15 Best Waterfalls In The USA

By Deepak Kannan on Mar 05, 2019
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Home to some of the reverberating places like New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago, the United States of America is one of the charming places to visit in the world. Be it the culture, the entertainment, the atmosphere, there is something very attractive in the US that makes everyone fall for it. But have you been to any of magnificent waterfalls in the US? If your answer is no, then you should definitely read this blog and plan your trip to these waterfalls immediately. Amazingly beautiful in its nature, these are the 15 best waterfalls in the US that will captivate your senses and leave you dumbfound.

1. Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara is one of the world famous waterfalls that is located on the border of Ontario and New York. A combination of three waterfalls: Horseshoe falls, Bridal Veil falls, and the American falls are what that makes up the great Niagara Falls and when combined they have the largest flow rate of any waterfall in the world. Take a trip on the legendary Maid of the Mist and witness the powerful Niagara Falls in all its glory or observe them from the Observatory tower.
There are numerous year-round activities for the family and the kids that include biking, golf, hiking, and swimming. And the closer attractions are MarineLand amusement park, Old Fort Niagara, Niagara Fallsview Casino and Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens.

2. Palouse Falls, Washington

PC: Bala Sivakumar/flickr.com

Dropping from a height of 198 meters from the ground, Palouse Falls in Washington is one of the state's beautiful waterfalls. Present in place out of nowhere, Palouse Falls is crowded by a stream of cars. The sheer depth of the falls and the sight of the huge cliffs surrounding the waterfalls make up for a wonderful experience. When you are in Palouse Falls explore the 105 acre Palouse Falls State Park that has camping, hiking, bird watching, wildlife viewing, and plenty of other activities. 

3. Havasu Falls, Arizona

PC: Francisco Javier Garcia/flickr.com   

Hidden in the Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls in Arizona is a waterfall of the Havasu Creek which totally looks picture perfect. Regarded as one of the most visited and famous waterfalls among the list of waterfalls in the Havasu Creek, the blue-green Havasu Waterfalls is a hikers paradise. Though not very easy to hike, Havasu Falls is a must-try for all those who are interested in hiking and nature. The experience is totally fulfilling and helps you unwind from the mundane part of life while allowing you to rethink and refocus. Also, try swimming behind the waterfalls.

4. Grand Falls, Arizona

PC: Charlie Stinchcomb/flickr.com

Popularly known as the Chocolate waterfall for its muddy waters, Grand Falls is a natural waterfall system located in the northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona. On full water flow, the Grand Falls totally look delicious and you will totally crave for getting a taste of the mud water. But don't! It is not what you think, you can photograph them, though. And when you are heading to the Grand Falls please pack food and have enough water bottles with you because the Grand Falls looks totally secluded and it can really be excruciating during the summers.

5. Yosemite Falls, California

tallest waterfall in USA

Yosemite Falls in California is the highest waterfall in the Yosemite National Park and is one of the highest waterfalls in the US. Divided into three sections: Upper Yosemite fall, Middle Cascades, and the Lower Yosemite fall, the entire falls has a countless number of smaller falls. A part of the grand Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Falls is famous for its hiking trails and is always buzzing with the sound of the water dripping in through the creeks.

6. Sliding Rock, North Carolina

PC: Wikipedia.org

Looking for some Sliding fun? Then head to the Sliding Rock waterfall in the North Carolina. Located near Brevard, Sliding Rock is a slide-type waterfall on Looking Glass Creek. During the summer, it is really crowded by the families who come along with their kids to slide down the 60-foot slope and splash into the 8-feet deep pool. The slide is one kind of an experience that is thrilling, exciting, and fun. If you are planning to travel with your kids, then Sliding Rock is your ideal waterfall in the US.

7. Manawaiopuna Falls, Hawaii

PC: Julian Fong/flickr.com  

Get ready for some Dinosaur fun! Manawaiopune Falls located in the Hanapepe Valley in the south of the Island of Kauai featured in the background of Steven Speilberg's Jurassic Park movie in 1993. The 400-foot waterfall which is totally engulfed by the exotic greenery of nature is unspoiled and looks totally refreshing. And the best part is Manawaiopuna Falls can be accessed from Helicopters only! Yes, you heard that right. Fly in a chopper and do some dinosaur hunting.

8. Alamere Falls, California

Alamere Falls is one of the unique waterfall in the world that flows directly into the ocean. Sounds crazy right?! Considered as what is known to a rare 'tidefall', Alamere Falls is set on the coastal side. Catch the dramatic sight as the water cascades from a 30-foot tall cliff and drops into the Wildcat beach. When you are done admiring the sight, drive along the coast which is equally beautiful and take a hike along the Palomarin trail for a wonderful experience.

9. Ruby Falls, Tennessee

PC: Joevare/flickr.com

Located over 1,120 feet beneath the Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Ruby Falls is the largest underground waterfall and the deepest commercial cavern in the US. Fascinating with the natural rock formations and the colorful lights, Ruby Falls is one of the best visited attractions in Chattanooga. It also offers plenty of activities for the kids, cave tours, and Zip Stream Aerial adventure. Visit the falls for the great experience that it presents and the history behind it.

10. Ramona Falls, Oregon

PC: Howard Kang/flickr.com

Set at a total height of 120 feet, Ramona Falls in Oregon is not the tallest or not the largest of the waterfalls. But there is certainly a vibe to it that captivates the visitors. Totally dazzling and picturesque in nature, Ramona Falls covered in thick mossy forest looks totally amazing and glitters with all its shine. Take a hike from Sandy River on the base of the Mt.Hood to the spectacular Ramona Falls and back. The natural scenic along the hike is something that is unexplainable in words and is the best thing to do.

11. Shoshone Falls, Idaho

PC: Wikipedia.org

Famous called as the 'Niagara of the west', Shoshone Falls in Idaho is said to be a result of an outburst flooding during the Pleistocene ice age that happened around 14,000 years ago. Dropping from a height of 212 feet, Shoshone Falls is the major attraction in the  city of Twin Falls and is larger than the Niagara Falls. The Falls is a great place for a picnic and some of the recreational activities include hiking, swimming, a playground, picnic areas, and a boat ramp.

12. Multnomah Falls, Oregon

PC: John Fowler/flickr.com

Multnomah Falls, at a height of 620 feet is the tallest waterfall in the state of Oregon and is one of the most visited recreation sites in the Pacific Northwest attracting over 2-million visitors every year. As the legend has it, Multnomah Falls was created to win the heart of a young princess who wanted a secluded place to take bath. The waterfall is now the centerpiece of the Columbia River Gorge and looks magnificent and mesmerizing. If you want to go hiking, you can visit the information center at the base of the Multnomah Falls which also has a restaurant to dine.

13. Burney falls, California

PC: Rubengarciajrphotography/flickr.com 

Burney Falls in California is a waterfall on the Burney creek and is a part of the McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park. With a constant flow rate of 379 million liters every day that is provided by the underground spring water from above, Burney Falls is one of the few waterfalls that you can go to all year around. Described by Theodore Roosevelt as the 'Eighth wonder of the world' which is a testimony to the beauty of the falls, Burney Falls is well-maintained and the water looks crystal clear. Explore the 910-acre park of McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial that is covered in forest and lined with streams and indulge in the many activities inside the park.

14. Cascade Falls, Virginia

PC: Pixabay.com   

Attracting over 150,000 visitors every year, Cascade Falls is one of the most popular and beautiful waterfalls in Virginia that drops from a height of 69 feet before crashing into a large pool of water surrounded by thick, green forest. A scene that looks totally breathtaking and resembles a fairytale, Cascade Falls in Virginia is one of the most scenic waterfalls to visit in the US. It's also one of the best waterfall hikes in the US so make sure to hike through the popular trails of the waterfalls and fill your cameras with some amazing pictures.

15. Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

Tallest waterfalls in US

If you are a lover of Waterfalls then you should definitely not miss it. Set on the River Snoqualmie in between the Snoqualmie and Fall City, Snoqualmie Falls is one of the famous scenic attractions in Washington attracting over 1.5 million visitors every year. Best known for its international appearance in the cult television series of Twin Peaks, Snoqualmie Falls is central to many beliefs. One popular belief is that the falls is believed to be the place where the first Man and Woman were created and the great mists that rise from the powerful flow is what that carries the prayers to the creator. Interesting right! When you are in Snoqualmie Falls be sure to unravel the mysteries and share them up with us. 

Did we miss out on any of your favorite waterfall in the US? Let us know in the comments. 
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