10 Most Beautiful Tropical Islands to Visit in the World

By Veronica Delacruz on Mar 06, 2019
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In this modern age of high pressure jobs and stressful life everybody needs some downtime and what better way to do that than by visiting some of the most beautiful places that planet Earth has to offer. Tropical islands are believed to be the home to most beautiful and scenic sights of the world. You get to experience various cultures and try new exotic cuisines. You can visit these places with your family and spend some quality time with them or you can take a vacation with your friends and have a little fun doing many of the activities that these places have to offer. If you want to spend some alone time, these are the best places to do so. Tropical islands are fast becoming the most favourite honeymoon destinations. So be sure to consider the following Top 10 Tropical Islands while planning your next vacation.

List of Best Tropical Islands

1. Maldives

Maldives - Best Tropical IslandPC: pixabay.com

Maldives is known for its large number of beautiful resorts. Located in the Indian ocean, it has over 80 islands. The main attraction of Maldives are its water villas. The sandy white beaches offer you and your family perfect place to play and have some fun and if the lang walks along the beach is not enough, get ready for some fun activities of snorkeling, submarine riding and also dolphin watching for your kids. So leave your worries aside and visit this tropical paradise.

2. Fiji

Fiji - Best Tropical Island

Known as the best romantic getaway, witness some of the most scenic views of the world you have ever seen. It is that beauty alone that makes it a popular hangout for movie producers and numerous movies have been shot here, with Anacondas, The Blue Lagoon, Adrift, Boot Camp, Shipwrecked to name a few. The hit American television show, Survivor, also shot its latest season in Fiji. Rich with wildlife, Fiji is for sure one of the best places you will ever see. So get ready to experience the sandy white beaches and enjoy your privacy on the private villas filled with luxury.

3. Hawaii

Hawaii is the most visited tourist island. Known as the surfers dream, it provides you with the perfect waves to surf in the season. It is also a favourite holiday destination of people of US, mainly during the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hawaii is perfect holiday destination because it has private villas who can afford it or affordable rentals for anyone who can't. But to get the full experience of Fiji you should visit in the ideal months of April, may, september and october because you will be able to experience the best whether. Ha waii is famous for its numerous climate zones of as most of 10.

4. Bali, Indonesia

Bali Best Tropical IslandPC: pixabay.com

Located in Indonesia, it is the most popular destination of the country. Widely known for its peaceful atmosphere, Bali is famous for its yoga and meditation retreats. Bali is filled with exotic beaches which are perfect for surfing. You will get to experience bottomless clear blue waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Temples of Bali are another great attraction for the tourists. Bali has more than 20,000 temples, some of which date back to the 10th century. So Bali is perfect holiday destination, not only for romantic getaways and friends hangout but for spiritual purposes also.

5. Seychelles

Off the east coast of Africa, you will find a paradise called Seychelles. If you want seclusion and privacy on your trip, look no further because this the perfect spot for you. Seychelles has some of the best photographed beaches of the world. Declared a Natural Heritage by UNESCO, Seychelles is filled with beaches, beautiful sceneries and wildlife. Most unique feature of Seychelles is its gratine islands that are unique here. It offers various tourist activities to the likes of fishing, boating, scuba diving to name a few. This island has quickly became one of the favourite honeymoon destination of the world. Prince William and Kate Middleton also visited Seychelles for their honeymoon, which only led to increase in its popularity.

6. Barbados

Known all over the world as a popular food destination, tourists visit Barbados for its food experience and its annual Barbados Food and Rum Festival. Aside from its famous culinary riches Barbados is filled with various sports activities like golfing and cricket. Activities offered here include swimming and surfing mixed in with the experience of scuba diving and snorkeling. You can also enjoy the Barbadian cave system, which is as long as a mile. But your visit to the Barbados will not be complete without a visit to the Mount Gay distillery, which is the world’s oldest rum producer and free tours are offered to the visitors on how the rum is made and you also get to taste several different samples of rum.

7. Bora Bora

Bora Bora - Best Tropical IslandPC: pixabay.com

Bora Bora is a small South Pacific island, widely known as paradise for honeymooners. Called as Jewel of the South Seas, it justifies its name with the beautiful ocean and clear water as far as the eyes can see. Although it is a bit expensive, Bora Bora will give you your money’s worth in beautiful resorts, private bungalows and complete privacy. Suitable for a visit all year round, you can enjoy activities like scuba diving, swimming and scuba diving and while you are there do not miss the exotic seafood. And don't forget to do a little shopping while you’re there, from the many artistic tourist shops which sell souvenirs, mainly jewellery. 

8. The Cook Islands

Named after its discoverer James Cook, The Cook Islands are a combination of 15 islands. The Cook Islands are the most secluded ones in the world. So if you are looking to get away from the stress of real life for a while, you’ve found the perfect holiday destination. The Cook Islands are also famous for its rich culture and friendly people who will woo you with their friendly nature and talent for dancing and singing. The Cook Islands are filled with green forests as far as the eyes can see and palm trees as big as your house. So don't miss out on the opportunity to get a break from your life and let go of some of that stress.

9. Bahamas

Bahamas - Best Tropical Island

With an official slogan of “Everything is better in the Bahamas”, how can someone not be curious to check it out. Collection of 29 islands, Bahamas is famous for its clear blue waters and soft as cloud sands that feel like snow melting under your feet. Discovered by Columbus, Bahamas provides with so many activities, you will get confused making a choice. Between scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, cave exploring, dolphin exhibitions, shark diving, parasailing, kiteboarding, you will have no time to sit still. You can also enjoy underground rivers, diving and fishing. Taste the exotic seafood which you cannot experience anywhere else in the world and enjoy in the glory of its natural wildlife. You can also visit Diving Thunderball Grotto, made famous by the  James Bond movie Thunderball.

10. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico - Best Tropical Island

A Caribbean island, Puerto Rico ia an unincorporated United States territory. The filled with lush green mountains and rainforests. You get to experience  mix of cultures including American and Spanish. On the island you can have fun with various activities which range from suring, sailing, diving and snorkeling.

You can also try your luck with a little gambling in the casinos which are similar to Las Vegas, housed in luxurious hotels throughout the island. You can also sightsee some of the architectural landmarks of the island and enjoy a good meal from any number of restaurants or party it up in any of the numerous beach bars.  Puerto Rico makes for an excellent destination for a family vacation in affordable prices.

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