothing should stop them from taking pictures

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Waterproof pouches and phones have the same equation as windcheaters and human beings have. Your mobile phone can suffer from a serious damage if it comes into contact with excess water. When hiking through hilly areas and dense jungles, it is very natural to get ignorant of the dripping rains and flowing winds. Though, these can make your mobile phone useless which will ultimately cut off your connectivity with the world. The wide range of waterproof phone pouches will avoid this from happening and protect your phone from damage. These pouches are an affordable and useful commodity to gift your friends.

4. Anti-theft backpack, so that they can wander carelessly

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What is the most important thing while traveling apart from your mobile phone and passport? It’s the backpack that holds them all! An anti-theft backpack is a must possess item specially by solo travelers. With this bag, you can travel without the worries of getting robbed or being pick-pocketed. There is a plethora of anti-theft backpack available in the market. These backpacks come with hidden zippers and pockets, are cut proof, have an integrated USB charging port and are also made from water repellent fabric. This is the best gift to give to your slightly clumsy friends!

5. Nano-dry towel, for minimalist backpacking

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Minimalist backpacking is the key to a comfortable travel. The Nano-dry towel is made of nanofiber material and also has an antibacterial coat. The superabsorbent towel comes with a packaging which is very light and easy to carry. This packaging can fit anywhere and acquires a very little space in your luggage. It can even be taken along while hiking and camping due to the lightweight properties. The nano dry towel might come across as an expensive item, but it’s totally cheap and perfect for gifting purposes.

6. 5-in-1 travel adapter, for frequent overseas travelers

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International travelers often face the lack of a suitable charger for their mobile phones while traveling. Not having charging ports is not an issue. This can easily be solved by gifting your international traveler friends a gift for a lifetime. The 5-in-1 travel adapter can arguably be called as one of the most practical gadgets in the world of travel. It has 4 color-coded plugs which signify adaptability to a specific country. It is comparatively expensive and can cause a hole in your pocket for sure, but it will also be the best gift for someone who travels a lot for work or leisure internationally.

7. Instant film camera, a relic from the bygone analog era

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In this age of instant sharing and uploading, there is something very satisfying and ebullient in bearing the hard copy of your fleeting memories in your hands. The instant film cameras satisfy the need of instant gratification that our generation has while keeping alive the sentimentality of something vintage. Instant film cameras are one of the best luxury travel gifts to give to a travel enthusiast. With a variety of instant cameras available in the offline and online market, you can definitely surprise your loved ones by gifting them this retro gadget with vintage values and modern technology.

8. Travel Pillow, for the light sleepers

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Many of us are gifted with the ability of falling asleep anywhere with, anytime and in any situation. However blissful this is, the stiff neck and numb lower back that you get after waking up is not that pleasant. Travel Pillows are designed for all such people who wish to enjoy a nice nap while traveling. These pillows come with adjustable foams so that you can use them anywhere. Just fit the pillow around your neck and drift into another world of dreams. As these travel pillows are made of foam, they are lightweight and easy to carry. This is an out of the box gift idea and will surely make for a utilizable item to possess.

9. In ear translator, a technological marvel to make their travel easy

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In ear translator harnesses the most modern technology of its kind to make language barriers fade away. Some in ear translators available in the market are able to recognize and translate over 40 international languages. Many tech giants have recently released their own versions of in ear translators and the market is flooded with many distinctively featured products. This device is perfect for those who keep backpacking across various countries or for those who frequently travel overseas for work. Gift this to your friends and it will not only help them professionally but will also make traveling easier for them.

10. Steripen, a handy water purifier for the backpackers

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Is your friend amongst the people who like searching their ways into the wild? Steripen is the perfect gift for him/her. Steripen is a lightweight water purification device built for the toughest mountains and rivers in the world. Gifting this to your friend is a nice way of showing that you care. With prices ranging from Rs.500 to Rs.10,000, there is a range of products available similar to Steripen.

Have you ever surprised your friends with some quirky travel gifts? If not, then take an inspiration from this list and get going!


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