Best Ways to See Europe and Make the Most of It!

By Seema Nande on Aug 19, 2016
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Europe is huge and has been consistently attracting tourist over the years. In fact, the continent is only getting better! There are reasons why Europe has tourists flocking it for decades now. The diverse topography especially makes it easy for tourists to experience many locations without investing too much time and of course, rich historic art and culture are dominant factors that determine the European tourism. Thereupon, there are myriad ways to explore this marvelous continent. And so to make it easier for you, we bring to you the best ways to see Europe!

1. What's the best way to see Europe?! Sailing on the cruise


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Sailing on the Mediterranean Sea, the cruise offers magnificent sideline views of the European landscape. The glamorously rich Mediterranean villas blend beautifully with the actually juxtaposing houses on the hills amidst rocky mountains, sit alluringly ashore. Cruising through Europe will give you the opportunity to visit its most enchanting ports of call as you discover the lands of legends and kings!  Depending on your areas of interest, there are several cruises that show you different parts of Europe. Mediterranean cruises, northern European cruises, Transatlantic cruises are some of the widely undertaken cruise tours in Europe. Spoilt for choice, you certainly are! An absolute high road, taking a cruise, doesn’t involve you doing anything, literally. Simply book and enjoy the on deck treatment and entertainment as the cruise takes you to your next european destination.

2. Taking the railway - Best Way to Travel around Europe


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With a very well-connected network of rails, Europe railways are characterized by diversity, both technical and infrastructural. Why take the rail way? If you fancy watching Europe’s landscapes and vivid scenery change by the minute, right outside your train window, this is the way to go! Patently railway is the best way to travel Europe. With the opportunity to visit more than 28 countries, seeing Europe by railway is one of the best things you could choose if you are a first-time traveler to Europe. Your chance to discover storybook towns hidden behind medieval walls, timeless gems and a taste of la dolce vita, I would say this would be the apt way to see Europe!

3. The conventional 'tour' is ideally the best way to see Europe for the first time


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One of the most convenient forms of traveling, tours changed the way travel was perceived, for the better! Choose your pick, pay, pack and go, where absolutely everything else is taken care of. Having an upper hand on seeing Europe by railways or a cruise, tours are more in-depth and definitely more convenient. Someone enlightening you with history about a place is an add-on. Tour guides do just that! However, tours tend to be more expensive and not the best bet for an independent traveler! It wouldn’t always be pleasant to follow a fixed itinerary, right from waking up to calling it a day. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to see Europe!

4. Flying voraciously to visit most of Europe


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Okay, so I used the word voracious in the context that, this point covers a lot of traveling by air, mainly to cover the top 5 cities of Europe, and they are not close! How long to visit Europe, maybe a very subjective question, but 12-14 days will get you covered at least on the main cities. London, Paris, Rome, Venice and Amsterdam are the main cities where majority of the European attractions lie. These places are sure very expensive and even crowded, but in case you are traveling to Europe for the first time and perhaps the last time (if you have restricted time and budget issues) I would say you go to these to get the essence of what Europe is about. Geographically located distantly, a lot of flying will be required.

5. Hitchhiking across the continent, if you are contemplating the best way to see Europe on a budget 


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Perhaps, the first thing that comes to your mind on the mention of Europe is the terrifically diverse terrains. If you are planning a Euro tour, there possibly couldn’t be a more off beaten path than hitchhiking across! Ditch the conventional tours, and choose hitchhiking. Some of the world’s best hiking trails and coast-to-coast hikes are right here. With breathtaking scenery, thrilling heights and challenging landscapes Europe is a hiker’s dream. From the fjords of Scandinavia to the peaks of the Alps, this is your chance to see Europe in its most true, rustic form. 

Tips for first-time travelers to Europe -

  • Europe is huge, so you can’t cover it all unless you have years’ time with you
  • Stick to the standard things-to-do, places-to-see. If you go a little ambitious here, chances are you will spend more time traveling than seeing the particular place
  • Know what you want traveling alone, or group tours
  • Europe has a variety of accommodations, from hostels to extravagant luxurious hotels, determine your budget and find out the available options
  • Don’t avoid the ‘over done’, ‘touristy’ attractions. A first to Europe would probably mean nothing if you miss out on the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum or the Charles Bridge
  • Don’t waste unnecessary time at attractions, ‘skip-the-line’ passes are your rescuers here
  • Season Depending on what you are planning to choose, do not go undetermined about the season, cold not cold, crowded -not crowded. While some parts of Europe are all-year-around destinations, cheapest time to visit Europe maybe bigoted
  • Festivals! Planning a trip around a festival will definitely amplify it
  • Scams and traps! Being so hot on tourism, Europe has plenty of tourist traps and scams spread across
  • Brushing up your local language skills are a great idea too
  • If you plan on hitchhiking, remember a llittle common sense and trusting your intution goes a long way. Just because, a car stops, doesn't mean you have to take it!
  • Carry a lot of money! The more the better, you have come this long so why not just go all out and experience the best!
After mentioning the best ways to see Europe, I would say every way is subjective. While bus and the budget airlines are economical ways to travel, the rail, cruise and hiking will have different perspectives. So choose what’s best for you cuz’ You Live Only Once!
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