Best Travel Gifts for People Who Love to Travel Often

  • UPDATED Sep 21, 2018

Travelling, one must only stop at exits. For all good things come to an end. Until they do, let’s just soak in everything as they pass by. If you are a traveller or you have a traveller friend you wish to surprise, here’s a list of essential and practically best travel gifts that you can present them with:

1. Crumpled Map

So you’ve been walking down the boulevard and you encounter two roads. Which one will take you to the exotic spot where you can stand and gaze the setting sun? You hurriedly take your map out, and look through it and bam spotted it! No time now to smoothen the creases, you crumple it up and shove it in your backpack!

Yes, that’s precisely how easy it is with this map! Perfect for that lone ranger explorer friend.

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2. Scrabble

This is one hell of a ride for anyone who likes to jumble up letters and bring out new words as a result. This book has over 25 major sudoku types with nearly 150 different variants and almost 500 puzzles, all created exclusively for this book. This is one of the best travel gifts for that literati traveller friend, who likes to absorb and learn about the culture and local dialect of the place.

3. Coffee Pods

All that travelling can take a toll on your energy levels and vigour. You need to stay charged up and agile all throughout the journey to soak in as much as you can and enjoy each moment. These Do-It-Yourself Coffee Pods are then the most go-to options to get that instant energy boost. All you need is a satchel, coffee beans and a thread. Voila, here’s your fresh coffee in the middle of nowhere! Best present for the traveller friend who’s a coffe-holic.

4. Luggage scale

So you’ve been to the most beautiful city you’ve ever seen. You just couldn’t help taking so many souvenirs and those pretty linen costumes and oh, boots! Your wants are your needs, but the airways have rules that don’t exactly fit them in. Here’s a handy luggage scale to weigh up your bags and baggage just exactly, so you don’t fumble in front of the customs! Best present and the most pragmatic one for the shopaholic traveller friend.

5. Books

Swinging between destinations and spots can be time consuming and boring. Means to commute in different countries are different and you never know when you get stuck for hours. A book then is the perfect companion and ally. It’s your pocket sized refresher and mood retainer. The most heart-warming gift to present to that writer or reader traveller friend of yours.

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6. Herbal Eye Pillow

This can be taken up as a Do-It-Yourself project too. All you need is rich fabric, flaxseed, flowers of your choice and stitching gear. Fix them up, and you have this wonderful soothing device to soak up all your day’s end fatigue. This is a boon of a gift for that traveller friend of yours who literally lives out of boxes while on the go and crashes just about anywhere.  

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7. Luggage Locks

While constantly on the go from one place to the other, you’d be lounging in hostels, lodges, not so equipped hotels or just under the stars too, on some days. You can always flight when in fear, but what about the luggage? This hence, is the kind of travel accessory to give to that hobo like, easily distracted traveller people, who are just too free to care!

8. Luggage Refreshers

While travelling, you might be devoid of the luxury of a decent hot water bath and nice fragrant lotions to soften up. But at least your clothes smell fresh. That’s royal relief, isn’t it? These Do-It-Yourself luggage refreshers are just what you need to pull that off. Just add the essence and flavors of your choice to the satchel and bam, here’s your little pouch of freshness. The most appropriate unique gift to give to that lazy traveller friend, who believes in making use of every second exploring.

9. Travel Stub Diary

This one is for someone who believes in documenting every single moment and making it a keepsake. They will truly treasure it while on the go and post it too. It’s like giving them a handy recorder to help them weave in each and every moment in a crisp, handy and portable form. Specifically designed for travellers, this will be a delight to present.

 10. A compact umbrella

It’s a new turf. The sun may play hide and seek with the clouds and there maybe times when the clouds choose to open up. This compact umbrella will then prove to be the perfect ally to you when the weather Gods decide to test you. This should be an add-on to any gift that you give to a friend, what with its compactness and easy handling needs!

11. Polaroid Camera

As the days pass by, so do those exquisite exotic locations and picturesque locales and scenic beauty. Don’t you want to capture all those moments and preserve them forever? This on the spot polaroid gets done exactly that! This will be the most apt of presents to give to that photographer friend who click-snaps all the while.

Travelling can be thrilling, fun-filled and enlightening, at the same time. It is always preferred to keep it light, handy and at the same time well equipped. For as they say,

"Trifles make perfection but perfection is no trifle.”

Have a happy journey you guys!

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