20 Best Travel Snapshots of 2015

As the year 2015 is coming to an end, the time has come to gear up ourselves and plan out the travel bucket list for 2016. Taking a look back to 2015, Triphobo has picked up mind-boggling best travel snapshots that can spark up the wanderlust spirit in you. Check it out to see whether it tickle your heart to set off for a journey.

1. Night Fishermen, Japan

Best Travel Snapshots

Image Source: nationalgeographic.com

Taken by The Asahi Shimbun, the photograph shows the traditional fishing style in Japan where fishermen flashes lights on Yoshino River to attract glass eels. Once the eels come closer to them, they scoop them up.  

2. Atchafalaya Basin (Louisiana)

Image Source: 500px.com

Photographer Marsel van Oosten has beautifully captured the misty morning in Atchafalaya Basin (the largest wetland of the United States) in Louisiana.

3. Good Morning, Hong Kong

Image Source: 500px.com

Photographed by Peter Stweart, the image shows the aerial view of the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong.

4. Fairytale Castle

Image Source: 500px.com

This photo was taken by Achim Thomae and was picked up by 500px as one of the best travel photos of 2015.

5. Whale Whisperers

Image Source: nationalgeographic.com

Photographed by Anuar Patjane, the photo shows a humpback whale diving with her newborn calf in Roca Partida.

6. Nature and Wildlife

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

Austrian photographer Brigitta Moser has beautifully captured the ‘out-of-the-bed’ expression of Meerkat (South Africa) in early morning hours.

7. Bamboo fishing baskets (Vietnam)

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

Ly Hoang, a Vietnamese photographer captured  the daily life of a villager in Tat Vien village in Hung Yen Province.

8. 'Silk'

Image Source: 500px.com

Named as ‘Silk’ was photographed by Christine Clark Hess. The photograph portrays the rainbow of colors that falls on the waterfall.

9. Chasing The Northern Lights

Captured by Davide Vadala (one of the hobos of TripHobo) during his trip to Norwegian Land over the Artic Circle. Read more about his memorial Northern Light journey with his wife Otilia on Davide and Otilia - Chasing Northern Lights And Ending Up Sleeping In A Toilet.

10. Gravel Workmen

Image Source: nationalgeographic.com

Faisal Azim has captured the curios face of gravel workmen  of Chittagong, Bangladesh. The eyes of the workmen show their curiosity to know the world that lies beyond the glass windows of their working place.

11. Albert, Canada

Image Source: 500px.com

Photographer Chris Burkad has captured the mesmerizing beauty of Albert, during his road trip down the Canadian windy roads.

12. Sunset at Ramnagar, India

Image Source: travellerspoint.com

This image is shot by Alison (Evalikat) from Australia. It captures the beauty of twilight zone of the day in Ramnagar, India.

13. Taj Mahal, Agra

Image Source: indiatimes.com

Taj Mahal has been captured by many photographers. But this picture taken by Matt Sims has given a new angle to visualize Taj Mahal in a new way.

14. Padang, Indonesia

Image Source: indiatimes.com

This photograph is being taken by Chee Keong Lim. This image has been selected as one of the best photograph taken by travelers around the world.

15. Heligoland (Germany)

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

Winner of "moment in light” category, German photographer Uli Kunz has captured this shot in a tunnel beneath the North Sea Island of Heligoland.

16. Village of Dreams

Image Source: myfo.org

Photographed by Elia Locardi, this image was selected by 500px as one of the best travel photos of 2015.

17. Follow Me to

Image Source: industry-files.com

One of the most popular travel photo series that became viral in 2015 is ‘Follow Me to’. The photographer Murad Osmann brought the new trend for couples in taking holiday snap shots around the world.

18. Bagan, Myanmar

Image Source: indiatimes.com

This photograph is taken by Scott Laird which captures the little monks of Bagan, Myanmar.

19. MosqueNextDoor

Image Source: travellerspoint.com

This photograph is taken by Kevin OLeary (kpoleary) and has been selected as one of the best travel photos in India.

20. Cooch Bihar, India

Image Source: indiatimes.com

This photograph is taken by Sujan Sarkar. The photographer has beautifully captured the playful mood of the children in Cooch Bihar, India.

These are only handful of photographs we have picked up. Feel free to add few more in your list.  


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